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TEEB Manual for Cities Ecosystem Services for Urban Managment

TEEB Manual for Cities Ecosystem Services for Urban Managment

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Published by Daisy

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Published by: Daisy on Sep 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 TEEB Manual for CiTiEs:Ecytem sevce  ub Mgemet
TEEB Manual r Cities: Ecsystem Services in Urban ManagementCrdinatr:
Augustin Berghöfer (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ)
Cre Team and Lead Authrs
: André Mader (ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability), Shela Patrickson (ICLEI – LocalGovernments for Sustainability), Elisa Calcaterra (International Union for the Conservation of Nature - IUCN), Jacques Smit (ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability)
Cntributing Authrs:
James Blignaut, Martin de Wit, Hugo van Zyl
Thomas Elmqvist (Stockholm Resilience Centre), Heidi Wittmer (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research –UFZ), Holger Robrecht (ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability)
This manual builds upn the reprt ‘TEEB r Lcal and Reginal Plicy Makers’ (2010), crdinated by Heidi Wittmer and Haripriya Gundimeda.TEEB Study Leader:
Pavan Sukhdev (UNEP)
TEEB Crdinatin Grup:
Pavan Sukhdev (UNEP), Aude Neuville (EC), Benjamin Simmons (UNEP), Francois Wakenhut (EC),Georgina Langdale (UNEP), Heidi Wittmer (UFZ), James Vause (Defra), Maria Berlekom (SIDA), Mark Schauer (UNEP), SylviaKaplan (BMU), Tone Solhaug (MD)
TEEB Advisry Bard:
Joan Martinez-Alier, Giles Atkinson, Edward Barbier, Ahmed Djoghlaf, Jochen Flasbarth, YolandaKakabadse, Jacqueline McGlade, Karl-Göran Mäler, Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Peter May, Ladislav Miko, Herman Mulder, Walter Reid,Achim Steiner, Nicholas Stern
The views expressed in this document are those of the authors alone and may not in any circumstances be regardedas stating an official position of the organizations involved.
This dcument shuld be quted as llws:
TEEB – The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (2011). TEEB Manual for Cities: Ecosystem Services in UrbanManagement. www.teebweb.org
TEEB - The Ecnmics  Ecsystems and Bidiversity
(www.TEEBweb.org) is an international initiative to draw attentionto the global economic benefits of ecosystems and biodiversity, to highlight the growing costs of biodiversity loss and ecosystemdegradation, and to draw together expertise from the fields of science, economics and policy to enable practical actions movingforward.TEEB is hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme and supported by the European Commission and variousgovernments.
The TEEB Manual for Cities: Ecosystem Services in Urban Management
When we published the TEEB for Local and Regional PolicyMakers report in 2010, we hoped we had provided an inspiringstarting point for thinking about policy in a new way, one whichdoes not take nature for granted. We are indebted to thecontributions of individuals and organisations, providing examplesof policy options, case studies and experience from around theworld. We could not hope to cover everything within a 200 pagereport, but we did hope that the report would stimulate others toapply relevant aspects of the content to their particular situation.ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability have done just thatby creating this, TEEB Manual for Cities: Ecosystem Servicesin Urban Management, in partnership with the TEEB for Localand Regional Policy Makers team. This is an excellent publicationthat builds upon the TEEB reports and tailors the informationspecifically for an urban context. It highlights how a focus onecosystem services and their valuation can create direct benefitsfor urban areas and can be performed even with limited resources.We congratulate the ICLEI Cities Biodiversity Center team for thisinitiative and we hope this handbook will take its place alongsidethe TEEB reports as an essential tool for local and regional policymakers everywhere.Heidi Wittmer and Haripriya Gundimeda
CoordinatorsTEEB for Local and Regional Policy Makers
The authors would especially like to thank:Gregg Oelofse, Patrick ten Brink and Heidi Wittmer.In addition, the authors would like to thank: José BernalStoopen, Kobie Brand, Marco Cerezo, Sabine Courcier, Thomas
Elmqvist, Leonardo C. Fleck, Johannes Főrster, Thomas Forster,
Stephen Granger, Oliver Hillel, Daniel Hodder, Patricia Holmes,Georgina Langdale, Chris Manderson, Widar Narvelo, SusanneNolden, Patrick O’Farrell, Grant Pearsell, Leanne Raymond,Isabel Renner, Javier Riojas, Holger Robrecht, John Senior,Mark Shauer, Gabriel Valle and Johan Van Zoest.
This TEEB Manual als draws n the expertise  ICLEI-Lcal Gvernments r Sustainability’s Lcal Actin r Bidiversity (LAB) Prgramme, run in partnership with Internatinal Unin r Cnservatin  Nature (IUCN).

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