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Table Of Contents

Surah Al-Fatihah 59
The name and the number of verses
The period of revelation
The merits of Shah Al-Baqarah
Verses 1 - 5
Who are the God-fearing
The Meaning of 'Establishing' Saliih
Spending in the way of Allah: Categories
The distinction between 'Irnzn and Islam
An argument to the Finality of Prophethood
The God-fearing have Faith in the Hereafter
Faith in the Hereafter: A revolutionary belief
What is Kufr ? (Infidelity)
The meaning of 'Indhar' (warning) by a Prophet
Favour withdrawn by Allah is a punishment
Removal of a doubt
Lying is contemptible
Misbehaving Prophets is to misbehave with Allah
The curse of telling lies
Who are reformers and mischief-makers
Qualities that make the Qur'an a miracle
Answers to some doubts
Why Allah discussed Adam's creation with angels?
Allah is the creator of the language
Man is the viceregent of Allah on the earth
The issue of Caliphate after the Holy Prophet 8
Verse 34
The Prophets are innocent of all sins
Descension of Adam was not a punishment
The obedient are freed of worries
Saliih with Jama'ah : (congregation)
An admonition to preachers without practice
KhushiZ' : The Humbleness of Heart
Verse 60 I
An answer to a doubt about the Israelites
Injunctions and related consideration
Knowledge is not enough for 'Fman
What is Magic ? Definition and effects
Magic and Charms
Sihr or Magic: The Islamic view
Kinds of Magic
The Difference between Miracle and Magic
Miracle and Magic: How to distinguish between them?
Magic and Prophets
A doctrinal point
What is Naskh? (Abrogation)
The kinds of abrogation
The terminology of the Naskh
The differences between the Jews and the Christians
The sanctity of the Mosque
Verses 116 - 117
Verse 124
Some injunctions related to the Haram
Verses 126 - 128
The prayers of 1brahim +I
The Ibrahimic wisdom
Verse 129
Verses 130 - 132
Verses 135 - 136
(Verses 135 - 136)
The Colour of Allah
Verse 139 - 141
Verse 142
The orientation of Qiblah
The most moderate of all people
The Universal Man
Moderateness: A Comparative View
Injunctions and related considerations
The History of the Qiblah
Verse 144
The orientation to Qiblah
Verses 151 - 152
The merits of 'Dhikr' (Rememberance)
Verse 153
The patience and the Saliih:
A remedy to all problems
Verses 154 - 157
The Martyrs are not dead
Patience in hardship: The way to make it easy
A formula of peace in hardship
Verse 158
Some terms and their meanings
Verses 159 - 162
The duty of spreading the Islamic Knowledge
The eadith is equal to the Qur'an by implication
The evil consequences of some sins
Cursing an individual is not permissible
Verses 163 - 164
The meaning of the words
Injunctions and Rulings
Verses 170 - 171
Verses 172 - 173
The effects of eating Halal and Haram
Injunctions about the dead animal
The blood
Blood Transfusion
The swine is forbiddam
Injunctions in situations of compulsion
Using the forbidden as a cure, in necessity
Using the forbidden as a cure without necessity
The conclusion
Verses 174 - 176
Earning money against the Faith
Verse 177
The chapters of 'Birr' (the virtures)
Special Note
Verses 178 - 179
There is life in 'Qisas'
Verses 180 - 182
The Qur'anic view of making will
Verses 183 - 184
Past communities and the injunction to fast
Fasting When Sick
Fasting When In Travel
Making Qadi'of the missed fast
The Fidyah or Ransym for a Missed Fast
The amount of Ransom and other rulings
Verse 185
The merits of the month of Ramadan
Verse 186
Allah is near His servants
Verse 187
The worship of Ictikaf
Observe the limits of Allah
Verse 188
The criterion sf good and evil in earning
The virtues of the Islamic economic system
The Background of Revelation
Questions man must answer on the Day of Resurrection
The Lunar Calendar is the Islamic choice
Jihad: To fight in the way of Allah
Verses 192 - 195
Verses 196 - 203
Injunctions concerning Hajj and 'Umrah
The Injunction about 'Umrah
Shaving in the state of I&-&?
Combining Hajj and 'Umrah during Hajj months
Al-Tamattu' and Al-Qir&; the two kinds of Hajj
The warning against violation of rules
The Hajj Months: Prohibitions
The eloquence of the Qur'an
Trading or earning during the Hajj
Staying in 'Arafat and Muzdalifah:
Human equality in practice
Moderation in religious and worldly pursuits
The emphasis on remembering Allah in Mina
Verses 204 - 207
Verses 211 - 212
Verse 215
Verses 216 - 218
Explanation in brief:
The forbiddance of wine: A complete view
Social ill-effects of gambling
Some juristic rules and related notes:
Verses 219 - 221
Man's higher position over woman is for discipline only
Verses 229 - 230
Marriage, divorce and the rules governing them
Detailed injunctions regarding three divorces at a time
Three divorces given unlawfully are effective
Verses 231 - 232
Do not make a marriage and divorce a plaything
The basic rules of giving a divorce
Rules of the remarriage of the divorced women
The Qur'anic strategy about the enforcement of a law
Verse 233
The injunctions of suckling the children by the mothers
Suckling of children is an obligation of the mother
The total period of suckling
Responsibilities of mothers and fathers
The standard of wife's liabilities
Forcing or not forcing a mother for suckling
Wages of suckling for a divorced woman
The responsibility of suckling an orphan
The injunctions of weaning
Injunctions of suckling by a nurse
Some injunctions relating to 'Iddah
Verses 236 - 237
Verses 238 - 239
Verses 240 - 242
Verse 241: The divorced women deserve a benefit
Verses 243 - 244
Related Injunctions and Rulings
Some Exceptions
Verse 248: The story of Talut and Jaliit
The merits of Ayat-a1 ~ursi
Some related questions and their answers
A similitude of spending in the way of Allah
Conditions that make charity go in vain
Verses 267 - 274
Verses 275 - 281
The prohibition of Riba
Some additional details about Riba
Summing up the discussion
Economic Drawbacks of Riba or Interest
The design for deception
The obligation of zakah ensures progress in business
Interest: The spiritual ills:
Is it impossible to run a business without interest?
The Qur'Znic injunctions on Loan
The rules of witnessing
The number of witnesses
Refusing the act of witnessing is a sin
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English MaarifulQuran MuftiShafiUsmaniRA Vol 1 Intro History and Page 0 741

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