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Published by k_johnycr

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Published by: k_johnycr on Sep 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Three very important steps to stopping of debt collection are identifying whether you owe a debt or not, reviewing your rights and taking action of your rights have been violated.The
was established by the
Federal TradeCommission (FTC)
to ensure fair debt collection practices. The 
is enforced by the FederalTrade Commission (FTC) and private attorneys governs
fair debt collection methods
. Any
can attract a compensation of $1000 per violation.The following are the
by debt collectors:
Calling you repeatedly at inconvenient times
Threatening you with serious consequences
Using abusive language
Calling your place of work 
 Not validating debt
Demanding more than you owe
 Not disclosing identity
Contacting third parties about your debt
Contacting you even after you are represented by attorney
Harassing you even after receiving cease and desist letter from youAre you a
victim of debt collection calls
? First find out if the
has beencalling you by mistake. Even if it is calling by mistake or calling to ask for a relative or a friend,the
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
protects you from any type of 
. If a debt collector calls you repeatedly and despite your repeated requests,continues to call, the
protect you.Under 
the FDCPA rights
, you may
 Not take a call from a debt collector 
Hang up on a debt collector 
Inform a debt collector not to call
Send a letter to a debt collector not to call
Fix a convenient time to call you
 Not allow debt collector to call you at odd times
Ask debt collector to validate the debt in writing
Instruct debt collector not to call at work place
Send a cease and desist letter to debt collectors to stop further communication
Engage an attorney for further communication and legal action
Record the calls from debt collectors (if it is allowed in the state you reside in)Take action if the debt collector has not
Sent you a written notification of the amount of debt and the name of the creditor within fiveworking days of the call
Send you Mini Miranda warning

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