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840 Frequently Asked Words With Sentences

840 Frequently Asked Words With Sentences



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Published by api-3711544
Well..the name explains itself.Find the most repeated and tough words asked in GRE in this file...
Well..the name explains itself.Find the most repeated and tough words asked in GRE in this file...

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Published by: api-3711544 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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address (v.) (uh-dres)
to address is to:#

a. deal with
b. put clothes on
c. watch
d. attach significance to
e. delve into#

a*.) to address something is to deal with it, or to draw attention to it.
upon being elected chairman, he immediately addressed the group's financial

to address also is to give a speech or formal talk:
"whenever bob has to address the whole student body, he gets very nervous," the

dean's wife confided.
to address also is to direct speech toward:
he addressed the king directly.$

abysmal (adj.) (uh-biz-mul)
abysmal means:#

a. beyond reach
b. abnormal
c. rural
d. infinitely deep
e. full of ups and downs#

d*.) abysmal means infinitely or immeasurably deep, limitless.
her abysmal sadness sapped her energy for many months.
abysmal also means hopelessly bad, wretched.
"it's an abysmal day and i'm not going to cheer up," declared aunt ida defiantly.$

complement (n.) (kahm-pluh-munt)
a complement is:#

a. something that flatters
b. something that organizes
c. something that completes
d. something that doesn't cost anything
e. something that enfolds#

c*.) a complement is something that completes, perfects, or goes really well with
something else; garlic bread is a complement to spaghetti, popcorn is a complement
to a good movie; a good book may be the perfect complement to a rainy sunday
afternoon, a dvd player complements a stereo system.

"does red wine or white wine best complement fish?" asked sheila.$
clique (n.) (kleek)
a clique is:#

a. a nautical design
b. a distinctive pin
c. an exclusive group
d. a harem
e. a hair style#

c*.) a clique is a tight group from which others are excluded.
"who wants to belong to that clique of snooty girls anyway?" exclaimed naomi.$
ascendancy (n.) (uh-sen-dun-see)
ascendancy refers to:#

a. a period of dominance
b. a great height
c. a phase of popularity
d. an increase
e. a hierarchy#

a*.) ascendancy is a controlling influence, a time of dominance.
thankfully, the fascism that had risen to ascendancy in europe in the 1930s faded
after world war ii.$
bourgeois (adj.) (boor-zhwah)
bourgeois would describe:#

a. wealthy people
b. royalty
c. poor people
d. the parisian working class
e. the middle class#

e*.) bourgeois means middle class. bourgeois is a term first used in france to
describe a city dweller who was neither a farmer nor a noble. today it is used to
describe anyone with middle class values of materialism and respectability. the
person who uses the term "bourgeois" usually feels that he is more "hip" than the
person he is describing.

philip's brother has a cell phone and season tickets to the opera. he is just so
bourgeois is pronounced boor-zhwah$
ambivalent (adj.) (am-biv-uh-lunt)
if you are ambivalent you:#

a. are hesitant
b. have mixed feelings
c. are passionately involved
d. can do things with either hand
e. are judgmental#

b*.) ambivalent means having mixed feelings, holding attitudes that contradict
one another leading to uncertainty. if you sometimes love the city where you live
and sometimes hate it, you can be said to be ambivalent. if you think jacob is
extremely good looking, but also is selfish and conceited, you might be ambivalent
about dating him.

when he brought up going to the shore on robin's birthday, i felt ambivalent, but
robin assured me we could celebrate another time.$
austere (adj.) (aw-steer)
austere means:#

a. graceful
b. depressed
c. silent
d. stark
e. poverty stricken#

d*.) austere means stark, without frills, stripped down, extremely simple
the monk's room was austere, without so much as a picture or a book, other than

the bible.
austere also has the meaning of stern, cold, solemn and unemotional.
his austere personality made people both respect and fear him.
as a noun, austerity refers to stark simplicity, self-denial. times of austerity

are lean times:
in the course of his life, the buddha experienced both opulence and austerity.$
capricious (adj.) (kuh-prish-us)
capricious means:#

a. fun-filled
b. extravagant
c. open-minded
d. delicate
e. unpredictable#

e*.) capricious means unpredictable, impulsive, erratic, arbitrary, subject to
whims, prone to change without warning.
the bill of rights is a guarantee that the government will never act capriciously

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