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Newsletter Issue No 3

Newsletter Issue No 3

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Published by mbelljones
RifCom Newsletter No. 3
RifCom Newsletter No. 3

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: mbelljones on Sep 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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deliver educational mes-sages in a healthy, posi-tive and most importantly,fun environment.Through the medium of sport, RifCom intends togain trust and friendshipwith the shy communitiesof the Rif, starting inChefchaouen and rollingout to the villages over coming events.
his June sawRifCom’s firstYouth FootballTournament being held in the Rif.“The event was designedto create community spiritand foster village prideamongst players fromunderprivileged back-grounds and also providean opportunity to deliver  positive messages onhealth and local environ-ment issues” explainsTom Cawthorn, RifCom’sSport Liaison Officer andorganiser of the event.
Teams of under 12’s wereinvited to take part fromthe Chefchaouen regionand surrounding ruralvillages. With twelveteams participating(including one team fromGibraltar), Each player received, a participationcertificate, medal and gift bag and teams were al-lowed to keep their newstrip. Trophies were pre-sented to the winningteam and runners
up, withan additional Plate trophy being awarded also.
“Today, I’m feel- ing like Messi..” 
It was clearly an excitingand special event for thechildren, who enjoyed itimmensely. None more sothan the visiting teamsfrom the rural villageswho, for some, had never left their villages before.One young boy told histeacher “Today I am feel-ing like Messi” and an-other “Its like being in adream”.
By using sport in thisway, RifCom are able to
RifCom Youth FootballTournament a Great Success
The RifCom trustees and team wish to thank all those who took part and supportedthe Football Tournament, with special thanks to Tom Cawthorn whose ideas anddrive made the whole thing possible, to Abdelilah Aghzal, Anass Salhi, AssociationSebanine and all RifCom’s friends in Morocco whose on
ground assistance isinvaluable, to BMCRif (Barbary Macaque Conservation in the Rif) for their wonder-ful presentation raising awareness for the decline of the Barbary Macaque in the ar-ea, the headmaster and students of Khezzana school for their excellent piece of mid
tournament theatre, to our major sponsors Triple A Cleaning Services for their gen-erous support and other kind sponsors including Fulham F.C., Orion BuildingGroup, C & J Refurbishments, Lincoln Football Club, Ibex Insurance, Grafix SignCentre, STM Fidecs and all the other supporters of RifCom whose fund
raising andhelp make these wonderful achievements possible.
Issue No 3 September 2011
Inside thisissue:
RifCom’s First
Youth FootieTournament aGreat Success!
School Project atKhezzana April2011
FundraisingEvents & Dona-tions
Knit & NatterDonations
Other news
Coming Events
The Rif Community Foundation
Issue No 3 • September 2011
Editor’s Note
Welcome to this thirdissue of the RifComNewsletter and asthings revert back tonormal after the hot Summer, the team isbusy planning eventsfor the coming months.The countdown hasstarted for the Atlas &Sahara Challenge inNovember with every-one striving to reachtheir fundraising tar-gets and stepping uptheir training regime.In this issue, reports onthe very successfulRifCom footie tourna-ment held in June andthe Khezzana schoolproject together withother news. So wehope you enjoy it andshould you have anyquestions on any itemsincluded here or indeedanything relating toRifCom, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 
The team from the villageof Fifi. The boys had neverleft their village before!!
Children from KhezzanaSchool who entered a teamand also performed awonderful piece of theatrein the lunch break.
Players showing off theirwinnings….!
Sponsors and Supporters of the Event
Despite political demonstrations, abomb in Marrakech and two can-celled student exchange trips, theteam eventually managed to co
ordinate a long overdue visit to theprimary school at Khezzana, near Bab Taza, to carry out some simpleprojects and to gather informationfor a larger funded project at theschool later in the year. The teamconsisted of seven volunteers readyto work, with enthusiasm and spiritthat not even terrorist acts nor theterrible weather could dampen. Itwas due to the wet weather that allprojects were completed indoorsand consisted of artwork, stencillingand the RifCom trade mark “circle of hands”. The excited students readi-ly helped with the painting projectsthroughout the day and then reward-ed the team with a wonderful, mov-ing piece of theatre at the end of theafternoon, relating to the hardshipsthe local farmers have to endure andthe difficulties of crop production inthe area. It was a very simple piece,with no words just music andtouched the hearts of everyone inthe room. Subsequently, the schoolkindly agreed to to perform the pieceagain during the lunch break at theRifCom Youth Football Tournamentin June which was well received bythe tournament players.
The team concluded their visit toKhezzana school with a presentationof donated items of school supplies,books, paints, clothing and footballs.
Originally this event consisted of thirty
eight volunteers, mostly stu-dents but due to the bomb in Marra-kech less than 24 hours before de-parture, the numbers drastically re-duced to seven. Not letting a sin-gle act of terrorism stand in the wayof a charitable deed and having fullyassessed the risks, the RifCom teamploughed on regardless of the re-duced numbers and thankfully theydid. Had they not, the seven volun-teers would not have experiencedthe amazing hospitality of the Rif people, who were just as troubled bythe bomb as the rest of us and anopportunity would have been missedto offer a kind hand of friendship toour Rif neighbours. A massivethanks to everyone who joined theteam on this event amidst the after-math and confusion of a terrorist actand well done for the achievementsyou created together as a greatteam. You did an amazing job!!Thank you.
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Issue No 3 September 2011
School Project at Khezzana April 2011
(Left photo) Here is Julian Camble, RifCom Secretaryand Co
Founder, presenting a laptop to the headmaster of Khezzana school, very kindly donated by STMFidecs. The laptop is to be used by the Parents andTeachers Association of the school. Earlier in the year a computer was kindly donated to the school by Fins- bury Trust, for sole use by the students (right photo).Until now, the school owned only one computer,which was used by the headmaster. Now, for the firsttime the students will have access to a computer.
Fundraising Events & Donations
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Issue No 3 • September 2011
Finding Your Smile
A huge thanks for thedonations coming infrom the “Follow Your Smile” workshops andevents. For more infoon Finding Your Smileand the “Follow Your Smile” programmeplease go to:
Thanks guys!!!
Knit & Natter Group Donates to RifCom
The ladies of the “Knit & Natter” group from the Arts & Craft Centre in Gibraltar have been combining their efforts to produce items of baby clothing and blankets for the commu-nities of the Rif. Helen Brown, the group’s organiser, recently contacted RifCom to offer adonation of the group’s products which are created during their weekly get together. The beautifully knitted items were handed over in June to a young mother in Khezzana and her 10 day old baby. The mother lives in a small house with her extended family and the do-nated items will be used by her baby and then passed on for further use by other membersof her family and community. A very special thank you to Helen and her group and anyonewishing to know more about the Knit & Natter group can contact the Arts & Craft centre on+350 20073865. The group meets every Tuesday from 11am to 3pm.
The „Los Mojitos‟ team attheir Bingo Night May 2011.
Charity bag
packing atMorissons attended by allteams in May 2011.
Cake Sale by the „Los Mojitos‟team….go Mojitos!!!!!Ellie Turpin (RifCom‟sFundraising Secretary) andMari Bell
Jones (RifCom Co
Founder) raising awarenessoutside Morissons and col-lecting donations on 21st May2011.
Mari receives donated footiestrips from Lincoln F.C.which were later used duringthe June football tourna-ment. Thanks Lincoln F.C.!!
“Los Mojitos” raising money atCalentita Night selling montadi-tos...yum!!
With over 40 peoplesigned up for the No-vember RifCom Atlas toSahara Challenge trek, plenty of fundraising has been happening aroundthe rock. Each partici- pant of the challenge has pledged to raise a fund-raising target of £700 inaddition to their registra-tion fee of £500. Teamshave been busily organ-ising all sorts of eventsfrom Salsa classes, toBingo and Quiz nights.Here are a few photos of our fundraisers in ac-tion….
The “STeaMers” team enjoyingSalsa Night in July 2011
Night at the Kasbah organ-ised by the “STeaMers” teamJuly 2011

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