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Babbling Ghosts

Babbling Ghosts

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Published by Martinfreebase

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Published by: Martinfreebase on Sep 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Babbling Ghosts
Deep Piercing Cut 
Bael (Babbling Ghost #1)She buries the dead under a tree of learning/ blood red and simple/ 
the second angel’
ssound/ waiting for the touch/ the touch of distraction/ it swoops down from the opening/ swallowing you up in minutes/ we gaze upon the body/ torn asunder/ bleeding amongthe rocks/broken like your promises/ the dust caresses my soul/ against the tide/ pickedup within/ crouching down with evil stance/ watching this dying thing/ a very spiritualstrange/ she hears the devil talking/ even as we speak in the shadows and whispers/ she nevertells/ her story is this place/ it took me so long to find out/ to discover the roots andbranches/ the truth behind your story/ to watch it flower and open up/ a wild child runningin the streets/ running against the blue/ the hell and high water/your boundariesuncertain/ running back and forth/ howling in rapture/ the walls come crashing down/ a small puff of smoke/ you want to be free/ you try usingthe square pegs/ the square pegs belong to me/ I have the bill of sale/ see here is yoursignature written in your own blood/ I paid you 400 dollars/ and now you want to buy thehorse/ I remind you that the pale horse brings only
death/ you say you don’t care/ the
pale horse is what you want/ you cry and pout/ stamp your feet in the dust/ demandingthat your rights be recognized/ you say it is cruel of me to deny you this right/ you spewmolten hot air/ this all seems too real/ too real to hang on/ shackled to the stone/ wrought iron desire/ holding back/ trying to separate the torn andfallen/ half broken and forgotten/ the other disgust/ they wait for a passion that nevercomes/ never knocks on your door/ you believe in the lonely people/ the dregs whofollow after/ you read the papers looking for a sign/ a black cat to tell you the future/ wehave seen this before/ it happens over and over like a repeating cycle/ the pistonp
umping up and down forcing the air out/ I’m forcing you out/ out into the world/ in the
land of machines/ that rust and sputter against the landscape of man/ 
life cruel and unfair/ I can’t find/ nowhere/ nowhere I look/ it hides form me/ the secret I
’t unravel/ it is locked and without a key/ face down in the mud/ I don’t know thewords/ I can’t believe/ can’t make the clouds pass over/ I hold back and never reveal/
what I know/ what I discovered/ I take down to the grave/ to the abyss/ I make my homein darkness/ suffering is my friend/ the soul that follows me along/ sitting on the porch/ sitting on the stone/ watching the waves come in/ there are seagulls flying around/ thesalty air of despair/ the crimes of a fool/ lost in a world of strangers/  © Deep Piercing Cut 2009Bael was previously published in Calliope Nerve http://calliopenerve.blogspot.com/ 
Agares (Babbling Ghost #2)death came on a Wednesday/ with the hunger of a lion/ we borrowed flesh against themachine to buy freedom and protective wings/ looking through the want ads/ searchingfor that girl standing by the bus stop/ the fragile fiction of the digital scream/ a Goliath inthe doorway glancing inside the darkness/ nothing to my name except a warm tongue/ place my face into the wind/ come closer if you dare/ discover me and make me new inyour love/ save me from myself/ feed the flame between us gravitate above/ becoming more than two/ coming throughwith truth/ spinning dervish of wonder/ the beam shines brightly/ scales fall off from oureyes/ the thorns pulled from our sides/ our blood mixes with water/ we see more clearly/ no measure/ we are limitless/ like the sands too numerous to count/ we unfurl and hoist our sails/ jerk the bait from the can/ hook another/ flopping on thedeck/ trying to breathe/ trying to birth into existence/ something more than this/ than thiswretched life/ the charade that we are trapped in/ we want and need and struggle/ for theprizes of the foolish/ we beat our chest in savage display/ I beat you in the head with ashovel/ you fall down and die/ they come and lock me up/ write stories about the tragicevents/ sell more ads in the paper/ more commercials on the television/ so you can buy Ilife that is not worth living/ so you can pretend that the new car gives life/ makes youbetter than others/ you dropped your winter gloves/ as the shadow passed through my soul/ we burned ourbridges/ the gap grows wider/ as the wolves howl in the night/ we lean into the machine/ 
feeling it’s electricity/ the intuitive thoughts of the painter’s wife/ interfere with the
reception/ she pins your flowers on the bestial wall/ the green and red blend intonothingness/ as the songs blare on into the night/ deceptive is her sweet demeanor/ after a couple of drinks she becomes a monster/ time is acrylic as it passes/ almostcryptic/ so much promise to be dashed against the rocks/ your ending was not what I expected/ from you I expect so much more/ maybe more than was possible/ my demands wore onyou like heavy stones/ keeping you down with my burden/ I am sorry for that/ your painwas not my design/ I did not hatch plans for your suffering/ still this business ofmisunderstanding has left us apart/ growing farther and farther away from each other/ you and I in different directions/ each equally wonderful © Deep Piercing Cut 2009Agares was previously published in Ditch. http://www.ditchpoetry.com 

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