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Asian Journal Sept 23-29, 2011 edition

Asian Journal Sept 23-29, 2011 edition

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Published by: ASIAN JOURNAL on Sep 22, 2011
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 Poverty Rate on the Rise:California Rate Highest in 11 Years .. p. 14 
 Actions Speak Louder Than Words .. p. 11
Garcia back in prison based on 2005 ruling
(Continued on page 20)
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
 Publisher & Editor in Chief,
 Asian Journal San Diego
Chapter 5
Fantasy Land 
Not Without A Fight
Vice Ganda: “Oo, mayabang ako!”
Why We Are Shallow
The proposal to bring the ageof criminal liability back to nine years old, is strongly opposed.The present Juvenile Justice Lawexempts minors aged 15 and below
One Hundred Authors, Thousandsof Books at Filbookfest
The Return to the Dark Ages
Former PH Pres Fidel V. Ramos, National Artistsand Palanca Award winners head the list 
Sionil Jose, Philippine Star 
| MANILA, 9/12/2011 --I wasvisited by an old Asianfriend who lived here10 years ago. I was
oored by his observa-
tion that though wehave lots of talented people, as a whole, wecontinue to be shallow.
Recently, I was seated beside former Senator LettyShahani, PhD in Compara-tive Literature from the Sorbonne,watching a medley of Asian dances.The stately and classical Japanesenumber with stylized movementswhich perhaps took years to master elicited what seemed to me grudg-ing applause. Then, the Filipinotinikling which any one can learn in10 minutes; after all that energetic
Zena Sultana Babao
Msgr. GutierrezBen Maynigo
 P-Noy, POGI, Pinoys.. p. 8
September 23-29, 2011
(Continued on page 16)
(Continued on page 2)
(Continued on page 19)(Continued on page 20)
PhilippineRadioAM 1450M-F 7-8 PM
The original and first Asian Journal in America
550 E. 8th St., Ste. 6, National City, San Diego County CA USA 91950 | Ph: 619.474.0588 | Fx: 619.474.0373 | Email: asianjournal@aol.com | www.asianjournalusa.com
PRST STDU.S. Postage PaidPermit No. 203Chula VistaCA 91910
San Diego’s first and only Asian Filipino weekly publication and a multi-award winning newspaper! Online+Digital+Print Editions to best serve you!
(Continued on page 22)
September 23-29, 2011
Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia
by Rudy D. Liporada
(Publisher’s Note: This articlewas a lecture delivered by theauthor in one of Professor FelixTuyay’s Philippine History classeslast semester at the Western Col-lege)
In September 21, 1972, Fer-dinand Marcos garrisoned thePhilippines with Martial Law.His primary goal was to quell theCommunist Party of the Philip- pines, its New People’s Army, andits alleged front worker, youth,and other sector organizations.Secondarily, he had to silence his political oppositionists and sup- press a Muslim separatist move-ment in the Southern Philippines.Under the guise of protecting the
Signicance of Marcos’ Martial Law
and EDSA I & II
duly constituted government from“lawless elements,” he executedProclamation 1081 placing the entireIslands under military rule. The massmedia was placed under governmentcontrol and thousands were thenarbitrarily incarcerated and killedor, in Philippine Military parlance,salvaged.Marcos then became, formally,a dictator and was toppled only inFebruary 1986 by the now famousPeople’s Power or EDSA I. Yearslater, in January 2001, another People’s Power, dubbed EDSA II,toppled another president, JosephEstrada. In both EDSA revolts, citi-zens massed against the presidentsand succeeded when the militaryturned against the incumbents – General Fidel Ramos and DefenseSecretary Ponce Enrile againstMarcos; and General Angelo Reyesagainst Estrada.Question is: Why is it that after toppling the dictatorship of Marcosand the regime of Estrada whichwere considered repressive, the so-cial and economic conditions of thePhilippines continue to worsen?Considering Marcos Martial Lawalone, if one isolates it and suspendit as just that – an era, one mightmiss a thread of why and howMarcos evolved to be the dictator that he was and why the succeed-ing administrations after him failedto resolve the Philippine social andeconomic maladies that prevailedand worsened even after his down-
 Looking Back on Sept 21,1972: The 39th Anniversary of the Imposition of Martial Law
 Filbookfest  Authors Contact:Gemma Nemenzo at 
The largest con-vergence of authorswith Filipino rootsoutside the Philip- pines is taking placeon Saturday, Octo- ber 1 and Sunday,October 2 at SanFrancisco’s Civic
Center for the rst-ever Filipino
American International Book Festi-val (FilBookFest).The Philippine contingent includesformer Philippine president Fidel V.Ramos, National Artist for LiteratureVirgilio Almario (aka Rio Alma), National Artist for Visual Arts BenCabrera (aka BenCab), journalists MaritesVitug, Cris Yabes andPete Lacaba, historiansAmbeth Ocampo andFelice Sta. Maria, criticIsagani Cruz, noted psychologist Dr. HoneyCarandang, culturalactivist John Silva, au-thor/chef Claude Tayagand multi-awardedauthors Jose “Butch”Dalisay, Ed Marananand Neni Sta. RomanaCruz, among others.The bigger group of writers/au-thors of course are Filipino Ameri-cans and include such notables asCecilia Brainard, Marivi Soliven
Fr. Shay Cullen, PREDA
It’s back to the dark agesfor the hysterical tabloid press in Metro Manila wherethe bellowing newscastersand commentators are con-demning street children and
children in conict with the
law as criminals. The moststrident commentators call for the children to be charged and jailed and reduce the age of criminal liability to 12 yearsold or younger. They demand
After nishing
out the term she hadinherited from theunceremoniouslyousted actor presi-dent , the lady presi-dent initially an-nounced she wouldnot run for the post.Although the Consti-tution only requireda one six-year term
for the ofce, she
could technicallyrun for the positionsince she was notelected to it. Rather,she had just assumedthe presidency whenit was vacated due toher being the vice president and next in line.At the last minute, however, she changed her mind. She declared her candidacy, hop-ing to continue as president for the next six years. If she succeeded, she would have occu- pied it for ten years, which was not what the framers of the Constitution had envisioned.She would run against the candidate of the opposition, a top movie actor who was friendswith the ousted president, an actor himself. Many believed the president ran for election
 By Mario J. Mallari, The Daily Tribune
 Former military comptrol-ler Maj. Gen. Carlos Garciawas arrested yesterday by theArmed Forces of the Philip- pines (AFP) in compliancewith President Aquino’s order for the implementation of thetwo-year sentence handed bythe general court martial in2005 for violations of Articlesof War, with the Palace mak-ing sure that nobody steals thethunder from the arrest tellingreporters that Garcia beingsent to the National BilibidPrison was the result of adirect order from Aquino.Defense Secretary Voltaire
Gazmin conrmed the arrest
of Garcia, who was originallyaccused of plunder for al-legedly amassing more thanP300 million of unexplainedwealth during his incumbencyas AFP deputy chief of staff for comptrollership.The order for Garcia’s rear-rest was based on a 2005 courtmartial decision that was notacted on by former PresidentArroyo. Since Arroyo did notmake any move on Garcia’scase, the judge advocategeneral said Garcia will haveto serve the full two-year jailterm imposed on him.In 2005, the special generalcourt martial found Garciaguilty of the charges andslapped him two years impris-onment with hard labor anddishonorable discharge fromthe service. Garcia retiredfrom the military service in November 2004.However, the court martialsentence was not implementedas it needed approval of thePresident as the commander in chief.Arroyo did not act onthe sentence slapped by thecourt martial against Garcia.
Page 2September 23-29, 2011 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
(Continued on page 9)
Gazmin said the conviction
was forwarded to the Ofce of the President for conrmation but “it was never conrmed
AFP-Judge Advocate GeneralBrig. Gen Gilberto Roa said Garciawill now have to serve the full two-year term of his sentence because of the failure of the previous adminis-tration to act on his case. Roa saidGarcia will also be subjected to hard
labor while conned at NBP.
The President, Roa said, hasthe power to “mitigate” Garcia’ssentence or to “remit” it or creditthe time he served under preventivesuspension during court martial pro-ceedings, but the previous presidentdid not exercise such power.Roa said that the two-year sen-tence imposed on Garcia does notcover his cases pending other courtslike the Sandiganbayan. Garcia isout on bail after the Ombudsmanallowed a plea agreement for lesser offense of direct bribery and graft.“There is an order for GeneralGarcia to be arrested and detainedin violations of Articles of War 
afrmed by the court martial andconrmed by the commander in
chief,” said Gazmin. Garcia did notresist arrest.Garcia, a member of the PhilippineMilitary Academy (PMA) Class of 1971, was initially taken into custo-dy by the Intelligence Service of theAFP (Isafp) in Camp Aguinaldo butwas later transferred to the NationalBilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa City.AFP Chief of Staff Gen. EduardoOban Jr. said that he sent Col. Her- bert Yambing, AFP-Provost Marshal
General, and ofcials from the AFP-Judge Advocate General’s Ofce
(Jago) to effect the arrest of Garciaat his residence in Quezon City.
“Following the conrmation of our 
commander in chief pertaining tothe sentence, the court sentence of retired Major General Carlos Garciaon violation of Articles of War 96and 97…we effected theimplementation of the order thismorning. At 8:30 a.m., they wereable to arrest General Garcia,” saidOban.Oban said the President Aquinoapproved the sentence on Sept. 9.Garcia was charged with Articlesof War 96 or conduct unbecoming an
ofcer and gentleman, and AW 97
or conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline, for falsify-ing his statement of assets, liabilityand network (SALN) in 2002 And2003and for possessing a US greencard while in the active militaryservice.
Roa claried that Garcia’s deten-
tion in Camp Crame, prior to posting bail, was in connection with his pending cases before the Sandigan- bayan.
In a press brieng, Presidential
spokesman Edwin Lacierda alsoclaimed the failure of the previousadministration to immediately con-clude the court martial proceedingsagainst Garcia and the government’sfailure to immediately send him to jail had the imprimatur of Arroyo being the commander-in-chief of theAFP.Lacierda said Garcia could havenot dodged imprisonment withoutArroyo’s blessing as promised thatthere will be no VIP treatment to begiven to Garcia.Garcia was arrested in his resi-dence in Quezon City on Fridaymorning by AFP Provost Marshall personnel after he was found guiltyof violating Articles of War 96, or 
conduct unbecoming an ofcer and
a gentleman; and Articles of War 97,or conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline.Garcia was sentenced with twoyears in prison with hard labor anddischarged from service.According to Lacierda, the prisonterm meted against Garcia was aresult of a court martial proceedingon the basis of alleged misrepresen-tation of the value of his assets in2002 and 2003, and for possessionof US permanent resident statuswhile still in the active service and isa separate from his graft and corrup-tion case.
10717 Camino Ruiz, Ste. 122 San Diego, CA 92126
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 Law Ofces of Chua Tinsay & Vega
by Atty. Dennis Chua
Legal Buzz
 Read Atty. Dennis Chua’s previous articles by visiting our website at www.asianjournalusa.com
Garcia back inprison basedon 2005 ruling
(Continued from page 1)
Letters to the Editor 
 Read previous articles by visiting our website at www.asian- journalusa.com
 Name: Lirio VitalEmail: liriovital@hotmail.comMenu: Editorials - BALIK-TANAW by Dr. Romy V. Protacio, PhDHeading:
 Lirio Vital: Mga Gintong Ala-ala Kahapon, Ngayon
Romy, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful article you have written about me. I am so blessed by it. God blessyou my friend..
 Name: Runo "Pie" Roque
Email: pieroque4@gmail.com
Menu: Editorials - THE METAMORPHOSIS by Ernie Deln
To Live, To Learn, To Love, And To Leave A Legacy: A Pre-
 scription For A Joyful And Fullling Life
Inspiring 4Ls and your own life story Ernie. Keep up with your club,sentrepreneurship vision for the Filipino youth... Mabuhay.../Pie Name: Porferio Digal AyosEmail: pdayos@msn.comMenu: News & Features - Travel & TourismHeading:
 Divine Mercy Hills Shrine in El Salvador, Mindanao is Holy
Ground claims prayer group
SEP 16 The magnicence of its structural beauty is a miracle by itself.
Hope my wish for a pilgrimage to this place in the near future becomes areality.Menu: Editorials - BALIK-TANAW: Where Are They Now? The FilipinoStars of YesteryearsHeading:
Vilma Valera: The singer-actress na “Tisay” 
Reader Opinions
Ed Minoza • elminoza@hotmail.comSEP 06 Thanks for the write up. I’ve been longing to know how Vilma
is doing now..I still have her ONE DAY song in my MP3 list..So glad she is
doing ne..She does not know me but it is not important...Glad she lives afullling life..deln espiritu • delespiritu@hotmail.comAUG 09 While surng the internet I came across this write-up on Ms.
Vilma Valera. I am one of her admirer/friend but we lost contact already.I’ve been to Sacramento and I’m planning to go back again to Californiathis October. How I wish I could see and meet her again. Pls. give me her contact number or email address. Thank you very much.Menu: News & Features - Phil-Am Law 101Heading:
Can Filipino Wife Use Her Maiden Name In Her Passport?
Reader Opinions
Jeruel • jeruelcanales@ymail.comSEP 05 This is rather unfortunate. No wonder women feel discriminated
at times. If her husband abused her and she separates, why is she made tocarry around the name of somebody who abused her?Menu: Editorials - Light & ShadowsHeading:
 Legacy of Leadership: Ronald W. Reagan’s Presidential Li-
brary and Museum
Edgardo C. Babao • ebabao2@cox.netSEP 02 I have two opinions regarding this article about the Reagan
legacy. First and foremost, I’ve always admired President Reagan for hisoutstanding stand on foreign policy. He will always go down in history asone of my favorite presidents. Second, I applaud my dear friend Zena for taking part in this dialogue about our country’s participation in maintainingthe values freedom around the world. Thank you Zena very much.
By: Dennis E. Chua, Esq.
John-John and Jen-Jen were mar-ried on February 14, 2005. After their wedding, they planned a tripto Lake Tahoe for their honeymoon.On their way to Lake Tahoe, thecouple had an accident. John-Johnwas fatally injured and eventuallydied from his injuries. Jen-Jen was aFilipino citizen whose visitor’s visahas already expired. It was their 
 plan that John-John le an immi-
grant petition for Jen-Jen to allowher to adjust her status to that of a permanent resident. However, sincethey were not married for two yearswhen John-John died, Jen-Jen could
not le a self-petition as a widow.
This is because the law in force atthat time requires that a widow bemarried for at least two years with
the US citizen before she can le her 
self-petition.This cruel law was eliminated byCongress when President Obamasigned into law a bill which endedthe so-called widow penalty onOctober 28, 2009. This law nowremoves the two-year marriage re-quirement from the current law andnow allows these widows to self- petition. They would still however need to show that the marriage wasentered into in good faith and a bona
de one. Unmarried children below
21 years old of the widow(er) may be included in the self-petition that
is led for the widow(er).
However, the self-petition must be
led within two (2) years from the
death of the US citizen petitioner.For those widows whose husbandshave died prior to the enactment of the law, they may still avail of the
new law so long as they le their 
self-petitions before the deadline set by the law which is two years fromthe enactment of the law.Many are still unaware of the pas-sage of this law and the deadline for them to avail of this law. Widowswho were then subject to the widow
 penalty must le their self-petitions
no later than October 28, 2011 inorder for them to be able to avail of the provisions of this new law andeventually adjust their status to thatof legal permanent residents of theUnited States.
 Atty. Dennis E. Chua is a partner in The Law Firm of Chua Tinsay and 
Vega (CTV) - a full service law rmwith ofces in San Francisco, San
 Diego and Manila. The information presented in this article is for gen-eral information only and is not, nor intended to be, formal legal advicenor the formation of an attorney-cli-ent relationship. The CTV attorneyswill be holding regular free legal clinics at the Max’s Restaurant inVallejo, California. Call or e-mail CTV for an in-person or phone con- sultation to discuss your particular  situation and/or how their servicesmay be retained at (415) 495-8088;
(619) 955-6277; Dchua@ctvattys.
Deadline For Widows To FileSelf Immigrant Petitions
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.comSeptember 23-29, 2011
(Continued on page 5)(Continued on page 5)
 Business News
Responding to President’s Call toAction, Key Effort by Leaders inIndustry and Universities to Trans-form Learning Technology
Today, the White House and Secretaryof Education Arne Duncan announced thelaunch of “Digital Promise,” a new nationalcenter created by Congress with bipartisansupport to advance technologies to transformteaching and learning. Digital Promise willreceive startup funds from the Department of Education as well as the Carnegie Corpora-tion of New York and the William and FloraHewlett Foundation. It will be overseen by board made up of prominent leaders ineducation and technology appointed bySecretary Duncan based on recommenda-tions from the House of Representatives andUnited States Senate.Digital Promise will work with leadingresearchers, entrepreneurs, and schools toidentify and spur breakthrough learningtechnologies, determine quickly what’sworking and what’s not, and transformtoday’s fragmented learning technologymarket, paving the way for the widespreaduse of learning technologies that deliver the best results for students, parents, and teach-ers. These efforts build upon the President’scall to create jobs by out-innovating, out-educating, and out-building the rest of theworld, including the Administration’s effortsto bring all of America’s schools into the21st century.“Digital Promise is a unique partnership
White House to Launch “Digital
Promise” Initiative
that will bring everyone together – educa-tors, entrepreneurs, and researchers – touse technology to help students learn andteachers teach. There’s no silver bullet whenit comes to education, but technology can be a powerful tool, and Digital Promisewill help us make the most of it.” PresidentObama said.“Created by Republicans and Democratsand championed by a coalition of educa-tors and business leaders, Digital Promise
is an independent nonprot that will help
spur breakthrough learning technologies.And it will help make sure Americans of allages and races, regions and backgrounds
can benet from them. By harnessing the
extraordinary work being done by educators,innovators, and citizens across this country,Digital Promise can help prepare Ameri-cans – and America – to succeed in the 21stCentury,” said Secretary of Education ArneDuncan.To realize the potential of learningtechnology, Digital Promise will work witheducators and leading researchers, technol-
ogy rms, and entrepreneurs on three key
 Identifying Breakthrough Tech-nologies.
For years, researchers have beenworking on developing educational softwarethat is as effective as a personal tutor.Preliminary results from a DARPA/Navy“digital tutor” project suggest that we canreduce the time required to become an expertin IT from years to months. Achieving simi-
SAN DIEGO, Sept. 14, 2011 – As part of its Environmental Cham- pions Initiative, San Diego Gas &Electric (SDG&E) will contribute
$800,000 to non-prot organizations
with an environmental focus.SDG&E is challenging non-
 prots to develop programs that
involve and educate young peoplein the community as stewards of theenvironment. The utility is fosteringenvironmental education programsthat enhance understanding andawareness of the ecosystem, envi-ronmental conservation, and energy
and water efciency.
Winning organizations can receiveup to $25,000 for individual projectsand up to $50,000 if they collaboratewith another environmental non-
 prot. This initiative is extended to
any environmental program admin-istered in SDG&E’s territory.“There are a number of non-
 prot organizations in the San Diego
region committed to environmentaleducation,” said Frank Urtasun,regional vice president of external
SDG&E Earmarks $800,000 for 2011 Environmental Champions
affairs for SDG&E. “We’re proud to play a part in helping these groups tocarry out their mission.”
 Non-prot organizations with a
 primary focus on environmentalstewardship and conservation, andthose with substantial experiencedeveloping environmental educa-tion programs can HYPERLINK “http://sdge.com/community/enviro-champs/” submit their applicationsuntil October 4.Preference will be given to en-vironmental programs that targetone or more of the following areas:natural resource conservation and protection, habitat preservation andrestoration, and waste/recycling.SDG&E will announce the win-ners by November 1.
More than 80 non-prot organiza
-tions have received grants as part of the Environmental Champions initia-tive, which was originally developedand administered by the SempraEnergy Foundation.SDG&E is a regulated publicutility that provides safe and reli-able energy service to 3.5 millionconsumers through 1.4 million elec-tric meters and more than 850,000natural gas meters in San Diego andsouthern Orange counties. The util-ity’s area spans 4,100 square miles.SDG&E is committed to creatingways to help our customers save en-ergy and money every day. SDG&Eis a subsidiary of Sempra Energy(NYSE: SRE), a Fortune 500 energyservices holding company based inSan Diego. ###
 Blumenfeld announces proposed Border 2020environmental program
SAN FRANCISCO – This week Jared Blumenfeld, U.S. EPA Re-
gional Administrator for the Pacic
Southwest, is touring areas along theU.S.-Mexico border, meeting withTribal leaders and kicking off the public comment period for a new,8-year U.S.-Mexico Border Environ-ment agreement, known as Border 2020.Blumenfeld’s tour will take himto the recently upgraded South SanDiego International Wastewater Treatment Plant as well as the Ti- juana River Estuary and the Border Field State Park. The estuary isdesignated as a Wetland of Interna-tional Importance due to its criticalwildlife habitat, one of the last of Southern California’s river mouthsnot bisected by a road or rail trestle.On each stop Blumenfeld willdiscuss efforts to improve water quality and habitat in a region wheresediment build-up, wastewater andtrash still pose major threats to wild-life and human health. While in the
area, he will also meet with ofcials
from Mexico’s Secretary for theEnvironment and Natural Resources(SEMARNAT), as well as CampoKumeyaay Nation ChairwomanMonique La Chappa to discuss theBorder 2020 program.“While we have made great progress in improving the environ-ment along the border, there are stilldire, basic needs not being met,”said Jared Blumenfeld. “Clean, safedrinking water, adequate wastewater 
U.S. EPA Regional Administratorto tour San Diego Border Area

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