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Casey Anthony - Casey Anthony 7-16-08 Transcript

Casey Anthony - Casey Anthony 7-16-08 Transcript

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Published by TruthTron

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Published by: TruthTron on Sep 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB1
, 2008, it’s about 1320 hours. We’re atUniversal Studios I’m here with Sergeant Allen, um, I’m here with Detective AppieWells, um, also here with Casey Anthony.
Q And Casey, we talked earlier this morning and we’re working a case looking foryour daughter Caylee, is that correct?A Yes.Q Okay. We came here to Universal Studios, we’re sitting in little conference room.Obviously the door’s unlocked. We just closed it so we could have a littleprivacy and talk to you.A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)Q And ah, couple more questions came up I need to ask you about. Rememberour, how I opened this whole thing in the morning?A Yeah.Q About saying that you know we need to get complete truth and the snowballeffect and.. and.,..Absolutely.Q ...how it goes? Okay. Um, we’re about half way down that hill, three quartersdown that hill and it’s a pretty big snow ball. Which means that there’s a lot ofstuff going on right now.A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB2
Q And I can tell you just for certainty everything you’ve told me so far has been alie. I can tell you with certainty and let me explain why. Since I left you thismorning.A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)Q I’ve gone to every address that you’ve told me. I’ve looked up every name, I’vetalked every person that you.. you wanted me to talk or try to.A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)Q I’ve reached out I’ve talked to your ex-boyfriend, I’ve talked to Amy. Ah, I talkedto Tony. Um, I came over here I’ve already talked to all the employees.A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)Q And found out all these names you’re giving me are people that either neverworked her or been fired a long time ago okay. So, where we are right now is ina position that doesn’t look very good for you.A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)Q And this is gonna be your.. your escape hatch so to speak. This is gonna be thepoint where you stop all lies and you stop all the fibs and you tell us exactlywhat’s going on.A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)Q I’m just being you know being straight with you.A Yeah.Q ‘Cause obviously I know and you know that everything you’ve told me is a lie,correct?A Not everything that I told you.
Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB3
Q Okay.Ah, pretty much everything that you’ve told me. Including where Caylee is rightnow.A That I still, I don’t know where she is.Q Sure you do. And here’s...A I absolutely do not.Q Listen to me let..A ....know where she is.Q ...me, let me.. let me explain something. Together with combined experience inthis room we all have bout 30 years of doing this.A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)Q Okay both myself and Sergeant John Allen worked for homicide division forseveral years. We’ve dealt with several people, we’ve conducted thousands ofinterviews between the three of us. And Appie’s 20 years so just between thethree of us we’ve got several years. And I can tell you for certainty that right nowlooking at you I know that everything that you’ve told me is a lie. Including thefact that you know you’re child was last seen about a month ago. And that youdon’t know where she is. Yeah I.. I’m very confident just by having talked to youthe short period of time that you know where she is.A I don’t.Q You... you do. And here’s the thing, we need to get past that because we couldsit here and go back and forth all day long about I don’t, I do, I don’t, I do. It’spretty obvious that with everything that you’ve told us. Nothing had been true.You know where she is. Now my question to you is, is this. We need to find

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