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DT Chapt 1 Excerpt 9-21-11

DT Chapt 1 Excerpt 9-21-11

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Published by Jacob Gates

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Published by: Jacob Gates on Sep 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1
Ignacio Torrez stepped into h Mlbu Hh Shl
ri high , v ius br h ss sr yig.I h ry b   h wrs ys  his i. His righ  h i  pu s h spp  his r prh h rig,   his skrs,  br-w whi Nik Air Jr Rr, ws wsi  uky sh  gry. His  h k his iP urig hirriv  his w sh, wih h xus h sh i’ w hi  is i i ss  hv   his hrs s i. His rgu hi ws riiuus  s shig i rr  kp i r gig s h    hr. Fw  his rgus i. Sh h si- py ur  hrs i Spish  iu rivig, igrig hi.Tigs y g wrs wh hy rh h sh. Si Airrz ws suh  ui u, sh  sur h hy rriv i h priip’s   u h hur ry. T w  h rpi sk,surpris  s y su br h
 b hr,  h  hv s   w bh i h hwy  wi r h priip rriv. Igi, wih hiry ius  ki   iP  isr hi, his rs i rusri  wh s his uur sss bg rik i hrugh h ub gss rs iry i r  hi. Ik y  w ius r hi  s h h kis hr wr rgiyir r h s h kw i L.A. Ls Ags ws  viru r-upi  shi, bu grs  Miburg High s  rssi y w sys. Ty wr ihr prppy hrs h k ik hy wr srigh u   J.Crw gu, r hy wr k r h
  i gh gr—bk -shirs  skiy js, bk high-ps hk ik Cvrs kks,  su bk hr brs.Tr ws’  hi  hip-hp i h p, whih  h Ig-i, i his br-w L.A. Dgrs p, hig jrsy, bggy js, whi skrs (w,  whi   gry) wu s u vr. N y ws h h w ki i  ry s sh, bu h wssur h ws h y Mxi ki i h wh w.A h whi, his hr pppr hi wih xhris: “Si upsrigh,
. Qui suhig.“I’  suhig, M.”“Yu g yur pr, righ?”“I g i.”“Mk sur yu ur higs i  i hr. Yu sy rgiz,’Ni. I ’ w  hr   his ‘I s y hwrk’ rp. Yuisig  ?”“Sur, M. I’ isig.” H sigh, wishig h u u hr u.Bu his hr h h grig vi   hi-skr,  uig hru, uruy, ws ipssib. I h i’ giv h prpr rspss,sh wu jus b r rss i hr irivs.A k  h h. Yu ’ kw i hy w h i his sh.Yu k ik s ki hug! Yu ’ w y gg bush—I ,
 w yu hr,  yu?”“I kw, I kw. I’ .” H i’ rv his h.“C—ry? S, h’s wh I ,
—yu g r ipr- higs  hik bu bsis big . Why  yu hik yurhr  I v yu u  Suh Cr?  g yu wy rhs ggs—hs hys i h h—h’s why.” Ev hugh hh vr b i  gg, h ri si r h . “C , wh’s wrg wih yu?” sh prsis. “Ar’ yu xi? Tis is  rshsr r yu. Fr   us, yu kw? A ps—k  h h.” O  sh w.
 Jus wh his hr’s gu  h srs  pssig sus wr ry srig  urv Igi, h srry  u i hhwy  ivi hi  Ai bk i h . Wh w ws v wrs h wh h  br. Ai sp ry-v i-us xpiig  h priip h rss r hir v,  h wyr Ciri. Sh k r s g h v h priip,  shr,hi, big  wih  pr-gri  his , k ik h ws bu  . Wh Mrs. rrz y k  brh, Mr. Iis p h ppruiy (iry)  sr Igi i  ubi i  rr  h , giv hi  shrp ubr-w pi,   hi  u  quik p s.I k hi w   h hurs.
T sky vr h irpr ws rk, righ wih    s-v-ig bk us. Shs  ri br h bkp, pig h wi-shis  h rs  vs  SUVs h i up  h urb,   wih husbs  hrs  byris gr  pik up hir rriv-ig v s. Bu hr ws   hr  pik up Ai B.Sh s   h siwk, isig  h p rubs  is- hur, surru by  hig s  pik uggg wih  pr whi wrs  i. A yr g, wh sh h rgg hs bgs ih prurs ri, sh h hugh hy wr rb. Nw, hirir  i brrss hr. I ws jus   y hgs h hk p wihi hr si s Spbr. Sh ws  ih r s r, uh hir—s  hi, sh kw. Hr ury b hir, whih h ry rh hr wis, ws w u s shr h pyibry rh hr shurs— sh h y i rk. T surss  whi rig sh h wr  yr g wr w rp wih  rkbu -shir, js,   pir  skrs. Ev hr ys wr ir.Evry g i h irrr r i. Ty h shw g r hbrigh zur   Cribb v  h rk bu   p, urbu s.

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