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ديوان شمس

ديوان شمس



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Published by api-3708203

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Published by: api-3708203 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1,1نوچ يدمآ نادتسم رب","يدمآ نادز حتفم يدمآ نادخ زرما","ادخ لض  شب1,2ط و م","و جا ا دما و ج ا دوخ","ادتم ه تم ه و1,3تاوخ ج شوخ ه","تاآ ا دا تخرب ه ","ا رك توخ ه1,4   ب قب","لع  ع ذ ي دب ب شب ح يا","ا نا دمآ ع ك لغ1,5سم گ","د ك  گ ب ب د بژك لغ ناز م","بو  ن سم گ د او1,6  ن رب ك","ا ل له ب ل  ا لع له ب ر ا","ارجم د دچ ا لب1,7ج نم د","ا ز رب   رب ا  دص ربد","ير صا  ا1,8خ  نج","نسك رب ب  م نج وگ نپ م م","ك يا سغ ك ا نز1,9ب ب ذغك","ع يپ يو ت تسم ب ك شمخ","ا دمآ ق ق2,1 و ياو  ","ب  عا دق نارط يا"," ا ن2,2 ره ب غ يه د "," وص ز كپ ا ا  ","ث و ز 2,3او هم","نوخ ي نوچ و زا خ نور و زا ا","  هم زا ن يا2,4ت وخ رق ","ت  دب غ نا تب غ زا وك","ضا ا ض زا2,5وب ه ارار ا","دع ناز ا م ب د و ا نار يا","  دا2,6يدك نج و د ب","يد تر يرب يد كخ ز يز","م تگ مپ2,7 د چ وك نآ","ا جا   يا ا ب ب و وك نآ","خ ا ي رب ا2,8د م ه ز ارص","دهم لگ پ زا خ دبخ خ ك رگ","ثم ر رب وج2,9ا دب ق","م ا دب كخ ا دب ير","ق ا دب  2,10ب اآ گ ب ير  ع","ز ع نپ غ ع زغآ","از2,11آ ص "," ع  يارط ف دمآ  قو"," ا ز ع نك 
2,12ه قرخ وم م نوچ","ب ن قا   زا"," رم لگ نوچ2,13 آ ل دص ا","يا عرج م  ق ا يا ق م لك رما ع","دتا رك م  2,14تگ ع زا","سم رتخا ع ب وم نرگ ع زا","ا نوچ ا ع ب ا ا2,15 م خ زا ارج","ند م ع ز دك  دمآ  آ","عا دهرب2,16د وص لها رب","ف جا  د م لها رب","جا ف 2,17 رت رخآ ر  ك"," ز  وب ب رپ رپ دتفگ هر رگ","ر دك م وخ3,1نادچ ا يو ناز","هر نآ ذع  يا ددا چ  يا","فج دچ و يو ز 3,2يو ناز","ك  شب  خ و ز رك نادچ ا يو ناز","خ دچ و يو ز  نادچ ا3,3 ا يو ناز","دب ظ  خ دچ دس دچ و يو ز","ع نادچ شچ نادچ شك نادچ3,4شك دچ","و وخ  نج  چ رب زا شچ دچ","ا     چ رب زا3,5م ا ار  نآ","يو م نوگ ا يو م نپ دب زا","ار رم دها  دك3,6 نآ","يو م نرپ چ ز يو م نر رج زا","ارچ ب  وخ ب ا در3,7دب هگ","ا   يا رم نوچ ا سبرب و چ رگ","اوه  زب هگ چ3,8 و نج  د هگ","نز  ز   ياو و ط  د هگ","فم خ و3,9ذب ","نوخ ب نك و نا نوخ يو نك و ا","بارگ  تك دب 3,10فه دگ ك","ن دا ب نادچ ن  ك ع نادچ","ادص دآ و وگ  نآ 3,11 ز د نوچ","ا ا نوه ا نا ا    ب","اد شهگر دمآ نآ زا د3,12هاوخ ر","مدزرمآ رج ز مدب مرم رگ","ع ا ك ه شمخ ما3,13 رب فه رگ","نع هاوخ  اد نآ  هاوخ ا  تفگ"," رب   م و شآ 3,14ج  م","ر چ زا ستسب رم نآ دا رگ","ارم رم د ج رتا3,15ز تخو م","دع ه  سخز ه ا ي ب ارم ج","ب اوا ر وك وب  
3,16و ب چ ك","يرم ر ك  يرگ ك يب دتفگ","ب د زا ذب نوچ3,17م ج ره","فص نآ ند دهاوخ قع چ  ا فگ","ع زا م وخ غ ك و چ3,18نآ رگ وك ","ندم دهاوخ رم م چ ا قع ","ا   س وك رب3,19  نوخ نا  ","وخ  ياد دب مآ ره نج دا","  3,20 ا م","دب   زا دگ ي وخ وخ  سك ره نوچ"," رب زا ك  وخ ك دآ 3,21چ فگ دب پ","ه دا دب ب د اره  يز","غ يا يدگ پ3,22ا رخ  "," فگ دب پ ا دبرخ م ك تفگ","ادخ دب و ا   رم4,1تس  يا","م ب رب ي م وخ م  وخ و يا","م ا د رب يا م ج4,2م و  ب وج","م وم  يا م و يا م و يا","م وا و م 4,3م وع  يز شآ","م وم  ق يا م وم  ر يا","م   ك 4,4 رگ نتسب م ك زا شما پ","م خ  ا م ع م  يا","م ت4,5ياو شآ ز"," يج چ ه م نج  يپ دب لگ","م يا يا  يا يا 5,1 نآ","پ    دخ  دق نا ب و نا ب ل نآ","ق دا دب م نآ ب ه نآ  ب5,2   وگ  زا","  وگ  زا چ  وگ ر زا","ص شپ لگ ق5,3ز  ناكرب","دمآ وص  ش  دآ نوچ ع يا","ت   نما د5,4م زرپ ر يا","م ز  رب م  م زو   شآ ","ضا  نآ ي زا5,5 رب مز ا وخ","ك م شم  ب  م شهم رگرب","ص دوگ وك شپ ناز ز م5,6ع ا   ه","ع ارچ  چ ع ب  اگ","فج دا  پ نوچ5,7 ا  ك مدخ","رب ز دم وگ رگ ارج ك آ","ب با يا ك وگ5,8د وص ام ئغ","آ نع ب ه خ تگ","م چ شپ ز5,9م ك باوخ","د چ و ب  ك نا د چ و ارق  يا","سم  حص دا چ دب