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Immortal Jellyfish

Immortal Jellyfish

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Published by Martinfreebase

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Published by: Martinfreebase on Sep 23, 2011
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Immortal Jellyfish
Martin Freebase
These are a collection of jellyfish that I collected out of the deep watersof life. I thought it would be too selfish of me to keep them only tomyself, so I decided to share them with you. I hope that you love themas much as I do.Immortal Jellyfish #1Your power is in your ability to escape,yawning as you insert another fantasy,everything is about the free will of chaos.You tell me that every story has an ending,providing me with my super bowl moment,debating the virtues of what is.You sit on my couch like you have been there for decades,trudging along with no apparent direction,you apologize for your part in making cringe theater.You wax poetic about your pains, all 154 of them,they have been documented and notarized,suggesting that you are more than I deserve.
You tell me that I’m a beautiful man,
 they have lit a match and set themselves on fire,as the valley girls line the block around my house.The declarative statement fits you well,you shrug and say that life is dangerous,and remind me that we can only falsify the world around us.You pop up like mushroom all shirtless in the afternoon heat,you are virtually aglow with contaminated sweat,scheming like an old cryptographer.We are closed in upon ourselves,I have counted all the rivets on your belly,wanting to shoot up a flare.You are encased in a glass shroud,imposing stress upon the machine,and no one would implore you to stop.

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