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To Familys Whos Lost Their Babys

To Familys Whos Lost Their Babys

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Published by api-3703305

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Published by: api-3703305 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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go to my esnips for my storey and details about this child porn ring and names
and affiliates and businesses they own and detailed background checks providing
names phone numbers and addresses of the other members of the child porn ring

reno hells angel dave burgess is the world president of the hells angels corp and leader of reno nevada ha and owner of the old bridge ranch in reno nevada and was busted with

in addition to drugs, a search of his
laptop computer found in the motor home determined it was "chock full"
of child pornography.
"the computer hard drive reveals literally hundreds and hundreds of
still images of children being sexually abused,

to the familys of missing and murdered children, my heart goes out to
you- i love your babies as if they were my own, and so im searching for
and found those who run the biggest child porn black market snuff film,
torture satanic ritual sexual sacrifice, white slavery, kidnapping ring
in the usa--this is the truth - i promise you this is not a nother dead
end road or lead -- this is the truth and once you make the police
show you who the pictures of hundreds and hundreds of children are and where
are , that dave burgess was busted with-- this will open up many more
cases and solve many cases also,, also-- the children in the cult clan
or children of teh club members and affiliates-- im sure will be found
in there too and i guareentee you they are also praying for the day--
someone stops this torture and sexual abuse they also go thru---- i
will be able to lead you to where the 4children who were in the cult
clan that were used in child porn and told me about the missing
children were when i talked to them 6 years ago-- go down w 4th street
in reno nevada-- right past the glory hole and on teh left hand side ,
is a trailer park , right before mayberry-- mayberry is where dave
burgess lived and also if u look on the detailed background checks for
dave burgess and troy regas , you will see how many people in this porn
ring also share the same addresses-- and so go into the trailer park,
heading west off of w 4th street in reno nevada ,, make a left

the trailer park,__then make teh first left again, the 3rd house on
the left is where the guy lived who - was a one who transported the
kidnapped children from place to place and this is how i met the
children used in child porn is cuz they lived in teh same trailer park,
the kids showed me -- in thisguys house where hundreds of papers were
with names of children abducted and what state they were abducted
from and who they were sold to and for how much money they were sold
for ,, and also i was let to be known that they were sold to troy
regas and dave burgess --- and their familys are in teh cults.... i
went to the reno

police with these hundreds of documents , and they took teh
files and
never would even file a police report-- -- they would not even
listen to what i had to say or investigate this or anything they took
the papers and

sneered at me and kinda chuckled at me and looked
at me and treated me as if i were insane and a liar when i had info
about who took your babies. these people , dave burgess and troy
reagas have houses and property and businesses in

reno nevada, sparks
nevada mustang nevada lockwood nevada and maybe more places too- look

at the background checks i provide and you will see who the people are
who are also in this porn ring cuz they all share the same addresses
or are neighbors, dave burgess & troy regas are the leaders of the
hells angels and confederation of mc clubs and owners of the old bridge
ranch(brothel) sparks, lockwood nevada are running the biggest child
porn ring i nthe usa-- if you child has been missing or murdered-
demand to the cheyenne police to see the hundreds and hundreds of
pictures of children being sexually abused, to see if your child is in
there- to find out who these children are and wher ethey are- you have
a right to knoe, also - it looks like hes gonna get off on teh

i am posting files pictures and audio(voice messages for
you about those who may have taken or murdered your babies, if they

steal or kill your child, i guareentee , they have stolen
(kidnapped and tortured and molested thousands of children --- help me
please-- we have to investigate this ourselves the police and media
and govt wont-- im telling the truth-- this lead is 10000000000000000%
accurate and good-- i knoe this is true what im telling you
demand that if your babies have been murdered or kidnapped, demand to
see those photos of the children being raped and abused in dave
burgess hundreds and hundreds of pictures!!!!!!! download and copy the info im
posting for you in my esnips account where im
storing info for you about them,, and this situiation is
i strongly suggest that you download the files and audio messages i
make for you about this on esnips because , the powers that be have
shut down 3 of my yahoo groups 1 myspace and 13 e mail accounts full of
detailed and vital info about this that is now loist forever-- trust
me, soon they will be trying to _ erase what im saying and delete my
esnaips where im putting this info for you - so please save the
downloads i post there with the info, i make for you in my esnips....
its been 14 years and they have been trying to keep me quiet and erase
my files and my information and details for yearrs--- save the files
and audio letters i make for you , on esnips,, .. this is all coming
to a head and the only way we can get justice and protect our earth
and each other and children is to investigate and research this
ourselves, if we wait for the cops or govt-- it will never get done,,
because if they cared , they would have your childs picture _missing
childs or adults pictures and alerts on teh news every day and
newspaper and on every milk carton and cerial box-- they are covering
up the truth - and preventing the world from knowing this thing is
happing , you hear about maybe 1 two or 3 missing kids on teh news
every every year ,, that is bull shit- when over 1000 kids are
reported missing every month

, do your research,, -- do all the investigating you can about
dave william burgess, troy p regas, yvonne regas, ingrid regas, old
bridge ranch , lockwood nevada , storey county nevada - unick lockwood
nevada , sparks nevada, reno nevada hells angels, nevada nomads, reno
red devils, joe conforte , mustang ranch... joe conforte , the perrys
, perry ranch road, these topics will let you investigate as much as
you can find so you can get yourself acquanted with these people .. i
can tell you this, demand to see those hundreds & hundreds of pictures
of children being abused sexually , that david burgess got busted with
in cheyenne wyoming , if all of you with missing children demand this,i
guareentee you, many many many missing children willl be in those
photographs. myspace account was deleted, but i made a new one long
enough to be able to send you another letter

. im including a link to
esnips.. this is a place where im downloading files and audio files
for you - all about this -- child porn ring and dave burgess and troy

regas and the reno hells angels and the freemasons and illuminati --
i still have to put the entire storey together , but it turns out
, the former madame of mustang ranch , whos good friends with joe
conforte and jonny colletti,, are totally knoweladgable about dave
burgess and troy regas and their _ child porn black market ring,,
its possible they may help us with enough info , to prove my
accusations and to clerify the entire storey and whos involved and
possibly where the children are ,, pray , i knoe u do, but we need to
work together to get to the truth of this,, no cops or media are going
to help us, so we must investigate this ourselves, and im 100000000000
% sure that dave burgess and troy reags are the heads of the biggest
child porn ring in the usa.. my phone number is 702-581-0584--- id like
to somehow do a interview and tell my storey for the national and
global missing childrens association and also put all over the web,,
i swear to you im telling the truth,,
web address: http://www.esnips.com/web/iknoewhotookyourbabies , from
treee, tonya kane

please help me to send this message here to as many familys of missing
or murdered children or adults as you can, because its hard for me to
get to everyone alone but im trying-- spread the word,, please---
suffer the children nomore!!!!!!!!!!!

a federal magistrate on monday declined a prosecutor's request to jail
the owner of a nevada brothel who is accused of possessing and
transporting child pornography in wyoming.
u.s. magistrate william c. beaman ordered david burgess, 55, to remain
free on bail pending his scheduled feb. 4 trial in wyoming.
jim anderson, assistant u.s. attorney, had urged beaman to jail
burgess. anderson emphasized that burgess is a leader of the nevada
chapter of the hells angels motorcycle gang.
burgess is charged with possession and interstate transportation of
child pornography and faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of
both counts, according to court records.
burgess pleaded not guilty to the counts monday.
anderson also said burgess has no ties to wyoming and emphasized that
burgess makes his living operating a brothel.
"it's a legal occupation, but i would characterize it as an unsavory
occupation," anderson said of burgess' ownership of the old bridge
ranch, east of reno, nev.
passenger in motor home
the wyoming highway patrol arrested burgess in july. according to a
statement from the patrol, a trooper stopped a freightliner motor home
known as the "war wagon" in which burgess was a passenger. the patrol
reported that the trooper made the stop about three miles east of
evanston because the motor home was hauling a trailer that had an
expired registration tag.
according to the highway patrol statement, the driver and burgess were
members of the hells angels. both told police they were heading to the
2007 hells angels usa run in eureka springs, ark. according to the
statement, officers found 14.9 grams of cocaine in the motor home.
e. dean stout, uinta county prosecuting attorney in evanston, said
monday that his office had filed a state drug charge against burgess in
connection with the cocaine allegation.
however, stout said his office moved to dismiss the state drug charge
last month because the federal child pornography charges carry heavier
penalties. stout said his office could refile the state drug charge if

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