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What Buddhists Believe ( part III )

What Buddhists Believe ( part III )

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Published by Sympathywin

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Published by: Sympathywin on Sep 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dhamma Darna By Sympathy 
 Man is the highest fruit on the tree of evolution. It is for man torealize his position in nature and understand the true meaningof his life.
 To know the purpose of life, you will first have to study thesubject through your experience and insight. Then, you willdiscover for yourself the true meaning of life. Guidelines can begiven, but you must create the necessary conditions for thearising of realization yourself.There are several prerequisites to the discovery of the purpose of life. First, you must understand the nature of man and the natureof life. Next, you keep your mind calm and peaceful through theadoption of a religion. When these conditions are met, theanswer you seek will come like the gentle rain from the sky.Understanding the nature of manMan may be clever enough to land on the moon and discoverwondrous things in the universe, but he has yet to delve into theinner workings of his own mind. He has yet to learn how hismind can be developed to its fullest potential so that its truenature can be realized.
As yet, man is still wrapped in ignorance. He does not knownwho he really is or what is expected of him. As a result, hemisinterprets everything and acts on that misinterpretation. Is itnot conceivable that our entire civilization is built on themisinterpretation? The failure to understand his existence leadshim to assume a false identity of a bloated, self-seeking egoist,and to pretend to be what he is not or is unable to be.Man must make an effort to overcome ignorance to arrive atrealization and Enlightenment. All great men are born as humanbeings from the womb, but they worked their way up togreatness. Realization and Enlightenment cannot be poured intothe human heart like water into a tank. Even the Buddha had tocultivate his mind to realize the real nature of man.Man can be enlightened _a Buddha?if he wakes up from the'dream' that is created by his own ignorant mind, and becomesfully awakened. He must realize that what he is today is theresult of an untold number of repetitions in thoughts and actions.He is not ready-made: he is continually in the process of becoming, always changing. And it is in this characteristic of change that his future lies, because it means that it is possible forhim to mould his character and destiny through the choice of hisactions, speech and thoughts. Indeed, he becomes the thoughtsand actions that he chooses to perform. Man is the highest fruiton the tree of evolution. It is for man to realize his position innature and to understand the true meaning of his life.*Understanding the nature of life*

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