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Table Of Contents

About Roleplaying
Author’s Note
What You Need to Play
The New Edition
Other Genres
What Makes a Wild Talents Character?
Character Points
Stats and Skills
Base Will and Willpower
Motivations and Experience
Dice Pools and Matching Sets
Wild Talents Stats
The Cardinal Rules
Resolving Basic Dice Rolls
Dice Pools and Power
Loose Dice
Botching It
Beginner’s Luck
Time: Combat Rounds and Beyond
Hard Dice and Wiggle Dice
Time Increments
Diffcult Actions
Diffculty Rating
La Belle Curve
Penalty Dice
Gobble Dice
Minimum Width
Special Maneuvers
Dice Options
Multiple Actions
Static Rolls, Contests and Opposed Rolls
Opposed Rolls
Improving the Odds
Taking Your Time
Cooperating on a Task
Extended Contests
Example: Pursuit
Example: Persuasion
About Combat
Rules Summary
Basic Actions
Example of Play
The Check List
Step 1: The Point Total
Step 2: Stats
Step 3: Skills
Step 4: The Archetype
Hyperstats and Hyperskills
Step 5: Powers
Step 6: Base Will and Willpower
Cost Per Die
The Point Total
The “Flavor” of a Game
Character Power Levels
Setting the Ground Rules
Briefng the Players
Physical Stat: Body
Adding Extras to Body
Physical Stat: Coordination
Physical Stat: Sense
Mental Stat: Mind
Body Effects
Coordination Effects
Sense Effects
Mind Effects
Charm Effects
Command Effects
Resisting Charm and Command
Mental Stat: Charm
Mental Stat: Command
Same Skill, Different Stat
Rolling Without Skill Dice
Body Skills
Coordination Skills
Sense Skills
Mind Skills
Charm Skills
Command Skills
Skill Options
Skill Examples
Secondary Score: Base Will
Gaining Base Will Points
Losing Base Will
Zero Base Will Points
Secondary Score: Willpower
Gaining Willpower
Spending Willpower
Losing Willpower
Zero Willpower Points
Using Motivations
Character Advancement
Gaining Experience Points
Between-Game Development: Spending XP
In-Game Development: Spending Willpower
New Powers and New Meta-Qualities
Characters Without Will
The Three Phases of a Combat Round
1) Declare
2) Roll
3) Resolve
Types of Damage
Hit Location
The Damage Silhouette
Healing Shock Damage
Healing Killing Damage
Hard Dice and Location
What About My Organs?
Primitive Medicine
Mental Trauma
Moral Choices
Attacking Willpower
Light Armor (LAR)
Optional Rules: Damage
Heavy Armor (HAR)
Armor, Cover, and Hit Locations
Stacking Armor
Pimp My Helmet!
Night Vision Goggles (AR Equivalent 1)
Gas Mask (AR Equivalent 1)
Loudspeaker/Voice Scrambler (AR Equivalent 1)
LADAR Rig (AR Equivalent 1)
Cell Phone (AR Equivalent 1/2)
Police Band Scanner (AR Equivalent 1/2)
Lights (AR Equivalent 1/2)
Camera (AR Equivalent 1/2)
Sound Recorder (AR Equivalent 1/2)
GPS Unit (AR Equivalent 1/2)
Hand-to-Hand Combat
Special Maneuvers: Hand to Hand
Called Shots
Wrestling and Pinning
Choking and Strangling
Sneak Attack
Ranged Combat
Special Maneuvers: Ranged Combat
Multiple Shots and Spray Attacks
Suppressing Fire
Using Tactics
Throwing Large Objects
Defense Rolls
What Can I Block and Dodge?
Dodging Bullets
Blocking: Good News and Bad News
Minions and Mass Combat
Declarations and Dice Pools
Minion Ratings
Minions Outside Combat
Master Minions
Sample Minions
Minions and Extended Contests
Minion Attacks
Attacking Minions
Minions and Stability
Leading Minions
Sergeants and Offcers
Danger! Danger!
Weapons and Objects
Weapon Qualities
Advanced Firearms
Basic Weapons
Advanced Ammo Qualities
Rifes, Machine Guns and Shotguns
Pistols and Submachine Guns
Firearms and Rockets
Damaging Objects
Blowing Things Up
Environmental Threats
Reducing Impact Damage
Vehicular Crashes
Armor and Impacts
Suffocation and Drowning
Optional Rule: Four-Color Radiation
Other Threats
Threat Severity
Biological and Chemical Toxins
Radiation Poisoning
Other Threat Severity and Damage
Example: House Fire
Source Meta-Qualities
Source: Conduit (5 Points)
Source: Construct (5 Points)
Source: Cyborg (5 Points)
Source: Divine (5 Points)
Source: Driven (5 Points)
The First Source is Free
Source: Extraterrestrial/Extradimensional (5 Points)
Source: Genetic (5 Points)
Source: Life Force (5 Points)
Source: Paranormal (5 Points)
Source: Power Focus (–8 Points)
Source: Psi (5 Points)
Source: Technological (5 Points)
Source: Unknown (–5 Points)
Permission Meta-Qualities
Permission: Hypertrained (5 Points)
Permission: Inhuman Stats (1+ Points)
Permission: Inventor (5 Points)
Permission: One Power (1 Point)
Permission: Peak Performer (5 Points)
Permission: Power Theme (5 Points)
Permission: Prime Specimen (5 Points)
Permission: Super (15 Points)
Permission: Super-Equipment (2 Points)
Intrinsic Meta-Qualities
Intrinsics Without Archetypes
Intrinsic: Allergy (variable cost)
Intrinsic: Brute/Frail (–8 Points)
Intrinsic: Custom Stats (5 Points)
Intrinsic: Globular (8 Points)
Intrinsic: Inhuman (–8 Points)
Intrinsic: Mandatory Power (0 Points)
Intrinsic: Mutable (15 Points)
Intrinsic: No Base Will (–10 Points)
Intrinsic: No Willpower (–5 Points)
Intrinsic: No Willpower No Way (–5 Points)
Intrinsic: Unhealing (-8 Points)
Intrinsic: Vulnerable (–2 Points per Extra Brain Box)
Intrinsic: Willpower Contest (–10 Points)
Sample Archetypes
Adept (5 Points)
Alien (5 Points)
Anachronist (20 Points)
Artifcial (12 Points)
Godlike Talent (0 Points)
Godling (20 Points)
Human+ (15 Points)
Mutant (5 Points)
Mystic (21 Points)
Super-Normal (5 Points)
Hyperstats, Hyperskills and Miracles
What Are Powers?
Power Qualities
Power Quality: Attacks
Power Quality: Defends
Power Quality: Useful
Adding Power Quality Levels
Hyperstat and Hyperskill Power Qualities
Multiple Qualities
What About Robust?
Useful Miracles
Putting Your Useful Miracle to Work
Dangerously Useful
Useful Game Effects
Power Capacities
Choosing a Power Capacity
How Much Capacity?
Taking Flaws
Minimum Costs
Flaws on Hyperstats and Hyperskills
Common Flaws
Suppress Nuclear Fusion (U; 42 per die)
Special Powers
Passive Powers
Automatic Powers
Different Defenses
Power Creation Examples
Heavy Armor
I’ll Never Grow Old
Unbreakable Claws
‘Players Don’t Play Fair!’
Getting Creative
Ready-to-Play Extras
Area (+1 per Area die)
Doing It Yourself
Augment (+4)
About Augment (and Variable Effect)
Booster (+1)
Burn (+2)
Controlled Effect (+1)
Daze (+1)
Deadly (+1 or +2)
Disintegrate (+2)
Duration (+2)
By the Numbers
Electrocuting (+1)
Endless (+3)
Engulf (+2)
Go First (+1)
Hardened Defense (+2)
High Capacity (Type) (+1)
Interference (+3)
Endless: When Do You Roll?
Native Power (+1)
No Physics (+1)
No Upward Limit (+2)
Non-Physical (+2)
On Sight (+1)
Penetration (+1)
Permanent (+4)
Power Capacity (Type) (+1 or +2)
Radius (+2)
Speeding Bullet (+2)
Spray (+1)
Subtle (+1)
Traumatic (+1)
Variable Effect (+4)
What’s It Worth?
Ready-to-Play Flaws
Always On (–1)
Armored Defense (–2)
Attached (–1 or –2)
Automatic (–1)
Backfres (–2)
Base Will Cost (–4)
Delayed Effect (–2)
Depleted (–1)
Direct Feed (–2)
Exhausted (–3)
Focus (–1)
Fragile (–1)
Full Power Only (–1)
Go Last (–1)
Horrifying (–1)
If/Then (–1)
Limited Damage (–1)
Limited Width (–1)
Locational (–1)
Loopy (–1)
Mental Strain (–2)
No Physical Change (–1)
Obvious (–1)
One Use (–4)
Reduced Capacities (–1)
Scattered Damage (–1)
Self Only (–3)
Slow (–2)
Touch Only (–2)
Uncontrollable (–2)
Willpower Bid (–1)
Willpower Cost (–2)
Willpower Investment (–1)
Focus Extras and Flaws
Accessible (–1)
Adaptation (–2)
Booby-Trapped (+1)
Bulky (–1)
Crew (–1)
Delicate (–1)
Durable (+1)
Environment-Bound (–1)
Building Vehicles
Friends Only (+2)
Immutable (–1)
Indestructible (+2)
Irreplaceable (–2)
Manufacturable (+2)
Operational Skill (+0)
Secret (+1)
Unwieldy (–1 or –2)
Focus Example
Aces (12)
Alternate Forms (18)
Bind (4)
Block (2)
Containment (14)
Control (Type) (6)
Cosmic Power (21)
Example: Cosmic Power
Create (Type) (6)
Custom Hit Locations (2)
Dead Ringer (7)
Duplicates (12)
Elasticity (2)
Extra Tough (5)
Flight (4)
Gadgeteering (16)
Ghost (6)
Harm (2)
Healing (1)
Heavy Armor (6)
Illusions (6)
A Heavy Armor Variant: Medium Armor
Immunity (Type) (3)
A Harm Example: The Odd Squad’s Chicago Heat Ray
Insubstantiality (6)
Invisibility (5)
Invulnerability (20)
Foolish Mortals!
Jinx (8)
Light Armor (3)
Mind Control (2)
Every Kind of Defense
Minions (4)
Multiple Actions (2)
Nullify (Type) (4)
Perceive (Type) (2)
Power Mimic (15)
Precognition (2)
Psychic Artifacts (18)
Puppet (4)
Regeneration (5)
Sidekick (6)
Size Shift (5)
Telekinesis (10)
Telepathy (8)
Teleportation (6)
Time Fugue (11)
Transform (Type) (4)
Unconventional Move (2)
Vicious (6)
Willpower Battery (2)
Power Fantasy vs. Alter Ego
The Minmaxing
Get an Ally
Use a Pre-Package
Sets: Powers
x1 Brute Strength
x2 Flight
x3 Sneaky
x4 Telekinesis
x5 Power Blast
x6 Devious Manipulator
x7 Oracle
x8 Master of (fll in the blank)
One-Roll Talents
x9 Got All the Toys
x10 Perfection
Loose Dice: Events
Blue 1–2
Blue 3–4
Blue 5
Axes of Design
Red: Historical Inertia
Red 1
Why You Can’t Change History: Explaining Redness
Red 2
Red 3
Red 4
Red 5
Gold: Talent Inertia
Why You Don’t Change: Explaining Goldness
Gold 1
Gold 2
Silver Threads Among the Gold: One Big Change
Gold 3
Gold 4
Gold 5
Blue: The Lovely and the Pointless
Blue 1
Blue 2
Why Weirdness Still Feels Normal: Explaining Blueness
Blue 3
Blue 4
Black: Moral Clarity
Black 1
Why Right Makes Might: Explaining Blackness
Per Capita
Per Trauma
As You Like It
Times Without Number
We Who Are About to Fly Salute You
Forward and Backward
Whosoever Can Lift This Castle Is Rightwise King of England
The Da Vinci Talent
The Revolution Begins in the Hyperbrain of the Philosopher
Choose Your Own Confederacy
British Intervention
Military Defeat
Political Collapse
Southron Superpower
Championship Series
Our Poor American Cousins
Disunited States of America
World War Wild
June 11, 1940: The Siege of Malta
December 7, 1941: Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor
May 8, 1942: U.S.S. Yorktown Survives the Coral Sea
March 14, 1943: The Bomb on Hitler’s Plane Fails to Explode
October 25, 1944: Admiral Kurita Pulls Back at Leyte Gulf
The Modern Super-Age
August 1944: Roosevelt Drops Wallace
January 27, 1947: The U.S. Abandons China
Four-Color Fascism
February 16, 1951: The Huemul Project
Summer 1952: How Do We Beat Ike?
October 1962: The Cuban Missile Crisis
November 22, 1963: John F. Kennedy Assassinated
September 11, 2001: The New Pearl Harbor
Your Game, Your World
What is a Talent?
The Term ‘Talent’
The Super-Age (1936 to 1946)
A Brief Timeline of World War II
What is a Wild Talent?
The Deepening Abyss (1946 to 1952)
The Berlin Blockade (1946)
Campaign Setting: ‘Ghosts’
The Russians in Iran (1946)
Movement in the Middle-East
Soviet Infltration
Deep Freeze
Ha-Esh (‘The Fire’): Israel’s Talent Defense Force
Al Jihad, Baqaya Jihannam (‘The Survivors of Hell’)
The First Arab-Israeli War and Forced Partition (1946)
GEN. 75 Tests the First British Atomic Bomb (1946)
The U.K.’s Ace in the Hole
Nuclear Creation, Escalation and Obsolescence
The Marshall Plan and the Talent Volunteers (1947)
Campaign Setting: The Cauldron
The Teevees (Talent Volunteers)
Teevee Membership
Teevee Facilities and Resources
Wild Talents (1947)
Campaign Setting: A World Without Tyrants
India and Pakistan: Independence and War (1947)
South Asia’s Rise to Power
India - U.S. Relations
Roswell (1947)
MAJIC Clearance
The Soviet Atomic Bomb (1947)
Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Rumania (1947)
Greece and Turkey (1947)
The Brussels Treaty (1947)
Von Braun and the A-12a (1948)
NATO (1948)
The ‘Super’ (1949)
People’s Republic of China (1949)
Chinese Ambitions
Stalin Power Armor Mark 2 (1949)
Wild Talents and Weapons Technology
‘The Serpent’s Head’ (1949)
Ajax (1949)
Campaign Setting: Another Day on the Farm
Technology in the 1950s: State of the Art
First Suborbital Flight (1949)
French Indochina (1949)
Project ARTEMIS (1950)
Talents and Space Flight
The Korean Confict (1950)
Star (1951)
Campaign Setting: The 50th Parallel
The Nautilus (1951)
McCarthy (1951)
Telepathy’s Impact
Wild Talent Medicine
Wild Talents and Law Enforcement
MacArthur’s Parade (1951)
Enewetok (1951)
The Race (1952)
Dienbienphu (1952)
Mankind Conquers Space (1953 to 1969)
The Treaty of San Francisco and the SPTO (1953)
The Strange Death of Joseph Stalin (1953)
Spirit (1953)
Campaign Setting: Proxy War
The Baghdad Pact (1954)
Reelection (1956)
The Soviets in Jordan (1957)
The Race War (1958)
President Humphrey (1960)
The First Men on the Moon (1962)
Campaign Setting: Equality
Space Escalation (1964)
The Collapse of the U.N. (1966)
Teleportation and Space Travel
Technology in the 1960s: State of the Art
Life in the U.S
Worldwide Life in the 1950s and 1960s
The Gold Crash (1966)
The Peace Movement (1966)
Vanguard (1967)
Sojourner 1 (1968)
Chaos at the Convention (1968)
President John F. Kennedy (1968)
Syrtis Major (1969)
Campaign Setting: Life on Mars
Interview With the Alien (1969)
The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend (1971 to 1992)
The Lebanon Crisis (1971)
Kennedy’s Illness (1971)
The Home Computer Revolution (1972)
Campaign Setting: No-Man’s Land
Technology in the 1970s: State of the Art
‘The Stars Make No Noise’ (1977)
Portables (1978)
The Space Treaty (1981)
The Grid
Life in the U.S. in the 1970s and 1980s
Worldwide Life in the 1970s and 1980s
Technology in the 1980s: State of the Art
The Technological Plateau
‘The End of All Things’ (1982)
Secrets: The Suicide of Dr Daniel Baxter Smith
Spying on Epsilon Eridani (1983)
The Announcement (1984)
Detection (1985)
The Builders (1986)
The Ship (1991)
Campaign Setting: The Builder War
The Builders, in Person (1992)
‘A Lasting Peace for All Mankind’ (1992)
The Pivot on Which the World Turns (1993 to 2000)
Reconstruction (1993)
Campaign Setting: Styx
Rogues (1993)
‘American Autonomy’ and Soviet ‘Freedom’ (‘Свобода’)
The Engine (1993)
Terror (1994)
You Can’t Stop Religion (1994)
Losing Ground (1995)
Black Sunday (1996)
The U.S. in the 1990s
Worldwide Life in the 1990s
FTL Test (1996)
The Map (1996)
The Safe Bet (1996)
Project FASTWALKER (1997)
A.I. Bridge (1997)
ETR Defense (1998)
The Three-Term President (1998)
International Police Service
The Shift (1998)
Fish Space (1998)
HD 69830 (1999)
A Bang or a Whimper (2000 to present)
Contact (2000)
The Earth Defense Fleet (2001)
The Fish
The Fish War (2001)
United Trade (2001)
‘Endless Secrets and Lies’ (2007)
The Road Ahead
Grey—The First Wild Talent (circa 1947)
Character Index
Stalin Power Armor Mark 2 (circa 1949)
The Destroyer of Worlds (circa 1960)
IAM (‘The Odd Squad,’ cir- ca 1969)
S.A.M. (‘The Odd Squad,’ circa 1969)
The Red Scare (‘The Odd Squad,’ circa 1969)
Old Glory (‘The Odd Squad,’ circa 1969)
AEGIS Combat System (circa 1971)
Yaum Al-Qiyâmah (‘Day of Judgment’) (circa 1994)
Fish Invader (circa 2005)
Henry ‘Wraith’ Francis (cir- ca 2010)
‘Rabid’ Anne Gareth (circa 2010)
Dr. Jurassic (circa 2010)
The Enforcer (circa 2010)
Civilians and Soldiers
Blue-Collar Worker (72 pts)
Hardened Criminal (80 pts)
Performer (79 pts)
White-Collar Worker (80 pts)
Federal Agent (125 pts)
Police Detective (120 pts)
Police SWAT Team Member (125 pts)
Police Patrol Offcer (110 pts)
Military Offcer (115 pts)
Soldier (95 pts)
Avian, Raptor
Canine, Normal Dog
Canine, Large Dog
Feline, Wild Cat
Feline, Big Cat
Feline, Huge Cat
What’s Gaming?
The Logic of the Setting
Why is this ‘Fun’?
Character Generation, or, The Joy of Ham
Trouble: The Overactor
Combat: The Crimson Bliss of Power
Trouble: The Powergamer
Setting and the Sedentary Compensations of the Couch Potato
Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It
Show Up
Trouble: Mr. Lazybones
Pay Attention
Let It Go
The GM’s Basic Duties
The Plot
A Quick Lexicon
The Hook
Paper Tigers
Rising Action
Falling Action
Rules Resolution
Keeping the Villain Alive
Gold: Personality Mechanics
Blue: The ‘Woohoo’ Issue
Black: ‘Destroy Him, My Punk-Rock Homeless Minions!’
Building an Adventure
Building a Scene
Building a Challenge
Not Whether, But Why
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