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Formatting Your eBook - Standard

Formatting Your eBook - Standard

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Published by Tom Raley
This book shows how to properly format your Word document for uploading to Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.
This book shows how to properly format your Word document for uploading to Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

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Published by: Tom Raley on Sep 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Formatting Your Ebook By: C.E. Webb
Copyright C.E. Webb 2011
Companion book - "Marketing Your Ebook " is also available.Introduction
You have spent months perhaps even years working on your book. It is now time to send it todistributors and major retailers. The process of uploading your manuscript and cover art isstraight forward and in most cases very simple. Before the uploading process can begin however,you will need to make certain your manuscript is properly formatted. Some sites will reject your submission if it is incorrectly formatted while others will not consider it for their more prestigious listings. You also risk having your ebook look incorrect and being very hard for areader to view it. All of these can cost you salesFortunately properly formatting your manuscript does not take any special training or skills. If you have never done this type of formatting before you can expect the process to take 3 to 5hours. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to complete most projects in under twohours.The instructions listed below will show you the basic formatting methods which will allow youto upload your ebook to retailers such as Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Diesel. They willalso show you how to format your book for uploading to Google books and Smashwords.com aswell.
Important Note: When formatting your ebook do not worry with attempting to set the page breaks at certain points. Each reading device will appear differently, and some offer the optionfor readers to adjust font sizes and display. Therefore you will not be able to set page breaks properly.The purpose of formatting your manuscript is to make it properly display on the reader. Sincereaders vary in display and options, you should not try for any fancy text types or formatting.Your goal is a clean looking ebook which will display properly on almost any reading device.For some this may seem slightly bland, but your readers are more interested in the content of your story than formatting. As far as your reader is concerned, the formatting should be invisibleand never given a thought.
If you are not familiar with formatting or have never worked behind the scenes in MicrosoftWord, formatting your ebook can be challenging but certainly not impossible. The first time can be a bit overwhelming, but take your time and you will get through it. For now, let's think  positive and believe in a very short time you will have a properly formatted ebook ready for uploading and on its way to readers. Let's get started,,,Important Note: Do not use the Tab key or space bar to indent for paragraphs. You should alsonot overuse the return key when placing spaces between lines of text. Never use more than four (4) 'returns' in a row to avoid formatting errors.
Optional Start:
If you have a clean manuscript and are not worried about hidden problems, youcan skip this step. If you want to be certain you are starting with a clean manuscript, this step canhelp. Go into your document and press both the Ctrl and A keys. This will highlight the entiretext. Now copy the entire document and then paste it into WordPad. Wordpad does not supportthe formatting found in Word so this effectively eliminates all of the formatting, giving you aclean starting point. In WordPad press Ctrl A once again and copy the entire document. Then paste this document into a new Word worksheet. All old formatting is gone and you are ready to begin.
Step One
: You will need to turn off the auto correct feature of Word. Click on the Word Optionsemblem in the upper left corner of the screen. From the drop down menu select 'Proofing'. On thenext screen select the tab for 'Autoformat As You Type'. A screen similar to the one below willappear. The only box you want to have checked on this screen is the 'Straight quotes' with 'smartquotes' The Autocorrect option must be turned off or Word may reverse the changes you aregoing to make in later steps. You may not even notice the changes until they show up as errorswhen you are attempted to upload your ebook to a retailer or distributor.
Step Two
: Turn on the 'Show/Hide' feature on. This will allow you to track your changes and seeexactly what features have been used, such as tabs, space, and returns. The emblem should belocated near the center of your Word tool bar.

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