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The Black Demon

The Black Demon



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Published by api-3708113

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Published by: api-3708113 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Call to me,Come to me,The Black DemonGrowl at me,The Black LionWave to me,Beckon me,The Black Man,Sign to me,The Black Pharaoh,Blow upon me,The Black Wind,Beckon to me,The Dark Pharaoh,Call to me,Come to me,The Dark Demon,Shriek at me,The Haunter of the Dark,Seduce me,PanDeal with me,The Man In Black,Contract me,The Black Man ,Play with me,The Green Man ,Seduce me,The Horned Man,Use Logic upon me,The Tic-Toc Man ,Tempt me,The White Man,Dance for me,LokiGo frome me,The Bringer of Pests ,Protect me,The Effigy of Hate ,Shriek at me,The Father of Bats ,Bleed for me,The Father of Knives ,Protect me,The Father of Locusts ,
Take down for me,ShaitanWatch me,Ahtu ,Fight for me,Byagoona ,Silence for me,L'rog'g ,Haunt for me,Mr. Skin ,Contract for me,Narla ,Serve for me,Nyarlatophis ,Do for me,Nyarlathotep,Rule for me,Nephren-Ka,Leave me be,Set ,Crawl for me,Shugoran ,Manage for me,Stephen Alzis ,Fly for me,Tezcatlipoca,Thule for me,Thoth ,Infect for me,Xipe TotecTakeover for me,The Beast ,Consume for me,The Bloated Woman,Kill for me,The Bloody Tongue,Fractalize for me,The Crawling Chaos,Stare at me,The Faceless One,Awaken for me,The Faceless Sphinx,Devour for me,The Face Eater,
Follow for me,The Floating HorrorSeduce me,Herne,Rape me,Xichpicu,Play music for me,The Royal Pant ,Squirm your way in,The Small Crawler,Cry out,The Skinless One,Haunt me,The Thing in Yellow Rags,Call for meThe Wailing WritherPenetrate me,Cernunnos,Empower me,Louis Cypher,Give me visions,Lucy,Touch me,Lucifer,Light my way,The Morning Star,Fellate me,The Satyr,Avoid me,Kaiser SozeLook into me,Balor,Dance with me,Oberron,Empower me,Adolf Hitler,Strategize me,Napolean Bonapart,Will me,Aleister Crowley,Strengthen me,Ghengis Khan,Teach me culture,Alexander The Great

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