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HOT July 2011

HOT July 2011

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Published by Kan Wai Choong

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Published by: Kan Wai Choong on Sep 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Board of Editors
Tuan Haji Mohamed Noor Roslibin Baharom
Talhah HassanJuli Murshidah binti AhmadMunassorAzelin M NoorKan Wai Choong, PE Yr. 3 Sem. 1
HOT Board:
:Steward Baba, CE, Yr. 3 Sem. 2
Ting Nguong Seng, EE, Yr. 1 Sem. 1
Chief Reporter:
Mostafa Mansour, EE, Yr. 2, Sem 1
Ong Yu Han, CE Yr. 2 Sem. 2Lim Chia Wei, PE Found. Sem 1
For any feedback, reach us via:heartoftronoh@gmail.comAlso, find the HOT Facebook page:www.facebook.com/heartoftronoh
Debat Perpaduan 2011:Host and Crowned
Inside Stories
Sports Happenings pg. 2
Kejohanan Wajadiri NasionalSilat Cekak Ustaz HanafiUTP Closed Badminton TournamentUTP Road Runners
Spotlight pg. 8
Nabila Lau: Founding member of HOT,where dreams are possible
Happenings pg. 3-7
 SIFE UTP wins National ExpositionDare to DreamLiving with HIVConcrete FrisbeeICT Exposure in KelantanKembara SufiESQ TrainingIndependence WeekCASFUMAL
Editor’s Foreword
The month of July is blessed with somany events as our reporters get tocover lots of them, both in and out of UTP, not to mention that this monthUTP students managed to lift the
university’s image to greater heights
when we emerged as champion of the Debat Perpaduan 2011 and theSIFE exposition.For this issue, we introduce a whole
new column which we call “Sizzle andScoop”. Pretty catchy, isn’t it? It will
be a section that features the photosof happenings in UTP without anyextensive reporting. The purpose is tocover as many events as we can, topromote them to all of you. Youknow what they say, a picture isworth a thousand words.We are reaching the peak of the se-mester where everyone is gettingbusy with their studies. We at HOTwish you all the best and make fulluse of the remaining time benefi-cially. Exams are coming!
By Low Zhen Teng, CV, Yr. 1 Sem. 1Tronoh, 26 July:
After going through allkinds of trials and tribulations, UTP Ma-lay Debate Team made it to the finalround and later, emerged as championof the
Pertandingan Debat Perpaduan Antara Institusi Pengajian Tinggi 
(IPT)2011 for the first time. The event wasofficiated by YB Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu
Koon, Minister in the Prime Minister’s
Department.With the objectives of enhancing the
students’ knowledge on national unity
and upholding the idea of patriotismamong students,
Debat Perpaduan
hasbeen held for 7 years with its renownedreputation all around Malaysia. Themain organiser of this competition is
 Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Inte-grasi Nasional 
. Other co-organisers in-clude the Ministry of Higher Education,
Majlis Debat Universiti-Universiti Malay-sia
(MADUM) and Perak State govern-ment. A total of 34 debate teams fromvarious institutions of higher educationtook part in the event. UTP was en-trusted as host of this competition.Preliminary rounds, quarter finals andsemi-final of 
Debat Perpaduan
wereheld in several academic blocks in UTPfrom 22-25 July. Step by step, the UTPMalay Debate Team slowly proceededto the final stage of this competition,competing with another powerful oppo-nent, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).The final round was held at ChancellorHall on 26 July. There was an intensedebate between both teams on the mo-
tion of “
Demokrasi Kini Semakin Man-tap
”. At last, the triumph of this prestig-
ious competition went to UTP and per-haps, opening another new frontier inUTP achievements.
More photos on page 8 
Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon (left) presents the prizes to UTP Malay Debate Team, witnessed by Datuk Dr. Zainal Abidin.By Mostafa Mohamed Ibrahim Man-sour, EE Yr. 2 Sem. 1Tronoh, 25 July:
It was a glorious daythat saw the blossom of a garden thatsymbolises stability, strength and cour-age, the
Bunga Raya
garden. The gardenwas created by Sekretariat Rakan Ne-gara (SRN), a newly established club inUTP that aims at instilling the spirit of patriotism among students, to promoteMalaysian national culture by plantingthe national flower. The garden is lo-cated in front of V2 café and has beeninitiated by Mr. L. Gandesan, DeputyDirector General of 
 Jabatan PerpaduanNegara Dan Integrasi Na-sional.
It is the very first gardeninitiated by a UTP club.Before starting the planta-tion, SRN sought technicaladvice about the kind of soil needed to plant thenational flower. Theyhope that they can spreadthe hibiscus in all othervillages as well in the fu-ture.
Bunga Raya Garden at UTP
Bunga Raya (inset) Garden in front of V2 café.
Sports Happenings
UTP participants: Faces of joy and victorious accomplishment in completing the run.HOT reporter, editor and advisor:Everyone can run!
Ipoh International Run 2011 (3 July)UTAR Perak Campus Run 2011 (24 July)
First prize winner for women and men category from UTP:Goay Xuan Hue and Almur Abdelkreem .Students representing UTP.
Kejohanan Wajadiri Nasional Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi 2011
By Ting Nguong Seng, EE, Yr. 1 Sem. 1Tronoh, 26 June
: The Silat Championship was held on25 June 2011 at the Chancellor Hall in UTP. About 500participants from various schools and universities inMalaysia took part in this championship. The champi-onship was inaugurated by YB Dato' Haji Mohd ZaimBin Haji Abu Hassan representing the Menteri Besar of Perak. Yang Mulia Guru Utama. Silat Cekak Hanafi YMEncik Marwi Bin Latif and the Vice Chancellor of UTP,Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Haji Kasim were the guests of honour for the day.UTP male Silat team clinched the champion title in twocategories besides securing third place in anothercategory competed. UTP female Silat team werechampion in one event, first runner up inthree events and second runner up in sevenevents. UTP female Silat team excelled in thechampionship as the team was declared over-all champion for female IPT (Institusi Penga- jian Tinggi) category.
Winning gold medal (left) and joyful faces of UTP participants (right).
UTP Badminton Closed Tournament 2011
By Joyce Shamini A/P Rajendran, CV, FoundationSem. 1Tronoh, 28 July:
UTP Badminton Closed tournamentwas held to recruit more potential players as well asthe upcoming MASISWA. The first of such tournamentproved to be a success from the large number of par-ticipants consisting of 20 teams for men doubles cate-gory and 15 individuals for singles.Young badminton talents discovered were MohamedIsmail B Abdul Aziz , Lau Kevin and Goh Aik Shein asthey were the champions of the men singles and mendoubles respectively. The event was also graced by the
presence of UTP badminton’s team assistant coach,
Mohamed Ismail B Abdul Aziz. Project manager of the
tournament, Ling Bok Chee said “To all badminton lov-
ers, more of these competitions will be held in the up-
coming future. Till then, prepare yourself for it.’’
Men singles and men doubles champion: Mohamed Ismail B Abdul Aziz , Lau Kevin and Goh Aik Shein.
By Raihana binti Radzlan, PE, Yr. 3Sem. 1 and Kan Wai Choong, PE, Yr. 3Sem. 1KL, 26 July
: The team from the Stu-dents In Free Enterprise (SIFE) of YoungEntrepreneurs Club (YEC), UniversitiTeknologi PETRONAS emerged as thewinner of the SIFE Malaysia NationalExposition 2011 which was held on 24-26 July 2011 at the Putra World TradeCentre, Kuala Lumpur. The UTP teamdefeated 23 SIFE teams from local uni-versities in Malaysia, among them Uni-versiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), UniversitiMalaysia Terengganu (UMT), Universiti
Utara Malaysia (UUM) and last year’s
winner, Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM).
As this year’s champion, SIFE UTP will
represent Malaysia at the coming SIFEWorld Cup 2011 in early October at theKuala Lumpur Convention Centre. TheSIFE World Cup 2011 will be launchedby the Prime Minister YABhg Datuk SriNajib Tun Razak and is expected to at-tract about 2500 participants compris-ing of global SIFE teams, academic per-sonnel and 500 corporate leadersworldwide.
Minister of International Trade and Industry Malaysia, YB Dato’ Mustapha
Mohamed and SIFE UTP at the Putra World Trade Centre on 26 July 2011.By Kan Wai Choong, PE Yr. 3 Sem. 1UTP, 20 July:
Universiti TeknologiPETRONAS Civil Engineering StudentSociety (UCITY) conducted the Inter-varsity Concrete Frisbee Competition(ICFC) from 18-20 July. Participants hadto think creatively and innovatively indesigning and building a Frisbee madeof concrete that is lightweight, durableand practical for the game. Mohd Hafezbin Ismail was the Project Manager.
This year’s ICFC is the third one held
since it began in 2009. The competi-tion welcomed participants from Uni-versiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), IntiInternational University, Curtin Univer-sity, Segi University College, PoliteknikKota Melaka, Universiti Malaysia Perlis,Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and 2teams from UTP. An exhibition wasconducted on the second day of thecompetition by the participants alongPocket D pathway. The opening cere-mony was held later at night in the Un-dercroft, Chancellor Complex.Distance, accuracy and durability werethe three essential factors evaluated onthe third day of the competition to de-
termine the winner. ‘Curtin Big 3’ from
Curtin University emerged the winner
while ‘Der Anfanger’ from UKM and‘Arrowheads’ from UTP were placed
first and second runner up respectively.The winners received cash, medal andcertificates. ICFC targets to have par-ticipation from other countries in thefuture and becomes one of the leadingcompetitions among universities in Ma-laysia.
Concrete Frisbee
Participants evaluating their frisbees for the competition.
Send contributions/feedback toheartoftronoh@gmail.com . We at HOT aspire to produce high qualityreporting and we hope that you will participate and help us to bebetter.Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) is aninternational non-governmental organi-sation, active in over 1800 colleges anduniversities in more than 40 countries.SIFE mobilizes teams of university stu-dents to utilize their personal educa-tional experiences, the expertise of thefaculty and business advisors, and sup-port of SIFE sponsors to create educa-tional outreach programmes that bene-fit the communities and enhance per-sonal growth of the members. SIFE issupported by hundreds of leading com-panies whose stakeholders value theircommitment to improve the communi-ties and countries served through SIFE.Individuals representing these compa-nies in the SIFE organisation have ac-cess to learn from and collaborate with
some of the world’s most prominent
networks of top executives. In an in-creasingly competitive marketplace,SIFE has become the primary source forthese companies to recruit the mosttalented, entrepreneurial and ethicallyfocused university graduates. From thepoorest villages to the wealthiest na-tions, SIFE Teams inspire hope and cre-ate economic opportunity. Teams findcreative ways to teach children aboutthe global economy, provide necessaryassistance to aspiring entrepreneurs,present effective solutions for smallbusiness owners to increase profits,help low-income families achieve finan-cial independence and emphasize theimportance of ethical and moral busi-ness practices. The combined efforts of SIFE Teams and thousands of execu-tives who contribute time and re-sources around the world bring ahigher standard of living and quality of life to millions of individuals each year.The effectiveness of the educationaloutreach programmes are measured onthe SIFE National Competition and SIFEWorld Cup which are held annually. Weare proud to share that SIFE UTP wonthe SIFE National Competition 2011held at PWTC from 24-26 July 2011.
As this year’s champion, SIFE UTP will
represent Malaysia at the SIFE WorldCup 2011 in early October this year atthe Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre(KLCC). The SIFE World Cup 2011, whichwill be launched by our Prime MinisterDatuk Sri Najib Tun Razak, is expectedto attract about 2,500 participants,comprising global SIFE teams, academ-ics and 500 corporate leaders world-wide such as Micheal Polk, President of Unilever and Doug McMillon, CEO of Wal-Mart.
The overview of SIFE andSIFE National Exposition 2011 About SIFE UTP
SIFE UTP was established in UniversitiTeknologi PETRONAS on February 2007.
SIFE UTP’s main focus is to help com-
munities to reach financial independ-ency by entrepreneurship means. Wemobalise teams of university studentsto utilise their personal educationalexperiences, the expertise of the fac-ulty and business advisors to createeducational outreach programmes thatbenefit the communities and enhancepersonal economic growth of the mem-bers.The four projects done and presentedby SIFE (Student in Free Enterprise) UTPthis year are1. Teens in Environment Corporation(TiEC)2. Business Expansion and Empower-ment Programme (BEEP)3. Corporate Social Responsibility Chal-lenge (CSR)4. Helping Hands (HH)

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