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Leadership Sample Chapter

Leadership Sample Chapter

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Published by: api-3714923 on Oct 14, 2008
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\u201cTrue leadership is the art of inspiring others to action through one\u2019s own
exemplary behavior\u201d
-----Jim Britt
The Making of a Leader
Leadership is defined as \u201cHaving the courage to be first.\u201d Courage is defined as

\u201cHaving strength of heart.\u201d
Real leadership is action, not a position you attain.
Leaders make a difference because theyare different themselves. A leader\u2019s

role in an organization is to influence and inspire the people who look to him or her for direction,
guidance and support.

What sets leaders apart from the masses is not their sex, age, or occupation. Nor is
it their level of education, how much money they earn, where they came from, or whom
they know. What sets true leaders apart is their awareness of, and sensitivity to, the

needs of others.
Effective leaders inspire themselves and others to aim higher, work harder and

smarter, accomplish more in less time, and they enjoy doing it.
Every coach has a game plan.
Every military officer has a battle plan.
Every airline pilot has a flight plan.
Every teacher has a lesson plan.
And every good leader should have a plan for bringing out the best in themselves

and others.
When you and your team end up in the winner\u2019s circle, you can rest assured it
wasn\u2019t by accident. It was because you and your teamcollectively did their job, and you,

as their team leader did your job very well.
You inspired your team with a vision of success.
You challenged your team to stay focused and on purpose.
You encouraged and supported each individual team member when they were

You kept every member inspired and focused on their goals and dreams.
You became a mentor for your team by setting the example, and by sharing your
insights and experiences.

You provided the common goal that held the team together.
You inspired every individual to always give their best.
You were the confident leader who encouraged each individual to take the

initiative and to teach others how to make contributions that benefited the whole team.
All those things are the principles that effective team leaders follow in order to get
into, and remain, in the winner\u2019s circle.

Building a team is much like a farmer planting crops. Think about it. The farmer
plants the seeds. Every seed is unique. The birds get some of them. In our business it\u2019s
the birds of negativity that get them. Some fall on unfertile ground. Some just don\u2019t have
what it takes to take root and grow. And some fall on the rocks. I guess they bump their
heads and develop amnesia about why they joined in the first place.

Basically, just like with the farmer planting his crop, in your business the law of averages take over. With just the right amount of care, not too much and not too little, just like the farmer, you nourish and you keep the weeds out. You keep out the weeds of doubt and uncertainty. You keep the \u201cfear\u201d birds away. You weed out the nonproductive ones, and eventually you produce the results.

Just like the farmer and his crop. When it comes to financial security and business success, it doesn\u2019t happen by accident. It\u2019s not just something that will happen to you one day. It is created and achieved on purpose, through well-defined strategies and consistent action toward a desired outcome.

Everyone on your team should be categorized as either an A, B, C or a D player.

An\u201c A \u201d player is self- sustaining and requires little, if any of your time and assistance. They are like partners in your business. You call them occasionally to congratulate them on a job well done and you get together to celebrate.

A\u201c D \u201d player isn\u2019t really a player at all. Put them on your Christmas card list.

A\u201c C \u201d player is someone who is on your team but has no desire to develop a
serious business or income. They want to build a small part time business that may grow
to a $1,000 or so per month over time. Everyone needs these type of people. They are the
stabilizing factor in your business. You\u2019ll want to stay in touch and work with them,
because at some point they may become inspired about being an \u201cA\u201d player.

A\u201c B \u201d player is where everyone starts, but no one remains there for very long.
They always move to one of the other categories.
In order to develop a strong team you will want to be constantly on the lookout
for potential \u201cA\u201d players, and get them there as soon as you can.
As a leader, how do you know who\u2019s going to grow to be the super star? You
don\u2019t. However, there are some signs you can look for.
They are excited about the products, services, opportunity, company and their
goals and dreams.

They are coachable.
They listen to your direction and follow through.
They have a strong desire to succeed.
They have a list and are always adding to it.
They always return telephone calls.
They always show up at meetings.
They attend trainings even if they\u2019ve already been.
They have clear goals and a plan of action.
They are always up and fun to be around.
They are always helpful.
They want to become leaders themselves.
The key is to always work with those who deserve it not those who need it. In

other words, don\u2019t give major time to people with minor intention.
First, you look for interest. Those interested in working the business with you.
Second, you look for response. Those who respond to your direction. Those who
respond to your coaching. Remember, you are looking for serious minded people with a
mission to become more.

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