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Workshop Copenhagen_Group Naming

Workshop Copenhagen_Group Naming

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Published by ecosistemaurbano

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Published by: ecosistemaurbano on Sep 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Skype lectureGroup 8:SannaMikkelAndersGørilChoose a square in Vesterbro or Nørrebro:
Engahve Plads in Vesterbro.
We went to Mikkels place in Vestrbro and brainstormed ideas and whatquestions we could ask people at the sqaure.Questions:
What is your relation to Enghave Plads?
What do you think about the area in Enghave Plads now, compared to how itwas before it was changed.
How do you use this place compared to your backyard?
Would you prefere the place to be more open or more closed?
What functions could the place have, more than it has today?
Are there any thing you would have liked to add to the place, to make itmore interesting place to stay in.
WORKSHOP - DreamhamarStortorget SquareLOGBOOK / Group 8StortorgetEnghave Plads
Two guys under the tree:What is your relation to Enghave Plads?What do you think about the area in Enghave Plads now, compared to how it wasbefore it was changed.
The location of Enghave Plads is the most importan reason to why I use it.More families with children stay here after it has been changed, and the alcoholicswere moved to another part of the square.
How do you use this place compared to your backyard?
I never use my backyard, it is too closed with all the buildings around. I´d rather goto the parks for reading, and just hanging around. In the public places there are al-ways something or someone to look at. In the backyard nothing happens, and theneighbors can look at you from their windows, but you can´t see them. It´s nice tosit in the public places and watch the city life go by around you.
Skatekids:Doyoulikethatthisplaceisquite open,orwould you preferittobemore closed?
eliket tobe o pen,it coul d beevenmoreopen than toay.
What do youusethis placefor?
Tomeet peopleanmae new fr iends.It´sniceo hav e all thi s c ity li fe goingonaround us.
Are thereanythingyou wouldaddtothisplace, tomakeit evenbetter?
Somebenches peoplecoul d si onand w atchus skate,thene c ould haveskat eshows.

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