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Mau Van Ban Dai Hoi Chi Doan

Mau Van Ban Dai Hoi Chi Doan



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Published by api-3706609

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Published by: api-3706609 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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\u00aeo\u00b5n tncs h\u00e5 ch\u00dd minh
bch tr\u00eang cao \u00ae\u00bcng gtvt
S\u00e8: 62 /TB-\u00a7TN
H\u00b5 N\u00e9i, ng\u00b5y 18 th\u00b8ng 12 n\u00a8m
th\u00abng b\u00b8o
\u201cV\u00d2 vi\u00d6c t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c \u00a7\u00b9i h\u00e9i chi \u00aeo\u00b5n nhi\u00d6m k\u00fa 2007 \u2013
K\u00ddnh g\u00f6i:ban ch\u00cap h\u00b5nh c\u00b8c chi \u00aeo\u00b5n

C\u00a8n c\u00f8 \u00aei\u00d2u l\u00d6 \u00a7o\u00b5n TNCS H\u00e5 Ch\u00dd Minh v\u00b5 \u00aei\u00d2u ki\u00d6n th\u00f9c t\u00d5 c\u00f1a \u00a7o\u00b5n thanh ni\u00aan nh\u00b5 tr\u00eang, \u00ae\u00eec s\u00f9 \u00ae\u00e5ng \u00fd nh\u00cat tr\u00dd c\u00f1a \u00a7\u00b6ng u\u00fb-BGH, Th\u00b5nh \u00aeo\u00b5n H\u00b5 N\u00e9i, BCH \u00a7o\u00b5n tr\u00eang x\u00a9y d\u00f9ng k\u00d5 ho\u00b9ch t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c \u00a7\u00b9i h\u00e9i Chi \u00aeo\u00b5n nhi\u00d6m k\u00fa 2007-2008 nh sau:

1- M\u00f4c \u00ae\u00ddch- y\u00aau c\u00c7u
- T\u00e6ng k\u00d5t, \u00ae\u00b8nh gi\u00b8 c\u00abng t\u00b8c \u00aeo\u00b5n v\u00b5 phong tr\u00b5o thanh ni\u00aan trong
nhi\u00d6m k\u00fa qua.

- \u00a7\u00denh ra ph\u00acng h\u00edng nhi\u00d6m v\u00f4 s\u00b8t v\u00edi th\u00f9c t\u00d5, \u00ae\u00b8p \u00f8ng y\u00aau c\u00c7u nguy\u00d6n v\u00e4ng chung c\u00f1a \u00a7VTN trong chi \u00aeo\u00b5n v\u00b5 g\u00ben li\u00d2n v\u00edi nhi\u00d6m v\u00f4 ch\u00ddnh tr\u00de c\u00f1a nh\u00b5 tr\u00eang.

- B\u00c7u ra ban ch\u00cap h\u00b5nh chi \u00aeo\u00b5n c\u00e3 \u00ae\u00f1 ph\u00c8m ch\u00cat v\u00b5 n\u00a8ng l\u00f9c, t\u00ddn
nhi\u00d6m \u00ae\u00d3 l\u00b7nh \u00ae\u00b9o chi \u00aeo\u00b5n trong nhi\u00d6m k\u00fa t\u00edi.

- Y\u00aau c\u00c7u c\u00b8c chi \u00aeo\u00b5n t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i \u00ae\u00b6m b\u00b6o \u00ae\u00f3ng nguy\u00aan t\u00bec, \u00ae\u00b9t hi\u00d6u qu\u00b6 cao, \u00ae\u00b8nh gi\u00b8 \u00ae\u00f3ng th\u00f9c tr\u00b9ng c\u00abng t\u00b8c \u00aeo\u00b5n v\u00b5 phong tr\u00b5o thanh ni\u00aan \u00eb \u00ae\u00acn v\u00de m\u00d7nh, ph\u00b8t huy t\u00ddnh d\u00a9n ch\u00f1, t\u00cbp trung tr\u00dd tu\u00d6, \u00ae\u00d2 cao tinh th\u00c7n tr\u00b8ch nhi\u00d6m c\u00f1a c\u00b8n b\u00e9, \u00aeo\u00b5n vi\u00aan trong qu\u00b8 tr\u00d7nh \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i, v\u00b5 t\u00b9o \u00ae\u00eec phong tr\u00b5o thi \u00aeua s\u00abi n\u00e6i trong \u00aeo\u00b5n vi\u00aan thanh ni\u00aan tr\u00edc, trong v\u00b5 sau khi \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i.

2- Th\u00eai gian ti\u00d5n h\u00b5nh \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i:
t\u00f5 20/12/2007 \u00ae\u00d5n
3- T\u00e6 ch\u00f8c th\u00f9c hi\u00d6n

- C\u00b8c chi \u00aeo\u00b5n t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i trong m\u00e9t bu\u00e6i. Ban ch\u00cap h\u00b5nh chi \u00aeo\u00b5n c\u00e3 tr\u00b8ch nhi\u00d6m chu\u00c8n b\u00de n\u00e9i dung, b\u00b8o c\u00b8o Gi\u00b8o vi\u00aan ch\u00f1 nhi\u00d6m, BCS \u00a7o\u00b5n c\u00b8c Khoa, Trung t\u00a9m, BCH \u00a7o\u00b5n tr\u00eang. \u00a7\u00a8ng k\u00fd l\u00dech t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c

\u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i cho c\u00b8n b\u00e9 tr\u00f9c ti\u00d5p ch\u00d8 \u00ae\u00b9o:
- Khoa C\u00abng tr\u00d7nh: \u00a7/c Trinh (0913091715) ; \u00a7/c \u00a7o\u00b5n (0989585490);
- Khoa C\u00ac kh\u00dd+ CNTT+ TT \u00a7T Ngh\u00d2: \u00a7/c Long (0912494411); \u00a7/c L\u00fd
- Khoa KTVT: \u00a7/c Hi\u00d2n(0983430679; \u00a7/c Ho\u00b5ng (0977028019) ); \u00a7/c Mai
Ban ch\u00cap h\u00b5nh \u00a7o\u00b5n tr\u00eang y\u00aau c\u00c7u c\u00b8c chi \u00aeo\u00b5n khi nh\u00cbn \u00ae\u00eec th\u00abng
b\u00b8o n\u00b5y b\u00b8o c\u00b8o GVCN, kh\u00c8n tr\u00acng tri\u00d3n khai th\u00f9c hi\u00d6n. M\u00e4i th\u00bec m\u00bec
c\u00e3 th\u00d3 li\u00aan h\u00d6 tr\u00f9c ti\u00d5p t\u00edi c\u00b8c C\u00b8n b\u00e9 ch\u00d8 \u00ae\u00b9o \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i ho\u00c6c VP \u00a7o\u00b5n (\u00a7T:
04.5520949). Email: thanhniencdgtvt@yahoo.com;
Forum :http: / /svgtvt.net
N\u00aci nh\u00cbn:
\u00a7\u00b6ng u\u00fb, BGH (\u00ae\u00d3 b\u00b8o c\u00b8o)
Th\u00b5nh \u00aeo\u00b5n (b\u00b8o c\u00b8o).
C\u00b8c ph\u00dfng, ban, khoa,TT, t\u00e6 m\u00abn.
- C\u00b8c Gi\u00b8o vi\u00aan ch\u00f1 nhi\u00d6m (\u00ae\u00d3 ph\u00e8i
- C\u00b8c li\u00aan chi, chi \u00aeo\u00b5n (th\u00f9c hi\u00d6n).
- Lu VP\u00a7.
t/m bch \u00aeo\u00b5n tr\u00eang
b\u00dd th
Ng\u00ab Qu\u00e8c
C\u00b8c b\u00edc t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c \u00a7\u00b9i h\u00e9i chi \u00aeo\u00b5n
1.X\u00a9y d\u00f9ng c\u00b8c v\u00a8n b\u00b6n c\u00f1a \u00a7\u00b9i h\u00e9i g\u00e5m: B\u00b8o c\u00b8o t\u00e6ng k\u00d5t; Ph\u00acng h\u00edng

c\u00abng t\u00b8c; K\u00dech b\u00b6n ch\u00acng tr\u00d7nh l\u00b5m vi\u00d6c; Ngh\u00de quy\u00d5t \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i; X\u00a9y d\u00f9ng \u00ae\u00d2 \u00b8n nh\u00a9n s\u00f9 BCH chi \u00aeo\u00b5n; V\u00a8n b\u00b6n b\u00c7u c\u00f6 (Th\u00d3 l\u00d6 b\u00c7u c\u00f6, Phi\u00d5u b\u00c7u c\u00e3 d\u00cau c\u00f1a BCH \u00a7o\u00b5n tr\u00eang, Bi\u00aan b\u00b6n ki\u00d3m phi\u00d5u,\u2026); c\u00b8c \u00fd ki\u00d5n tham lu\u00cbn (v\u00d2 h\u00e4c t\u00cbp, phong tr\u00b5o, \u00ae\u00eai s\u00e8ng,\u2026), v\u00a8n ngh\u00d6, c\u00b8c c\u00abng t\u00b8c chu\u00c8n b\u00de \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i, th\u00eai gian t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c,\u2026 b\u00b8o c\u00b8o Gi\u00b8o vi\u00aan ch\u00f1 nhi\u00d6m l\u00edp.

2.\u00a7\u00a8ng k\u00fd l\u00dech t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c v\u00b5 b\u00b8o c\u00b8o, tr\u00d7nh c\u00b8c t\u00b5i li\u00d6u c\u00f1a \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i t\u00edi c\u00b8n

b\u00e9 ph\u00f4 tr\u00b8ch c\u00f1a BCH \u00aeo\u00b5n tr\u00eang. \u00a7\u00e3ng d\u00cau c\u00f1a BCH \u00aeo\u00b5n tr\u00eang v\u00b5o c\u00b8c t\u00ea phi\u00d5u b\u00c7u c\u00f6. Sau khi duy\u00d6t, n\u00d5u \u00ae\u00eec BCH \u00aeo\u00b5n tr\u00eang \u00ae\u00e5ng \u00fd m\u00edi ti\u00d5n h\u00b5nh \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i.

3.L\u00b5m \u00ae\u00acn m\u00een ph\u00dfng h\u00e4c c\u00e3 ch\u00f7 k\u00fd c\u00f1a GVCN g\u00f6i c\u00b8n b\u00e9 ph\u00f4 tr\u00b8ch
gi\u00b6ng \u00ae\u00eang (n\u00d5u t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c ngo\u00b5i gi\u00ea h\u00e4c), cam k\u00d5t v\u00d6 sinh s\u00b9ch s\u00cf,
\u00ae\u00d2n b\u00ef h\u00e1ng h\u00e3c\u2026 sau khi k\u00d5t th\u00f3c \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i.
4.L\u00aan VP \u00a7o\u00b5n tr\u00eang m\u00een \u00b6nh B\u00b8c; C\u00ea t\u00e6 qu\u00e8c; C\u00ea \u00aeo\u00b5n; h\u00dfm phi\u00d5u.
Cam k\u00d5t tr\u00b6 ngay sau khi k\u00d5t th\u00f3c \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i \u00ae\u00d3 c\u00b8c chi \u00aeo\u00b5n t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c
sau m\u00een. N\u00d5u m\u00cat ph\u00b6i \u00ae\u00d2n.
5. Ho\u00b5n ch\u00d8nh h\u00e5 s\u00ac b\u00b8o c\u00b8o k\u00d5t qu\u00b6 \u00a7\u00b9i h\u00e9i l\u00aan BCH \u00a7o\u00b5n tr\u00eang
(n\u00e9p ngay sau khi \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i k\u00d5t th\u00f3c kh\u00abng qu\u00b8 3 ng\u00b5y)bao
1. Bi\u00aan b\u00b6n \u00a7\u00b9i h\u00e9i: C\u00e3 ch\u00f7 k\u00fd c\u00f1a th k\u00fd \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e9i v\u00b5 ng\u00eai thay m\u00c6t \u00aeo\u00b5n
ch\u00f1 t\u00dech.
2.Bi\u00aan b\u00b6n ki\u00d3m phi\u00d5u: C\u00e3 ch\u00f7 k\u00fd c\u00f1a tr\u00ebng ban ki\u00d3m phi\u00d5u & ng\u00eai
thay m\u00c6t \u00aeo\u00b5n ch\u00f1 t\u00dech.
3.Danh s\u00b8ch tr\u00ddch ngang BCH m\u00edi: c\u00e3 ch\u00f7 k\u00fd c\u00f1a ng\u00eai thay m\u00c6t \u00aeo\u00b5n
ch\u00f1 t\u00dech.
II. H\u00edng d\u00c9n c\u00b8ch trang tr\u00dd
\u00a7\u00b9i h\u00e9i chi \u00aeo\u00b5n..........
nhi\u00d6m k\u00fa 2007- 2008
K\u00aa b\u00b5n gh\u00d5 theo ki\u00d3u ch\u00f7 U.
C\u00e3 kh\u00a8n tr\u00b6i b\u00b5n, hoa t\u00aci
Trang ph\u00f4c \u00ae\u00b9i bi\u00d3u l\u00dech s\u00f9, \u00ae\u00f8ng \u00ae\u00ben.
iii- H\u00edng d\u00c9n vi\u00d5t b\u00b8o c\u00b8o t\u00e6ng k\u00d5t v\u00b5 ph\u00acng h\u00edng
\u00aeo\u00b5n tr\u00eang cao \u00ae\u00bcng gtvt
Chi \u00aeo\u00b5n
\u00aeo\u00b5n tncs h\u00e5 ch\u00dd minh
H\u00b5 N\u00e9i, ng\u00b5y \u2026th\u00b8ng \u2026 n\u00a8m
b\u00b8o c\u00b8o

t\u00e6ng k\u00d5t c\u00abng t\u00b8c \u00aeo\u00b5n v\u00b5 phong tr\u00b5o thanh ni\u00aan
c\u00f1a bch chi \u00aeo\u00b5n\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026.
nhi\u00d6m k\u00fa 2006- 2007

I. \u00a7\u00c6c \u00aei\u00d3m, t\u00d7nh h\u00d7nh

1. N\u00aau r\u00e2 \u00ae\u00c6c \u00aei\u00d3m t\u00d7nh h\u00d7nh c\u00f1a chi \u00aeo\u00b5n: th\u00eai gian sinh ho\u00b9t?s\u00e8 l\u00eeng?, nam, n\u00f7? \u00ae\u00e9 tu\u00e6i? D\u00a9n t\u00e9c? S\u00e8 l\u00eeng \u00aeo\u00b5n vi\u00aan, thanh ni\u00aan?\u2026..

2. Thu\u00cbn l\u00eei?
3. Kh\u00e3 kh\u00a8n?
II- K\u00d5t qu\u00b6 ho\u00b9t \u00ae\u00e9ng
1- C\u00abng t\u00b8c gi\u00b8o d\u00f4c, ch\u00ddnh tr\u00de t t \u00ebng

- Chi \u00aeo\u00b5n \u00ae\u00b7 t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c sinh ho\u00b9t nh\u00f7ng chuy\u00aan \u00ae\u00d2 g\u00d7? t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c c\u00b8c bu\u00e6i h\u00e4c t\u00cbp ngh\u00de quy\u00d5t c\u00f1a \u00a7\u00b6ng, c\u00f1a \u00a7o\u00b5n nh th\u00d5 n\u00b5o? tham gia c\u00b8c bu\u00e6i h\u00e4c t\u00cbp ch\u00ddnh tr\u00de, ngh\u00de quy\u00d5t do tr\u00eang t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c? tham gia c\u00b8c cu\u00e9c thi t\u00d7m hi\u00d3u? s\u00e8 l\u00eeng \u00aeo\u00b5n vi\u00aan tham gia? k\u00d5t qu\u00b6 ?\u00fd th\u00f8c c\u00f1a \u00aeo\u00b5n vi\u00aan tham gia? C\u00b8c ho\u00b9t \u00ae\u00e9ng h-

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