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Energy Saving in Home

Energy Saving in Home

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Published by: DIPAK VINAYAK SHIRBHATE on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Energy Saving in Home Lighting

There's much more to lighting rooms than placing a 60 watt bulb in the middle of the ceiling. There have been such leaps in lighting technology, that an array of fittings and light bulbs needed to produce dramatic effects are available and affordable. There's even lighting that will save you energy and money. So, where do you start ? Begin by thinking about the three functions of light. First, it gives general lighting to a room. Secondly, there is localized or task lighting, that supplies specific, concentrated light for activities such as reading, sewing and cooking. Thirdly, there is accent or mood lighting that creates atmosphere by providing pools of light to highlight certain objects or areas. Major developments are causing a revolution in lighting technology. Miniaturization and the introduction of electronic lamp circuitry are changing, improving and extending performance parameter of well known lamps.

Electronics in lighting
Govt. Poly. Washim.
Energy Saving in Home Lighting

Electronic lighting, including the incorporation of electronic control makes exciting new lighting concepts possible. These new concepts meet requirements for more flexible, sophisticated and dynamic environments in major application field such as, office lighting, industrial lighting, shop lighting, hotel and home lighting.

Energy conservation

The world is becoming increasingly aware that in the not too distant future, energy will become a scarce and an expensive commodity. And. this Upturn might affect the economic development in the next decade. Therefore, it will be prudent for all of us to make optimum use of Energy conservatior advanced light, limited supplies of resources and seek ways to improve the efficiency of energy using processes.

In India lighting consumes about 17 pre cent of the total electrical energy (against seven percent to eight percent in advanced European countries with better quality lighting). Out of this about 37 percentis used for commercial and industrial lighting alone. These days additional generation would be at the estimated cost of Rs 4.5 crore for each megawatt.

New materials and the introduction of electronics
are improving existing lighting technologies and opening up entirely new
Govt. Poly. Washim.
Energy Saving in Home Lighting

possibilities. With well over 2000 different lamps having individual characteristics and lighting hardware in the service of reflectors or other forms of control, luminous environments having: desired illuminance; desired colour temperature, desired colour rendering, desired flexibility, desired appearance of the light sources can be created. First of all we see a strong trend to miniaturize the light sources in virtually every member of the light source family.

New Light Sources
Govt. Poly. Washim.

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