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Good Teachers, Better PD in Manassas, VA - PD 360 Case Study

Good Teachers, Better PD in Manassas, VA - PD 360 Case Study

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“Teachers can no longer use the excuse that there is no relevancy or significance for them in our professional development program. A large variety of options is the beauty of PD 360 and there is relevance for everyone.”
Dr. Michaelene Meyer
Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Manassas City Public Schools, Virginia
“Teachers can no longer use the excuse that there is no relevancy or significance for them in our professional development program. A large variety of options is the beauty of PD 360 and there is relevance for everyone.”
Dr. Michaelene Meyer
Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Manassas City Public Schools, Virginia

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Published by: School Improvement Network on Sep 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Small Virginia DistrictProvides RelevantPD for All Teachers
Case Study
School Improvement Network
“Teachers can no longer use the excuse that there is no
relevancy or signicance for them in our professionaldevelopment program. A large variety of options is thebeauty of PD 360 and there is relevance for everyone.”
Dr. Michaelene Meyer
Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Manassas City Public Schools, Virginia
Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS) is located inManassas City, Virginia, “a small community thatprovides big opportunities to its residents.” As a districtof 6,866 students in ten schools, its size is also aplus and allows the staff to get to know the children
as individuals and develop personal education plans
 to make sure that those individual needs are met.The district benets from all the advantages a smallercity offers and feels a true sense of community with acollaborative bond between home and school that works to ensure the success of every student.Manassas City Public Schools embraces its mission to educate and develop productive, responsible, andcontributing citizens of local and global communities. It
is a school system that enjoys diversity as a challenging and balanced learning experience. The dedicated and
highly qualied staff is equipped with ample resourcesand vital partnerships with family, community, business,
and government.
MCPS is very proud of its outstanding instructional staff.•18 National Board Certied Teachers•100% Highly Qualied Teachers (per No Child LeftBehind requirements)•52.3% Licensed staff with post-graduate degreesEven with an extraordinary teaching staff, MCPS hasan ongoing desire to continually better its professionaldevelopment (PD) in order to provide excellent student
education. This means giving its teachers the mostcomprehensive PD available.
Dr. Michaelene Meyer, MCPS Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, wanted to hike up the qualityas well as streamline the PD process. She looked fora job-embedded resource that teachers could access
immediately when they needed it and experienceimmediate success.
Dr. Meyer had been a dedicated user of SchoolImprovement Network’s The Video Journal of Educationvideo products for many years. When she was introduced to PD 360, also from School Improvement Network, sheknew she had found a high-quality answer for MCPS.PD 360 is the leading on-demand professional learning resource for educators with over 700,000 subscribers.Teachers, administrators, professional learning communities, coaches, etc., have access to over 1,400
indexed and searchable video segments that present
real, best-practice classroom examples. Each segmentincludes content from respected educational experts
www.schoolimprovement.com | www.PD360.com
such as Michael Fullan, Rick DuFour, Doug Reeves,Rick Stiggins, and many others. PD 360 can be used to create a structured learning experience for anindividual teacher, professional learning community, orentire school. It bridges the gap between training andclassroom implementation with job-embedded follow-up, tracking, and reection tools. PD 360 also giveseducators access to an online community of teaching professionals that allows interaction and collaboration
either within a district or across the United States andaround the world. See a demonstration atwww.pd360.com.
One year into its use, Dr. Meyer has already put manyapplications of PD 360 into place, such as:
First YearAll Educators
Registered on
PD 360
Required to Watch
Two Segments &
Answer ReectionQuestions
 Second Year
English LanguageLearners – ADistrict Wide
Everyone Watchand CompleteWhole ELL
Program & Use in
PLC’s, Forums, &
Faculty MeetingsThird Year
and TargetedGoals
Principals MakeBuilding Level
Plan to Align withDistrict Plan
English Language Learners
MCPS is having great success with its ELL training framework. During the coming school year, MCPS will beusing PD 360 for an all-inclusive district wide approach to its 38% ELL population. PD 360 ELL segments will beused in faculty meetings, PLC’s, and forums to educate
and start discussions on strategies and accommodations
 that actively involve ELL students in learning.
New Teacher Training 
MCPS has re-vamped its entire beginning teaching program with the use of PD 360 integrated intoseminars, with follow-up guides for the PLC meetings they hold between seminars. Because Dr. Meyer feels itis important to train new teachers to use PD 360, they
are immediately introduced to it as a teaching resource.
When there is an issue in their classrooms, they can bedirected to segments of programs such as ClassroomManagement, Differentiated Instruction, and many more.PD 360 is also a good base for helping new teachersunderstand implementation of the district and school
Teachers Who Struggle
 Principals were trained and are now helping teachers
who struggle by suggesting specic PD 360 segments that show what best classroom practices look like inneeded areas. Each teacher’s usage as well as theiranswers to Reection and Follow-Up Questions can be tracked by the administration to follow growth.
Walk Throughs
 Getting principals into the classrooms has a hugeimpact on teacher training. As principals do classroom
walk-throughs, they can email specic PD 360 segmentlinks that are relevant to the instructional needs of  the teachers while providing easy and effective, job-embedded follow-up. Being able to quickly provideinstant remediation on many issues has been benecial to both principals and teachers alike.
Group Trainings
PD 360 makes it easy to personalize group training.The digitized Facilitator Guides that accompany videoprograms provide assistance as district facilitatorsprepare training sessions. Video segments are sharedwith a group of teachers and PD 360’s automatedreection questions are assigned to help teachersimplement new strategies. The trainer can read teachers’answers and provide suggestions and feedback.Each department chair asked to be trained in PD 360and are now using segments to help share information in
department meetings.
Professional Learning Communities
PD 360 supports PLCs and gives them a solid resource to study. PLCs watch a PD 360 video segment and
discuss how to apply the practices in their classrooms.
The accompanying digitized Facilitator Guides providegroup activities, discussion questions, lesson plans, andgraphic organizers.
Teacher Certification
Dr. Meyer is working on and is excited to put into actiona program for teacher certication wherein PD 360 time viewed and Reection Questions answered will be tracked and applied as credit.
Interactive Learning Communities
Through Interactive Learning Communities, teacherspresent each other with implementation ideas,participate in discussion forums, upload lesson plans,and share web links to helpful resources. Learning Communities can be created as public or private
domains in which teachers and administrators can share
best practices, learn from one another, and eliminateclassroom isolation regardless of location.DRIVING USAGE AND IMPLEMENTATION
www.schoolimprovement.com | www.PD360.com
MCPS is experiencing many advantages as part of having  the PD 360 package.
Cost EffectivePD 360 has been very cost-effective for MCPS. Costing much less than traditional professional development,it can be purchased with a variety of funding sourcesavailable to districts and schools, including Title I, II, III,IV, V, VII, state funds, foundation funds, federal and stategrant monies, math funds, reading funds, technologyfunds, etc. For example, MCPS has been able to pay forPD 360 with Title II funds.
Elementary and Secondary Programs
Dr. Meyer was delighted to nd a PD resource thatoffered both Elementary-Focused and Secondary-Centered programs. This provides instruction that isgeared to each teacher’s classroom level.
Great Educator Response
 Teacher response to PD 360 has been excellent. As they
are introduced to it, educators generally start using theeasy search ability feature of the PD 360 website to
research more topics.
User CapacityWith one price, educators have unlimited access to PD
360 and can view segments and programs as many
 times as they wish and as often as they need.
Because PD 360 is an online and on-demand solution,
 teachers in the system can access it anytime and
anywhere they have the Internet. They can log on athome as well as at work, encouraging teacher education
on their own time schedule.
Individual Accountability
With PD 360, teachers are responsible for their ownprofessional growth and administrators can ensure that it happens consistently with PD 360’s integrated tracking, reporting, and follow-up. This strengthens
 teacher commitment which translates into positivechanges in the classroom.
State Approval
The Virginia Department of Education is very familiarwith School Improvement Network’s PD 360 and hasbeen supportive and favorable of its use in districts.
Large Library of Content
Over 120 respected education experts are available ateach MCPS teacher’s ngertips whenever they need them. Dr. Meyer no longer has the frustration of notsending everyone to conferences because of the highcosts associated with them. Now educators do not have to wait to attend workshops and conferences yet canlearn from the best authorities.
Job Embedded
Professional development should not be identical foreach teacher but should be responsive to a teacher’sday-to-day practices in school and student needs. Asquestions and situations arise in classrooms, teacherscan instantly nd answers in PD 360 to improve teaching and give support when needed instead of waiting fordistrict workshops. The wide variety of content in PD 360ensures that teachers of every experience level can ndindividualized help when they need it.
Relevant Topics
New, quality content is continually being added to theup-to-date PD 360 library providing a resource that helps teachers continue to grow professionally. PD 360 has
programs dealing with nearly every educational initiative
of the past two decades.
Research Based and Best Practices
PD 360 programs are always research-based andclassroom-proven, dealing with nearly every educationalinitiative of the past two decades. Each program showsreal classrooms from around the country using the best
 teaching methods.
A Common Voice
 PD 360 encourages consistency in a common languageand practice. The Focus Objectives support a more
efcient, focused commonality with all educators in the
Individual Accountability
Teachers are empowered to take control of their own
growth by having everything they need to improve their teaching in one place. Administrators can ensure that PD
happens consistently with PD 360’s integrated tracking,reporting, and follow-up.
Easy-to-Use Search Features
With hundreds of fully indexed and searchable learning segments, teachers and administrators can easily nd the answers they require. PD 360 has everything MCPS
 teachers need to immediately improve their teaching andimplement the best classroom practices.
Real Classroom Examples
Dr. Meyer has been pleased with the wide variety of realclassrooms from across the country that are shown in
every PD 360 program so that teachers can actually seehow to implement best practices in their own classroommanagement.
“New teachers and teachers who are struggling oftencan’t visualize themselves putting best practices intoaction. PD 360 is a link for bringing in visual professionaldevelopment, which starts meaningful conversationssuch as “What does this practice mean to us?” and “Howcan we implement it in our classrooms?”
Dr. Michaelene Meyer
Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Manassas City Public Schools, Virginia

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