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Wood Elf Characters

Wood Elf Characters

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Published by Bobby Pitch Page
Wood Elf
Wood Elf

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Published by: Bobby Pitch Page on Sep 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scarloc 185 points
Athel Loren Bow
Crafted from the body of a Treeman ancient after he was slain by thebeastmen war, this bow furthers the will of the lost spirit. This bow has the multiple shots(4) special rule. He does not suffer anypenalty for the extra shots however.All shots fired from this bow are fire at a strength equal to the defenderstoughness. The bow has a range of 36 inches, and does not take penalties for long range.
Scarlocs Dark Carapace
Light Armor. Any model wishing to shoot Scarloc does so at a -3 to hit. Thisbonus does not confer to his unit.
Spirited Rapier
Scarloc carries a rapier which will always hit on a 2+ and has the armorpeircing (1) special rule. This is in playScarloc has the Scout special rule. He may only join units of Glade Guard orWaywatchers.Scarloc can stand and shoot without penalty regardless of the distancecharged.
Durthu--------------- 600 points

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