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17576610 Vastu and Domestic Happiness

17576610 Vastu and Domestic Happiness

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Published by fyou@hotmail.co.nz

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Published by: fyou@hotmail.co.nz on Sep 21, 2011
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What has vastu to do with domestic happiness ?How Vastu, which is the science of dwellings, links itself to the happiness in the family. The Vedas, thewisdom books and knowledge banks of India, has given us the great Panchataras (Jyotisha, Yoga,Ayurveda and Vastu) of our culture. All these science are inter-related and inter-dependent.Each sector of a quadrangle (Mandala) is identified with the primary elements of Nature. When theseidentifications are studied carefully, those can be applied to bring in happiness into the family.Every body says "Home, sweet home." How can a home be sweet if there are disturbances and agitations inthe family? Such disturbances can broadly relate to :
A) Peace of mind,B) Behaviour,C) Education,D) Routine or day to day family ,conflicts or confrontations
E) HealthF) Profession, orG) Finances
Peace of Mind
If you want to prevent or minimize the problems arising out of the infantile actions orinaction of other members of the family or if you want to give yourselves enough strength to face theonslaught from family members? For this, get enough strength first and then think trying to solve theproblems of your family member. The right and legitimate Vastu place for you in the house is the South-West or if that is not available then South of the house. In this area you need to spend at least eight hours aday.
In ancient times, our kings would sit on the throne, which had a certain placement. When they satthere, the assembly, which consisted of ministers and people, would be able to discuss properly matters of importance and the kings were able to award fair judgements. We just need to adapt to this ancient practicein our day to day lives.
In the room selected for parents the bed need to go the south-west corners of the rooms without touching either the westernwall or southern wall. We should always sleep with your headto the south. South polarity is induced in the head. This simpleprinciple applies to everyone in the northern hemisphere. Whenthe head is placed to the geographical or magnetic north, theblood circulation is stable and hence will ensure you betterhealth. As a result, it will help you to examine family issues justly. Once you are able to review matters appropriately, youwill be able to take the right decisions. This way, you will beable to understand the grievances of your family members andcommunication between you and your siblings are likely toimprove. When it does, you have peace of mind.
Good behaviour of family members is one important aspect of family happiness. When eachmember of the family understands his/her responsibility towards the family, happiness stays intact, butwhen one rebels without worrying about one's own responsibility, peace in the family begins to drift away.Such rebelling could be in the form of disturbing behaviour. It could be in the form of verbal aggression onother family members for no rhyme or reason, and can sometimes be even in the form of physical violence.
If you have to choose the north-west and south-east rooms between your daughter and son, It is better togive the northwest room to your daughter and the south-east room to your son.
Agneya (South-East) isruled by agni or fire which relates to assertiveness and aggressive attitude. Venus rules this sectorastrologically and relates to contentment, wife (or husband) and fortune. Venus also is the Karaka formarriage. This sector therefore relates to peace of mind (or otherwise) of a couple and consequently, tofamily happiness. As Agni is predominant in this sector, it would be wise for newly married couple to keepaway from this room.
Timid children can make use of this room and hope to come outof their fear and get confident. People who are by natureaggressive (and warlike) can avoid a south-east room.Vayuvya (North-West) is ruled by Vayu or air, which relates tomovement or transit Astrologically, this sector is ruled by theMoon and consequently, relates to the mind. The Moon also isthe Karaka for mother.
Taking this as the basis of our understanding, we can safelyconclude this sector also relates to peace of mind of one'smother and naturally, to peace of mind of the family. Thissector is not suitable for already disturbed minds. If we have touse the north-west rooms invariably, we need to strengthen theinteriors so that the disturbance is minimized, if not removed.This sector may not be appropriate for youngsters in theirformative years, especially boys.Newly-wed couples can use this room.
 Education (or lack of it) is another important aspect in lifewhich invariably adds (or lessens) to the happiness in a family.We see children doing extremely well and parents are delightedabout it. We also see children not faring well inspite of theirown hard study and the constant coaxing of the parents tostudy. How can we make then study better?
Students who have difficulty in studies can study in South-Eastrooms sitting in the North-East corners of the rooms facingEast.Intelligent students can select a North-East room and studytheir lessons facing East sitting in the central East of the room.Students are advised to sleep with their heads to the East. Theycan have their beds in the South-west corners of their rooms.
Experiments in medical electricity have brought to light that if a current of electricity is passed from one part of the body toanother, It subdues all inflammation in that part of the bodywhere it enters. Now, in lying down with the head placedeastward, the current of thermal electricity which is constantlypassing over the surface of the earth from east to west, passesalso through the body from the head to the feet and subduesinflammation. Therefore, There is a clear and healthy head,which in turn makes the student study and understand hislessons properly. It is precisely for this reason that sageMarkandeya said that a man becomes learned by lying downwith his head placed Eastward and is troubled with distressingthoughts by lyingdown with his head placed westward.
Routine Conflicts
We also find that normal day to day conflicts among the familymembers also affect peace of mind of the parents and elders of the family. These disturbances can sometimes be traced to theSouth - West. Check if there is a water source (water stump orwell) in the South-west of the house and if so, close it by fillingit up with cement or earth. If you find that the South-West of the house is chopped off, this could also be the reason for thehostility among the family members leading to depression inthe elder's rational thinking.
Care should be also be taken to see that no door is either on thesouth or West of the South-west of the building. A door on theSouth west of a building (or room ) is likely to create familydisturbances.
Health is another important aspect of family happiness. Generalhealth can be improved by sleeping with the head placed South.Disturbed minds can make use of central east rooms with theirbeds to the south - west corners of the room and not touchingthe walls.
Contentment and happiness in your profession is another contributory factor to familyhappiness. Apart from looking into the placements of your room in your office and arrangement of furniture in that room, it is necessary that you get used to facing East. The East sector ruled by the Sun issynonymous with health - physical and mental. You will be able to think properly and take fair decisions onanything related to your profession.

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