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Types of Mediums and Levels of Spirits

Types of Mediums and Levels of Spirits

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Published by Tata Sarabanda

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Published by: Tata Sarabanda on Sep 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There are different types of Mediums that I would like to explain toyou how they are gifted to see spirits at work.Meduninidad de arraste- medium who can remove evil spirits at workMeduninidad auditiva- mediums who can hear the spirits speak in theirearsMeduninidad clarividente- mediums through whom the spiritcommunicates with the living by possessing the mediumMeduninidad vidente- mediums that can see the spiritsMeduninidad de transporte- mediums that is able to project theirconsciousness to other places, including the realm and level of thespiritsAt a mass usually these types of mediums are present. There is alwayssomeone oversee and directing the mass. This person has gooddiscernment (keen insight and good judgment) and will know if themessages being delivered or the people being mounted are for real.They will usually test the spirits.Second question:My question is if I always only see dark spirits what does that mean?Are my spirits still in the dark? Am I surrounded by dark spirits?We really need to distinguish between dark spirits and spirits thatpertain to your spiritual frame (cuadro spiritual).There are different levels of spirits (high spirits and low spirits).High Spirits are those who are enlightenment and who deliver messagesof hope and inspiration. They are the ones that bring prosperity,faith and hope, love, and progress into our lives. High Spirits havearrived to a plane where they can be spirit guides to the living.High spirits are there to protect us.Low Spirits (espiritus atrasados, dark spirits) they manifestthemselves with hatred and negative influences. Low spirits areusually una evocación or sending. Evocación or "sending" and is amostly used for revenge against an enemy in Espiritismo and aredifficult to remove. These low spirits are usually dentities thatwere in walking life, murderers, criminal, and rappers. Low spiritslack education and manners.Each individual has their spiritual frame which serves as guides. TheGuides are there to protect you from evil or demonic entities.Third question:Is it possible to be born with dark spirits attached to you?Many people are prone to pick up dark spirits. Usually they arecalled a sponge. I myself am one of those. They can easily pick up a

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