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Introduction to Super Immunity

Introduction to Super Immunity

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Read the Introduction chapter to Dr. Joel Fuhrman's new book SUPER IMMUNITY: The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body's Defenses to Live Longer, Stronger, and Disease Free.
Read the Introduction chapter to Dr. Joel Fuhrman's new book SUPER IMMUNITY: The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body's Defenses to Live Longer, Stronger, and Disease Free.

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Published by: HarperOne (an imprint of HarperCollins) on Sep 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Is Super Immunity?
 It just dawned on me that two and a hal years ago I beganthe wonderul journey with you to get my health back, and I did not just lose one hundred pounds; I haven’t had a virus,cold, or u bug since. Considering that or over thirty yearsstraight I would get a nasty case o bronchitis every winter and I’d cough like crazy or six weeks, this reedom truly iswonderul—in more ways than just preventing obesity, can-cer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.
—Emily Boller
uper Immunity can be best dened as the body’s immune systemworking to its ullest potential. Modern science has advanced to thepoint where we have evidence that the right raw materials and nutri-tional actors can double or triple the protective power o the immunesystem. I you learn to ll every cell receptor lock with the right nutri-ent key and meet the demands o each cell, the body’s deenses takeon superhero qualities—and you will hardly ever get sick again. Moreimportant, this change rom average immunity to Super Immunity cansave your lie.
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 Emily Boller, July 2008.June 2009.
The act is that Super Immunity is needed now, more than ever. In theUnited States, adults can expect to catch a cold two to our times a year,and children can expect to get six to ten colds annually. All o these coldssap about $40 billion rom the U.S. economy in direct and indirect costs.On top o that, getting sick is no un. Infuenza, or example, can result ina prolonged and serious illness. With health authorities’ warnings aboutthe potential o new fu epidemics and the global spread o viral illnesses,it is vital that we keep our immune system strong and know the steps totake to protect ourselves and our amilies. In someone without a well-
IMMUNITY_5p.indd 27/27/11 1:01 PM
Super Immunity 3
unctioning immune system, a mild inection can hang on or weeks;worse yet, it can develop serious consequences such as heart damage ornerve paralysis, or it can blossom into a dicult-to-treat bacterial inec-tion such as a lie-threatening pneumonia.Our immune system also protects us rom developing cancer. Thesame white blood cells and other immune system components that areutilized to ght inection are also used to recognize our own humancells as they become abnormal and to remove them beore they canevolve into a tumor or cancer.The immune system is like an angel watching over our lives andprotecting us rom the risks around us. With Super Immunity you canhave a healthier, happier lie with more comort and productivity.Super Immunity can also enable you to push the envelope o humanlongevity, because it puts a orce eld o protection around the body,radically reducing the risk o annoying minor inections, serious majorinections, and even cancers.Today we are exposed to more dangerous inections rom aroundthe world than ever beore. We are routinely in airports and jets crowdedwith world travelers who have come in contact with exotic and newlycreated microbes, and we are in schools and hospitals with bacteriacirculating that have developed antibiotic resistance. Scientists sug-gest that environmental, social, and nutritional changes have helpedtrigger an unprecedented explosion o inection: more than thirty-venew inectious diseases have burst upon the world in the past thirtyyears. The U.S. death rate rom inectious diseases is now double whatit was in 1980, up to 170,000 annually. With two billion people travel-ing by air each year, the potential or serious viral illnesses looms evenlarger in our uture.
Once a disease takes hold these days, it tends to be globalizedquickly by travel and trade. The West Nile virus, or example, isthought to have reached New York rom its traditional home in theMiddle East on an inected bird carried by a ship or a plane. Within
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