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Brihat Jatak

Brihat Jatak

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Published by api-3708513

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Published by: api-3708513 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brihat Jataka
Chapter 1
Explanation of technicalities used
St anza 1:T he Sun, who i s one of t he A sht aM ur t hi es of Si va, who f or ms t he pat h f or t hose who
go t
for those who are well versed in A tmavidya, who accepts the results of the sacrificial r
i t e
and Jyotishas; who destroys, creates and protects the L okas, who is praised in the V ed
as i
of many rays and who is the lamp of the three worlds, may he grant us speech?
St anza 2:A lthough there are great many works ably written by intelligent men in accordance wi
t h
people get dispirited in trying to cross the vast ocean of horoscopic knowledge; to suc
h I
with metre of various kinds, short but very suggestive and full of instructive ideas, to
en a
St anza 3:The science of astrology is called H ora Sastra from the compounding of the two word
s A
the first and last letters; and it speaks of the results of the good and bad deeds done b
y m
St anza 4:I n t he cel est i al Chak r a ( gl obe) t he si gns commenci ng wi t h M esha and A swi ni , ar e eac
h f
of stars and govern the following organs of K alapurusha, namely, head, face, chest, he
a r t
organ, thighs, knees, buttocks and feet respectively. Rasi, K shetra, Griha, Ruksha, Bh
a a
the zodiacal signs.
St anza 5:M eena i s r epr esent ed by t wo f i shes l yi ng cl ose t o each ot her wi t h t hei r heads poi nt i ng
i n
shown by a person bearing a water pot; M ithuna is indicated by a man with a club and
embrace; D hanus is described as a Centaur with the hind part resembling that of a ho
r se
M akara bears the representation of the face of a deer with the hinder part of a crocodi
le ;
of a man with a balance in hand; K anya is shown by a virgin seated in a boat with a cr
op i
other, and the other signs are represented by their names and move in places congeni
al t
St anza 6:K uja, Sukra, Budha, Chandra, Ravi, Budha, Sukra, K uja, Guru, Sani, Sani and Guru
a r e
and their divisions from M esha; the navamsas commence from M esha, M akara, Thula
a n
commence from the houses themselves.
St anza 7:M ars, Saturn, Jupiter, M ercury and V enus govern five, eight, seven and five Bhagas (d
e g
Trimsamsas of the odd signs while the order is reversed in those of the even signs. Th
e la
Pisces goes under the name of Rikshasandhi (junction of two rasis or constellations).
St anza 8:K r i ya, T havur i , Ji t heema, K ul i r a, L aya, Pat hona, Juk a, K owr pi , T hauk shi k a, A k ok er
o, H
for M esha, V rishabha, M ithuna, K ataka, Simha, K anya, Thula, V rischika, D hanus, M
ak a
St anza 9:I f a pl anet i s i n i t s D r ek k ana, H or a, N avamsa, T r i msamsa, D wadasamsa and R asi , i t i
s sa i
St anza
V rishabha, M esha, D hanus, K ataka, M ithuna and M akara are Ratribala Rasis or sign
s p
exception of M ithuna these same rasis are called Prustodayas, The other rasis, viz., Si
m h
V rischika are called D inabala Rasis. These with M ithuna are called Sirshodayas. M ee
na i
St anza
The signs are cruel and beneficial regularly, they are also masculine and feminine, the
s a
common; the lords of the cardinal points are the lords of the triangular houses from M
e s
K ataka. I n odd signs, the first hora is governed by Ravi and the second hora by Chand
r a
even signs. The lords of the D rekkanas are the lords of the 1st, 5th and 9th in a rasi.
St anza
Some writers on astrology say that the first hora is governed by the lord of that house
w h
by the lord of the eleventh from that house. They further say that the lords of the D re
k k
(2) the lord of the 12th, and (3) the lord of the eleventh houses respectively.
St anza
A ries, Taurus, Capricorn, V irgo, Cancer, Pisces and L ibra are signs of exaltation for t
h e
3rd, 28th, 15th, 5th, 27th and 20th degrees of the above signs are deep exaltations for the
Su n
from these are the signs and degrees of debilitations for those planets.
St anza
The first navamsa of movable, the middle navamsa of the fixed and the last navamsa
of t
technically called V argottama, L eo, Taurus, A ries, V irgo, Sagittarius, L ibra and A qu
a r iu
M oon, M ars, M ercury, Jupiter, V enus and Saturn respectively.
St anza
The twelve houses from lagna have been given the following names: (1) Thanu, (2) K
u tu
Putra, (6) A ri, (7) Patni, (8) M arana, (9) Shubha, (10) A spada, (11) A aya, and (12) Ri
p h
10th and 11th houses from lagna, while the rest are A pachayas. Some say that these sho
u l
St anza
K alya, Swa, V ikrama, Griha, Pratibha, K shata, Chitthotha, Randhra, Guru, M ana, Bh
a v
second, third, etc., houses, respectively. The fourth and eighth from lagna are technic
a l l y
goes under the name of D yuna and the tenth is A gnya.
St anza
K antaka, K endra and Chatustaya denote quadrants and these are Saptama (7th), L ag
na (
(10th) Bhanam Rasis (signs). The Nara Rasis (masculine signs) are M ithuna, K anya, T
h u l
K umbha and these are powerful when they happen to be birth signs. The Jalachara R
a si
the second half of M akara, and these become powerful in the fourth. K ita Rasi (V risc
h ik
and Pasu Rasis (quadruped) M esha, V rishabha, Simha, the 2nd half of D hanus and th
e 1
when they become the 10th houses.
St anza
Those houses next to kendras are called Panaparas and those next to Panaparas are d
e si
A mbu, Sukha and V esma denote 4th house, Jamitra denotes 7th, Suthabham, Thrikon
a sh
are names for D asama (10th).
St anza
I f the lord of the birth, Jupiter or M ercury occupy or aspect lagna (birth) it becomes
m os
planets aspect or occupy it, it will not be so. A ll signs in kendras are powerful. Signs in
while signs in A poklimas are powerless. Biped signs are powerful during day, Quadru
p e
during the two twilights. The measure of the rasis from M esha to K anya inclusive is 5-
respectively, the other half from Thula to M eena in the reverse order, Sahaja (3rd) is c
a ll
denoted as Thapas and Trikona.
St anza
Blood-red, white, green, whitish red, smoky, variegated, black, golden, reddish yellow,
fish tint are the colours of A ries, etc., respectively. The signs of planets get Plava in th
e di
from the Sun becomes V asi.
Chapter 2
Grahayoni prabheda
St anza 1:T he Sun r epr esent s t he A t ma, t he M oon mi nd, M ar s st r engt h, M er cur y speech, Jupi t e
r w
passions, and Saturn sorrow, of K alapurusha respectively. The Sun and the M oon are
R aj
M ercury is Y uva Raja, Jupiter and V enus are ministers, and Saturn is the servant.
St anza 2:H eli and Surya are names for the Sun. Chandrama and Sitarasmi stand for the M oon.
H e
I nduputra are names for M ercury. A ra, V akra, K ruradrik, A vanaya denote M ars; K o
n a,
for Saturn.
St anza 3:Ji va, A ngi r a, Sur agur u, V achasampat hi and I j ya ar e t er ms f or Jupi t er .
Sukra, Bhrigu, Brigusuta, Sita and A spujit are names for V enus.
Thamas, A gu and A sura are names for Rahu, Sikhi stands for K ethu.
Their other names must be learnt from well-known works in the world.
St anza 4:T he Sun i s dar k- r ed, t he M oon whi t e, M ar s bl ood-r ed, M er cur y gr een, Jupi t er yel l ow
o r
black, Saturn black.
St anza 5:Copper colour is governed by the Sun, while white by the M oon, blood-red by M ars,
g r e
variegated colours by V enus and black by Saturn. The Sun has A gni as adhidevata. T
h e
M ercury has K esava, Jupiter has I ndra, V enus has I ndrani, and Saturn has K aha. The
e a
V enus, M ars, Rahu, Saturn, M oon, M ercury and Jupiter respectively. Waning M oon,
S u
conjunction with them, are malefics.
St anza 6:Saturn and M ercury are impotent, V enus and M oon are females and the rest are mas
cu li
are rul es by M ars, etc.
St anza 7:Sukra and Guru represent V ipras, K uja and Ravi K shatriyas, Chandra V aisya, Budha
S u
Chandra, Ravi and Guru represent Satwa, K uja and Sani Thamasa, and Budha and S
u k r
St anza 8:
The Sun has a well proportioned body, is bilious and possesses pingala eyes, has short
h ai
The M oon has a well rounded body, much wind and phlegm, intelligent, sweet speech
a n

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