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Post- magazine, September 22, 2011

Post- magazine, September 22, 2011

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Published by: The Brown Daily Herald on Sep 22, 2011
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 A Sentimental Education
the oft-romanticized ruth simmons
upfront featurearts & culturearts & culturelifestylelifestyle
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Post- Magazine is pub-lished every Thursday inthe Brown Daily Herald.It covers books, theater,music, flm, ood, art, andUniversity culture aroundCollege Hill. Post- edi-tors can be contacted atpost.magazine@gmail.com. Letters are alwayswelcome, and can beeither e-mailed or sentto Post- Magazine, 195Angell Street, Providence,RI 02906. We claim theright to edit letters or style,clarity, and length.
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    w    e    e      k    e    n      d
Last week, we were out by 1:30. Clara got her moz-zarella sticks at last—a pipe-dream realized, an unex-pected celebration.Fast orward to Issue 2, the one that lies beore you.When 9:30 rolled around, everything changed. Anepic game o musical chairs waged in our rectangularwar room. There were casualties, o course—includinga beautiul cover you’ll never see. But alas, qué será,será.So we sign o, a little later than last week. But we allsurvived.Please read us. I only because Marshall is back, in allhis glory...
sam and amelia
Naked people! In a show!Check out
The Visit 
at PW, this Friday through Monday night.
Thursdays in the Brown Daily Herald
music isbooks istv isfood isbooze is
I knew nothing of city living when I began my hunt for an apartment. A man named Craig had anumber of rooms available, and I chose the best balance of features, location, and price: a top-floorsuite with a remodeled kitchen in one of the hottestplaces in town. Craig hadn’t posted any pictures, but I was assured in a thick Jersey accent that I wouldn’t be disappointed.My first night in the apartment goes smoothly enough. The pipes are a little leaky, but city life istoo invigorating for me to mind. Smoking a ciga-rette on the roof—Brown has taught me nothingif not the joys of nicotine—the ecstatic air of sum-mer in the city mingles with the smoke as I inhale. When I call the elevator, the door opens to a sleepy-looking tenant. “Don’t go on the roof,” she rasps;I notice the baseball bat in her hands. I don’t say anything, but I board the elevator alongside herand take it to the bottom floor—I’d rather walk upthe 12 flights of stairs to my apartment than tip heroff to the location of my abode. Weeks in the office fly by in the green blur of Jeffersons and Benjamins—real power. I fetch cof-fee and I fix spreadsheets. I don’t exactly know  what my supervisor does, but I know he’s impor-tant. He doesn’t seem to know what I’m doing ei-ther, but I convince myself that I’m important. My spreadsheets are the fulcra of corporations.My supervisor occasionally checks in on me.I tab out of Facebook and swivel around in my  Aeron. He says something about the great work that I’m doing (it’s kind of alarmingthat more people don’t know how theSUMPRODUCT function works), andI thank him and promise to keep it up.The exchange doesn’t exactly galvanizeme, but unlike Sisyphus, I roll my rocksdown the other side of the hill.Carrying late-night takeout from the corner Chi-nese restaurant whose name either escapes me or which I can’t pronounce, I give a nod to my neigh- bor mumbling in the hallway. He seems a stand-upgent, although I wonder why he always finds him-self out so late. I approached him once, buthe shouted incomprehensibly about locks and theapocalypse—outside my purview.I wake up to lungs full of city-bred oxygen—the smog has curbed my cigarette habit these pasttwelve weeks. I have no need for an alarm clock:the infant down the hallway cries without fail at 7a.m. I throw off my covers and head to the bath-room, where I luxuriate under the showerhead’slukewarm trickle. Water doesn’t stay hot in theseparts for long.I throw my still-wet towel in my suitcase andhead downstairs. The mumbling man is slumpedoutside of what I have always assumed to be hisapartment—he goes in sometimes, but he must of-ten forget his keys. He stirs as I pass; I smile.I recognize the baseball bat against the walla few floors down—the elevator has been brokensince mid-July, and despite several calls to Craig,it’s not yet made it to the top of his to-do list. In themeantime, my calves have surpassed my biceps incircumference. As I leave the complex, the taxi beeps and thedriver asks me what the hell took me so long. I con-fidently assert, “Airport.” I have done importantthings this summer—or so I’ve been told. I have notime for indigents. I return to Providence to study repression and subalternity–I guess I’m going tosave the world.
summers spent saving souls
charlesPLETCHERmanaging editor o eatures
listening to drunkenserenades o the newbabies in the Inter-galactic Council o ACappella.eating letovers, read-ing
The Leftovers
, andantasizing about therapture.looking or shelterunder Ron Swanson’smanly-man mustacheon the season pre-miere o
Parks and Recreation
. Tonight.stuing French toastlike Turduckens onMondays at Jo’s.running out o waysto advertise $1drinks.taking nudy pics otheatre nerds in thedownspace. Go seePW’s The Visit. Sept23-26.
theatre is
TOP TENThings You Don’t Want to Hear Ater aOne-Night Stand
I can’t wait to tell my momabout this.Ratty or brunch?I eel pregnant.It’s cool that I taped that,right?Let’s go with lights o nexttime.I like the way yournostrils lare when yousleep.I *cking love cocaine!How much do I owe you?Think about how greatthis will be when youlose 10 pounds.I love you.

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