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Published by: najeeb on Sep 24, 2011
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Testimonies of Jewish Converts To IslamIntroduction
Thousands of Jews convert to Islam, from Rabbis to reform Jews, as well asJews for Jesus, each after research, study and comparison, discover the Truthand Beauty of Islam and how Islam completes our lives, fills our spirits, andbrings us closer to God and on the path of Righteousness.Included here are the testimonies of a few of our fellow Jewish brothers andsisters who have accepted Islam as their religion, Allah as their God, andMuhammad as the final Prophet, ameen.1. Rachel Singer2. Rabbi of Makhachkala3. Hajj Mustafa Ali (David Sterling)4. Suleyman Ahmad5. Jemima Goldsmith6. Maryam Jameelah7. Fouad8. Michelle9. Kari Ann Owen10. Emad ud Deen11. Michael Wolfe12. Muhammad Asad13. From Messiah to Muslim (Shabbetai Zevi)14. Abdullah Ibn Sailam, the first Rabbi convert15. Hasan from Yard Al Mukaddasa16. Reform Jew convert to Islam17. Rabbi from Morocco: Abdul Haqq Al-Islami18. Moshe19. Founder of Al Azhar20. Muhammad Daniel
 Rashida S. (Rachel Singer - USA)
 I came to Islam late, a daughter of a devout Roman Catholic mother/verydevout Jewish father. By age 4 I knew of Allah and in 1991 I traveled toEgypt to read some of my writing. I had already spent almost 20 yearsamong the most pious of Jews, had married, had children. When I heard themuezzin* before Fajr* his voice was like the arrow one dreams that a loverwill shoot into the heart, it cut & held me unable to speak. Not even knowingArabic, I knew the sound, it is like a recognition of something so profound,so great and if I may say, so sweet that one has been searching for. TheQuran speaks to me clearly as if it was written for Jews to hear and wake up.I had to leave the community I lived in and my children. I did not chose to, Ihad to. Those of you, young and coming into Islam are truly blessed. Youhave your lives, will marry and raise Muslim children in’shallah.
The only people who can say they are Chosen, are those who search for theTrue path to Allah with all their heart.
 * Muezzin: A person who calls for prayers in the mosque. The AZAN is thecall. It usually occurs 5 times a day. The AZAN’s context is the following:Allah is greater...I witness that there is no god but ALLAH. And I witnessthat Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Come to the prayer.. come tosuccess...Allah is greater...* Fajr: Dawn.
(2) Rabbi of Makhachkala Synagogue embraced Islam
 Every person has a different way of coming to the Truth. For MoishaKrivitsky this way led through a faculty of law, a synagogue and a prison.
The lawyer-to-be becomes a Rabbi, then he converts into Islam and findshimself in prison. Today Musa (this is the name he has adopted when hebecame a Muslim) lives in a small mosque in Al-Burikent, a mountain areaof Makhachkala, and works as a watchman in the Central Juma mosque.
- Musa, before we began talking, you asked what we were going to talk
about. I said: ‘About you.’ ‘What’s so interesting about me?’ youwondered. ‘I live in the mosque’. How did you come to live in themosque?
 - Well, I just dropped in... and stayed.-
Did you find the way easily?
With great difficulty. It was hard then, and it isn’t much easier now. Whenyou go deeply into Islam’s inner meaning, you understand that this religionis very simple, but the way that leads to it may be extremely difficult. Often,people don’t understand how a person could be converted into Islam ‘fromthe other side’, as it were. But there are no ‘sides’ here: Islam is everythingthere is, both what we imagine and what we don’t imagine.-
Musa, as a matter of fact, we were given this fact as a certainsensation: a Rabbi has turned Muslim.
 - Well, it has been no sensation for quite a long while already - it’s morethan a year that I did this. It was strange for me at first, too. But it wasn’t anoff-the-cuff decision. When I came into Islam, I had read books about it, Ihad been interested.
- Did you finish any high school before coming to the synagogue?
 - Yes, I finished a clerical high school. After graduation, I came toMakhachkala, and became the local Rabbi.-
And where did you come from?
 - Oh, from far away. But I’ve already become a true Daghestani, I’ve got alot of friends here - both among Muslims and people who are far from Islam.
Let’s return to your work in the synagogue.

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