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Published by api-3703305

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Published by: api-3703305 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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okay - this email will surely convince you i\u00a1\u00afm crazy, hallucinating
and delusional - i\u00a1\u00afd agree with you if that were the case! actually,
i test my knowledge so thoroughly that i am ashamed by the lack of
reality that humans on earth comprehend. there are so many ways to
appear in this earthly realm, or you can phase out (entities that
have lost their own identities). you cannot reclaim, sustain, or tame
your own identity if you refuse to acknowledge 'the knowledge' that
will clearly make you visible!!

before you can remember you must be willing to accept the fact that
the \u00a1\u00aeyou\u00a1\u00af that you see now is not the \u00a1\u00aeyou\u00a1\u00af who you were intended
to be! if you accept yourself as a failed human or a human who is
below being capable of thinking, feeling and understanding the true
light that shines upon you causing you to doubt your own light within
you, then surly your light will become an orb of false prophecies and
self proclaimed glory of the false gods that hide behind the
illumination. i guess i could beat around the bush bush_____
geee .

what i am about to convey to you of is something that is not
realized, recognized or even believed by the human drones - yes i am
calling the humans of the earth drones, because its likely that the
\u00a1\u00aeyou\u00a1\u00af that appears here is only a slight selection or section of
your entire & true form!!! it\u00a1\u00afs possible that entities without
identities (or entities without the natural biology to sustain
themselves on this realm) have used this method of self-realization
by overlapping the union of souls (yours) and discreetly hide behind -
something too complicated and painful for me to emphasize at this
point in your awakening! just know this - you are missing - you have
not been able to evolve with your spirit! only the five senses and
technology have consumed your entire entity struggling to maintain,
reclaim or sustain your identity. you so painfully disregard your
memories in the wake because you, my human drones, have become
considerably fake!

assuming that there was another life form similar to ours, yet
different (like male & female are opposite, but what is opposite of
humans?) think of this - we are almost all water and blood - what\u00a1\u00afs
left is momentarily in this state of disarray, too chaotic and

unrecognizable to even correspond with or for, you to be eligible for
a union with your creator because you are only a simulation of a
memory of the true form that hosts your seven spirits! it really does
not take a super human, or genius, to scratch a little beneath the
surface to realize that all the mysteries, secrets and lies are
presenting themselves to you so that you may see that which is false
and untrue.

when you eliminate the untruths, all that\u00a1\u00afs left is the truth and
it\u00a1\u00afs so close to your abilities to perceive if only you\u00a1\u00afd look -
but the fear instilled in you is not your fear (how can you fear
losing self, when self is already lost). it\u00a1\u00afs clear to me that you
fear what is fearful! that you are the ones who are feared and
that\u00a1\u00afs why you have been seduced into believing the fears are your
own! the entities without identities continue to use yours, because
it is them who fear losing the ability to be an entity with
identity! imagine if they agreed to return your memories, and the
true dna it hosts? your true bloodline linking you to your seven
spirits? if, (theoretically) the ones who host your spirits in return
for your soul (which is them possessing you) and literally (which
soul is the embedding and embodiment of the intelligent agents who
are nourished from your fat, blood, confusion and pain) agreed to
return the manna (your divine biology) they, at this point, would be
left with no way to feed, sustain, nourish or procreate their own
life-force. but, however, at this point in time the biology and the
laws of nature prevent them from being allowed to live like they
would like to. if they must continue to feed upon us to achieve
their divinity, like vampires, what could they possible feel about
starving, suffering or to die?

vampires seem to be extremely telepathic and have the abilities of suggestive mind control. they also are able to move with a thought, their telekinesis being so powerful no human would ever be able to believe it\u00a1\u00afs human abilities and rights of passage that are denied from us that allow them to be! the human biology that evolution has bestowed upon us!

you may laugh at me and say that i\u00a1\u00afm a treee that needs to be pissed
on or i that need to be hung from one! so many gestures of hate have

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