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Analogies and Antonym Practice

Analogies and Antonym Practice

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Published by api-3704135

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Published by: api-3704135 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A. Vulnerable
B. Perilous
C. Dependable
D. Ecclesiastic
E. Preplanned

The best answer is C

Precarious means uncertain, unsafe, while
Dependable is the antonym.
Vulnerable means not protected.
Perilous means dangerous and is more of a

Ecclesiastic means a priest.
Preplanned in not an antonym of unsafe.

A. Disinclination B. Predisposition C. Plight

D. Impetuousness
E. Augmentation
The best answer is A.
Predilection means special liking, mental
preference,Disinclination is the antonym.

Predisposition is a synonym.
Plight means misfortune.
Impetuousness means hastiness.
Augmentation means growth.


A. Uphold\u2013 right
B. Brook
C. Steadfast
D. Recantation
E. Abrogation

Abjure means deny, while Uphold is the antonym.
Brook means to endure, which is second best here.
Steadfast means steady.
Recantation means denial and could be used as a

far synonym.
Abrogation means termination and is no antonym.
A. Painstaking
B. Negligent

C. Acarpous
D. Castigation
E. Fracas

The best answer is B.

Meticulous is precise or Painstaking.
Negligent is an antonym.
Acarpous means worn out.
Castigation means severe punishment.
Fracas is a noisy quarrel.

A. Fraudulence
B. Impertinent
C. Miscreant
D. Veracity
E. Palatial
The best answer is D.

Guile means deceit, Veracity is the antonym.
Fraudulence is a synonym.
Impertinent is given to insolent rudeness
Miscreant means a villain.
Palatial is magnificent.

A. Temperance
B. Surfeit
C. Posit
D. Itinerate
E. Reinforce
The best answer is E.

Vitiate means to weaken or to dilute. To
reinforce is the antonym.
Temperance means self-control.
Surfeit means to satiate.
Posit means to suggest.
Itinerate means to travel from place to place.

A. Inculcated
B. Libertine
C. Felicitous \u2013 right
D. Deplorable
E. Heinous
The best answer is C.
Lamentable means grievous and unfortunate.
Felicitous means happy or fortunate and is
therefore the antonym.

Inculcated means something fixed by repetitions.
Libertine means an immoral person.
Deplorable means lamentable and is a synonym.
Heinous means hated.

A. Gormandize
B. Frugal
C. Mollify
D. Undersupply
E. Pious
The best answer is D.
Toglut is to over supply, to overfeed.

Undersupply is the antonym
Gormandize is a synonym.
Frugal means careful, economical.
Mollify means to calm or make quiet.
Pious means devoted to his parents.



The best answer is B.

Querulous is someone that complains a lot.
Complacent means agreeable and is the antonym.
Peevish is a synonym.
Precarious means risky, dangerous.
Irrevocable means final.
Altercate means to dispute angrily.



The best answer is A.
Diffidence means shyness. Audaciousness
means boldness and is the antonym.
Cornucopia means an abundant supply.
Extempore means without previous thought or
Hubris means arrogant pride.
Lustrous means polished.
A. Scrupulous
B. Lionized
C. Iconoclast
D. Fanciful
E. Dubious
The best answer is A.
Licentious means amoral lawless, while its
antonym,scrupulous, means moral and law
Lionized means treated as a famous person.
Iconoclast means a person who attacks popular
Fanciful means imaginary.
Dubious is a person feeling doubt.

A. Equipoise B. Foolproof C. Morose

D. Petrous
E. Explicit
The best answer is E.
Equivocal means having a double or unclear
meaning. WhileExplicit, the antonym means
being clear and unambiguous.

Foolproof means unable to fail or err.
Morose means unsocial.
Petrous means hard, stony.
Equipoise means an equal distribution of

A. Mercurial

B. Highbrow C. Bourgeois D. Luminary E. Halcyon

The best answer is E.
Philistine means a barbarian, a savage. Highbrow
is the antonym \u2013 a cultural person.

Mercurial means quick, fleeting.
Bourgeois is a synonym.
Luminary is a light-giving object.
Halcyon means calm and peaceful, second best

here but not precise enough.
A. Niggling
B. Eschew
C. Ingress
D. Minatory
E. Slovenly
The best answer is E.

Finicky means over particular, over precise.
Slovenly is the antonym and means negligent.
Niggling is a synonym.
Eschew means to avoid.
Ingress is the art of entrance.
Minatory means threatening.

A. Congested
B. Nugatory
C. Unclogged \u2013 right
D. Perfidious
E. Servile
The best answer is C.
Occluded means blocked up. Unclogged in the
antonym and means open.

Congested is a synonym.
Nugatory means worthless.
Perfidious means done as a duty, without care.
Servile means lacking independence, slave like.

A. Seminal
B. Luxuriant
C. Nexus
D. Autumnal
E. Insipid
The best answer is D.
Verdant means fresh and green. Autumnal is the
antonym and means dying.

Seminal is originative.
Luxuriant is a synonym.
Nexus means a link, a connection.
Insipid is tasteless.

A. Facilitate
B. Miscreant
C. Inimical
D. Fledged
E. Evince
The best answer is A.
Preclude means to prevent, stop. Facilitate
means make easy, enable, and is the antonym.

Miscreant means a villain.
Inimical is harmful or toxic.
Fledged means able to fly has all of his feathers

(a chick).
Evince means to show clearly.
A. Interdict
B. Obloquy
C. Conceal-right
D. Relapse
E. Subjugate
The best answer is C.
Divulge means disclose, reveal a secret.
Conceal means to hide that secret and is the

Interdict means to forbid or prohibit.
Obloquy means sharp criticism.
Relapse means to fall back again.
Subjugate means to concur.

A. Sordid
B. Dipsomaniac
C. Abstainer
D. Stymie
E. Multifarious
The best answer is B.

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