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Echos of Tachyons From Higher Dimensions

Echos of Tachyons From Higher Dimensions

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Published by api-3700341

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Published by: api-3700341 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Echos of Tachyons from higher dimensions \u2013 thousand time faster
than light and imaginary mass

According to the equation E = mc2/sqrt(1 - v2/c2), if v > c, the denominator becomes imaginary.
Therefore, the rest mass m must also be imaginary in order that the energy E be real (and hence an
observable quantity).

Scientists finally understand Tachyons really exist. They exist in higher dimensions where speed
start at higher than that of light.

The dilemma lies as follow. You can never perceive Tachyons if you started at a speed less than c, since you would need an infinite amount of energy just to reach the speed of light. But if you travel in higher dimension, you are already in speed faster than light and hence there is no problems with the perceptions of Tachyons in higher dimensions.

What Einstein said is that you cannot accelerate to the speed of light. It makes sense. Who ever
created the 3D Universe made it like fish bowl. They can see. You can never see them. They
achieved their goals with a simple mechanism. The speed in 3D world is restricted to that of light.

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