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17701268 Guide to Proper Eye Contact

17701268 Guide to Proper Eye Contact

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Published by fyou@hotmail.co.nz

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Published by: fyou@hotmail.co.nz on Sep 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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People see everything which is within their focus of the eye. You see everything you see.Sounds stupid, but you see more than you see. It’s that way: You can see you computersmonitor very clearly because your attention is on the monitor. Now it is not only the monitoryou see? You see all the surroundings too. Maybe there are speakers, a keyboard a mouse,whatever. You see that stuff though you do not concentrate on it. You do not need to shiftyou attention to see it, you see it by just looking at the monitor but you consider it notinteresting, because it is not moving or has no boobs. This has partly to do with AwarenessRadius. So if you want to inform yourself about Awareness Radius, do that – it will enhanceyou game a lot!Okay, so imagine a girl in a bar. She is sitting there chatting with her friend in a semi-interesting conversation. If the conversation was really interesting her AR would be only onherself and her friend, but as it is only semi-interesting she realizes all her surroundings,though she consciously is not giving them any attention. Now a real AFC comes in. Hemoves and therefore she unconsciously checks him out. She doesn’t even know that she isdoing that, she keeps on talking to her friend. As it is an AFC she will not move hear head oreyes an inch. A second person comes in, he has a good BL and one might consider himimmediately as an HSE person. This time her unconscious mind wakes up her consciousmind and tells to look into the direction of that handsome stranger and check him outwhether he is material for sex or not. One might say he has charisma, but broken downcharisma is just a mixture of BL, AR, social skills and a good InnerGame. Nothing special,anyone can get that. So this post is about the EC Element of such a charismatic person. Itwould be best to inform yourself about BL and AR because these two elements help youwith your EC and vice versa. It is not obligatory, but you might want to do that.This Technique is split in two parts, the Beginners Editions and the Mastery Edition.Everybody should do the Beginners Edition. It’s not complicated and broken down in 10simple rules which you MUST follow. Usually I hate to say that something is a must becauseit contradicts the idea of calibrating and being in the moment. But about everybody hasdeep wired anchors on his EC and it needs some force to break these. One of these anchorsis that you look away once the EC of a HB9 touches your eyes. So please please follow theinstructions until you know what you are doing and how you are doing it.
The Beginners Edition
The Rules:This is for sets that you haven’t approached yet1.You start looking into her eyes at a distance of 10 meters. If you start looking at herbefore you reach that distance she might consider you a staring AFC, which is not good foryour calibration.2.Look at that what you like. There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking at a person youfind attractive. You don’t have to excuse yourself for doing so. Just look, and even if sheasks why you are looking at her, a simple “I do find you attractive” is enough. It takes ballsto say that, but it really is that way. She will actually like you even more for looking at herwhen you do not need an excuse for looking at her.3.Just look into one eye. This way you eliminate any fidgety movements with your eyeswhich would make you look nervous. You want to have a steady, calm and relaxed EC. Stoplooking at her boobs or butt. Just concentrate on the eye. It doesn’t matter which eye, butyou should never change during one EC. You might change if she looks away, but I wouldn’tdo that either. It makes you look nervous. Some people say that the left eye is connectedwith the emotional side of her body, whether you believe it or not you might want to dothat. Better safe than sorry. Don’t mess around with AFC techniques like looking at the pointbetween her eyes and crap like that. Just look right into one eye. You are the man, leader of the tribe. Her ass is your property and you are allowed to look at her.4.Do not – whatever happens – look away. Just stay there. If people walk between the twoof you or if you walk and things break your EC, keep on looking as if you still could see her.Most of the times she will look away in the beginning but you look as long as it takes for herto look away.5.Stick with your first choice. No switching. Not even if she is fucking ugly and next to her isa HB10. You decide once and stick with your choice until your choice looks away. Only if shelooks away first you are allowed to change the person.6.You might want to approach her when she walks past you. There is a point about one orone and a half meters in front of you. If a girl is behind this point she is more likely tocontinue walking then to stop and talk to you. So you do have to approach her before shereaches that point. If you, forever what reasons don’t approach her you may turn your head20°s, which is not much. But trust me 20° are enough. Look up rule 8 concerning suchsituations.7.If she looks away and you consider her as attractive you just leave your eyes where theyare. When you start with this technique only a few will look again. Later it’s about 80% of them. After the second look it is time to approach, after that her attraction decreases everysecond.8.Whatever you do, she does it first. With the exception of the escalation – which would bean approach. If you do not approach her then the rule of energy comes into action. The ruleof energy is that you use less energy than she does, for whatever you do. You blink less,move your hands less and slower, etc. If she walks past you stick with a maximum headturning of 20°s. If she turns her head more than that you might turn it as well. If she opens
your body towards you, you might go for that as well. And if that is the case you reallyshould consider to approach her as she is definitely into you.9.Have a self confident BL and look like a HSE guy. Chest to the front, shoulders leaningslightly backwards, and just relax. Let go of every AA and just look and feel comfortablewith that. You are not needy as your EC is not sexual. Just have an EC that tells her thatyou might be interested in her personality. This is important only for beginners. In themastery you will definitely look sexual sometimes.10.Do not the f*ck look away! JUST DON’T! Consider it a game. You look away - you loose.You wait for her to look away you win and get the girl – if you approach her at some point.If you look away first, you may never ever look again. The game is lost. If you decide tolook again the only outcome would be that you look away again before she does. Youlowered your Value in looking away first. So keep yourself a small amount of dignity and donot look again. You might want to punish yourself if you look away before she does. Tellyourself what a looser you are. It was just a few seconds of looking at something and youfucked up. Next time you will not – trust me.I do not care if you like this rules or if you understand them. Just follow them. These rulesapply to everything that has eyes, girls, one eyed pirates and even cats. I one found myself gaming a dog with EC. You will know after a few days or weeks in which cases you areallowed not to stick with the rule. If you are still insecure whether you should stick with therule or not then you should definitely stick with the rule. In 97% of all situations in which ECoccurs following these rules is the best way to go for.An additional hint:A few people are so nervous that they have small movements in their eyes. Ask your wingto help you to fix that if you “suffer” from that. Look directly in one eye of the wing andhave the wing tell you if your eyes move nervously in some kind of way. If the do, have thewing hit your arms in unpredictable amounts of time and try to have your eye contactsteady and calm. You should eliminate any fidgety movements. One other thing that mightwork – never fieldtested because I never had that problem, but I trained my look once thisway: Stay in front of a mirror look in one eye and start moving in front of the mirror withoutlooking away from the one eye. You will see if you shake you head that your eyeballsomehow is fixed and your head moves around it… funny stuff. You might also walk past themirror and check if you can hold your EC while walking.What the ? is EC good for?Imagine an AFC. Shy, living within his own world of sorrow. An HB9 comes along and helooks directly at her butt or boobs – or if he has an rAFC kind of day, the eyes. HB9 willimmediately recognize it as she has sensors for that. She will look at him. Our Mr. AFC willfeel so sorry for himself, for the space he takes up right now and tries to disappear bymelting and merging with the surroundings.Now from the girls perspective:You had a nice day, shopping with the girls, bought a new pair of boots, and you just thinkabout what movie with Jonny Depp you will watch that night. You suddenly realize that abeing is looking at your secondary sexual organs (aka. boobs) and you look at him andmake him feel sorry for himself. It’s an easy exercise as you do it a few times a day.The AFC will look away and the HB will win this game. Her confidence will increase for a fewseconds. This guy felt sorry for himself, for looking at you sexually. As a girl you will neverfuck someone who feels sorry for his penis and his hormones that make him look at you.Not gonna happen.

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