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Sea Rams

Sea Rams

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Published by api-3713843
My final yr project review - zeroth review....basic
this dint get selected..as its administrative type..they want system s/w
My final yr project review - zeroth review....basic
this dint get selected..as its administrative type..they want system s/w

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Published by: api-3713843 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Business Objective

SEARAMS is an information system that works across the entire spectrum of tools on the semiconductor manufacturing floor to identify and track less-than-optimum performance, including throughput and process quality. Comparisons of actual equipment performance with theoretical maximums are presented in both graphic and tabular

format, allowing the factory manager to correct equipment utilization
problems that limit OFE (Overall Factory Efficiency).
Scope and Process

Searams provides a unified view of the various states of each of the equipments in a semi-conductor manufacturing company. The product consisted of a GUI and an object oriented data model that is interfaced with an Oracle database back end.

SEARAMS represents the industry's most complete implementation of
Standards (E10, E58 and E79) developed by Semiconductor

Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) for the semiconductor industry. These standards define a number of "states" that a tool may enter or exit at any given time, including production, standby, engineering, unscheduled downtime, scheduled downtime and non- scheduled time. SEARAMS provides graphic editors to define each state, the conditions that can cause a transition to a particular state and the time spent in each state.

SEARAMSin tegrates easily into existing factories, regardless of the level of automation that is already in place. The system works over the factory's communications channel, making the editing and reporting functions available to all users. Factory managers at all levels can benefit from its user-friendly features. Reports showing the time in each state are generated automatically on a specific schedule. The reports can be automatically distributed to appropriate recipients.

For instance, the system will produce a graph showing the reasons
for unscheduled downtime for a single tool or a specific equipment
group for a specified period.
As stated earlier the system integrates into existing factories
regardless of the level of automation that is in place.
Working- within the factories communication system
Functions- editing and reporting to users via report generation
Reports- showing the time in each state is generated automatically on
a specific schedule.
Tolerances- the range of values which may be involving other states
for determining the standard value of a particular state

Java- developing APIs
Awt & Swing- developing GUIs
Oracle- Back end for storing information/data


Girish Mahadevan

Mobile Remainder

This is mainly a messaging service which is application based and
has its presence for reminding purpose. Now days remainders are
widely used in computers and in PDAs and other electronic items,
the reach has been up tomobil es where it is utilized at most. As it\u2019s
well known that Mobile phones are used with a hundred percent hit in
the daily lives of corporate people, it mainly comprises of those kind of
people who have a busy routine with a lot of appointments and notices,
they require some sort of remainders for managing or else this would
result in a problem on a long term. Remainders play a big role when a
person is occupied with a lot of work and has the inability to remember
each and every thing at that particular time of requirement, so we
require mobile remainders to fill for this need.

We make use of J2EE and establish connection using an interface which
can be anything from a device to a communication service. This

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