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Liberi v Taitz Decl of Waddell in Support of Plffs Opp and Obj to LOOT MTD and Amended MTD Doc 385

Liberi v Taitz Decl of Waddell in Support of Plffs Opp and Obj to LOOT MTD and Amended MTD Doc 385

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Published by nocompromisewtruth
Waddell declaration
Waddell declaration

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Published by: nocompromisewtruth on Sep 22, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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Declaration of Shirley Waddell
Philip J. Berg, EsquirePennsylvania I.D. 9867LAW OFFICES OF PHILIP J. BERG555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531Telephone: (610) 825-3134E-mail: philjberg@gmail.com
 Attorney for Plaintiffs
LISA LIBERI, et al Plaintiffs,vs.ORLY TAITZ, et al,Defendants.::::::::::::::CIVIL ACTION NUMBER:
Date of Hearing: October 17, 2011Time of Hearing: 10:00 a.m.Location: Courtroom 10D
Declaration of Shirley Waddell
I, Shirley Waddellam over the age of 18 and nota party to the withinaction.I have personal knowledge of the facts herein, and if called to do, I could andwould competently testify. I am making this Declaration under the penalty of 
 perjury of the Laws of the United States pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §1746.1.Orly Taitz has been quite busy since the court date on MondaySeptember 12
,2011with burning up the internet with her latest concoctionregarding the Plaintiffs of 
 Liberi v Taitz 
Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 385 Filed 09/21/11 Page 1 of 20 Page ID#:8925
Declaration of Shirley Waddell
2.Taitz published on her website Thursday, September 15, 2011 athttp://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=25592:
Help me find this person, whose IP is now connected to all thecomments on my blog, is there a connection to Perkins Coie?
About me, Shirley Waddell:
“Since 2009Berg and Liberiused Liberi’s mother, Shirley Waddell, to send e-mails to many of my supporterswhich containedthe most despicable slander of my character,which was part of their pleadings.When Liberi’s mother sentall of those e-mails to thousands of people, and when all of these horrendus defamations contained in pleadings were posted all over the Internet, they poisoned the well, theyinfluencedpotential jury, if this case and myupcoming cross complaint against all of them will ever go to th
e jury.”A true and correct copy of Orly Taitz’s post is attached hereto and incorporated in by reference as
.3.The above paragraph is of course a lie. No one has used me to sendemails to thousands of Taitz’s supporters. I have
thousands of emails toTaitz supporters.
This is not the first time that Orly Taitz has “targeted me” andcome after me with false allegations. In fact, Orly Taitz even attempted to have mesanctioned by the Courtfor simply filing an Affidavit in support of the Plaintiffs.
Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 385 Filed 09/21/11 Page 2 of 20 Page ID#:8926
Declaration of Shirley Waddell
4.It was Orly Taitz and company that weresending personal sensitiveinformation via emails, internet postings, dossiers, talking on radio shows thatmade this lawsuitnecessaryin May of 2009. After the lawsuit was filed thenOrly Taitz and company continued the same behavior into2010, and 2011 toshame, embarrass, endanger, prejudice, and even hired an actor to play the part of a“journalist” to do a negative video about the Plaintiff’s, Plaintiff Lisa Liberi, mydaughter in particular.5.The Plaintiff’s remained Professional and tried to get help from theCourt. Taitz did so many dishonest and unethical things that are already on filewith thisHonorable Court that there is no need to listall of them again. The
 Liberiv Taitz 
Plaintiffs still remained Professional.6.I stand ready to testify with other witnessesregarding hundredsof 
 pageson this Courts Docket that are filled with Taitz lies, exaggerations,incitement of Taitz followers to do harm to the Plaintiffs and other governmentagenciessuch as Police Department, Probation department in two states, NewMexico Coroner, etc., and false reports filed with law enforcement agencies toharass the Plaintiffs,and try to get Liberi arrested.7.I also standready to testify with other witnessesregarding the extremestress suffered by the Plaintiffs due to the continuous attacks of Orly Taitz andcompany. In particular thefrequent
needand presence
ofParamedics at the home
Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 385 Filed 09/21/11 Page 3 of 20 Page ID#:8927

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