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Campus Tour Assignment - FIXED VERSION 4 - Old

Campus Tour Assignment - FIXED VERSION 4 - Old

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Published by: api-3712675 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Corporatization of York University
Name: Yousra Ahmed

Student #: 209168386
T.A.: Sandra Sukhan (Tutorial # 8)
Date: November 15, 2007


Every year millions of students embark on the dynamic journey of post secondary
education in hopes of getting a good education and valuable working skills that they can
take with them when they step out into the practical world. Post secondary institutions are
designed to provide the finest education in a healthy learning environment with good
academic interests. However, living in an era of globalization and corporate rule our
universities have no chance of surviving on its own. Clarke and Dopp (2001) have
propose that in recent years, there has been an upsurge of corporate affiliation with post
secondary institutions, due to lack of government funding, which has transformed the
academic environment of universities into one that is geared more towards corporate
interests. Universities are desperately seeking to affiliate themselves with wealthy
corporations in multimillion dollar contracts and in doing so they fail to realize that they
are violating the very principles for what they stand for.

In a campus tour of York University, corporate involvement is quite prominent in
every corner of the campus. Instead of promoting an academic environment, we are
increasingly noticing a corporate takeover of the university campus. There are corporate
values seen everywhere on campus - in the advertisements on the walls, bill boards, and
washrooms, the large food corporations providing food on campus, corporate battles on
campus, and much more deeply rooted ideas not easily noticeable. Our academic
institutions are meant to be a learning space for students but are now being influenced by
a corporate culture. Vari Hall for example, has had a moment in history where students
once misunderstood this space as a place for students and held a protest in the building
but soon realized that this act was not allowed. In 2005, police were called in to arrest
York students, a couple of whom were badly beaten at the hands of the police, for
protesting in a forbidden area. Students argued that Vari Hall should be considered a


place where students could have the right to voice their opinions (Behmard, 2005). It is
very unfortunate to see that Vari Hall being a building that was designed as a space for
students is now being used for corporate advertisement and selling of their products. It
appears that slowly but surely these mega multinationals are going to take over the entire
campus, if they haven\u2019t already. Corporates with multimillion dollar budgets are grabbing
any opportunity they can get to be present in any area of academic institutions. They use
the pretext of philanthropy and community involvement to influence the management and
board of directors, thereby promoting privatization in academic institutions. As a result,
social equity has suffered a major setback at the hands of privatization on campus.


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