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Corruption Fosters Crime

Corruption Fosters Crime

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Published by muhammad
corruption fosters crime
corruption fosters crime

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Published by: muhammad on Sep 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Corruption Fosters Crime
What is corruption? How does it foster crime? How to eradicate corruption fromour society? Corruption has become one of the leading problems within publicand private sectors all over the world.
Corruption is defined as the misuse ofentrusted power for private gain.
Corruption is an inducement to wrong byimproper or unlawful means or dishonest proceedings.
There are several types ofcorruption, such as political, bureaucratic
corruption, bribery, extortion, favoritism,and embezzlement. According to the World Bank Institute, more than $1 trilliondollars are paid in bribes every year. Developing countries lose USD 50 million to100 million through corrupt acts every year.Poverty fosters crime, and crime has a demonstrable nexus with terrorism. Thesymbiotic link to all these is corruption -- one that unites poverty, crime andterrorism.Corruption affects all regions of the world and all levels of society, but theimpact is greatest in developing countries. Corruption exists without thepresence of crime, but crime cannot long exist without the corruption. The mediaplay an important role in bringing awareness to the public, by publishing casesof corruption in the newspaper, and broadcasting them on the radio
Corruptionin local governments is found in relation to procurement and distribution offunds, due to lack of capacity and monitoring.
Informal systems are of specialconcern to corruption and organized crime.Corruption manifests itself in various forms in Pakistan, including financial andpolitical corruption, nepotism, and misuse of power. Citizens commonly facedemands for bribes in their dealings with government institutions to accessbasic public services.
Survey of 2002 indicated that a remarkable 100 percent of the respondents whohad any type of contact with the police over the previous year were confrontedwith corruption. 44 percent of the respondents were involved to accesselectricity by paying a bribe. When we talk about
the country’
s tax authoritiesnearly every person had encountered corruption. The three governmentagencies; the police, power sector and judiciary are viewed as the most corruptsectors in Pakistan. The three main reasons for corruption were the lack ofaccountability, low salaries and discretionary powers.Corruption in procurement has affected poverty, aid and development projects.The
is thought one of the most corrupt institutions in

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