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John Rawls - A Theory of Justice

John Rawls - A Theory of Justice

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Published by Jenniffer Tan

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Published by: Jenniffer Tan on Sep 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 John Rawls – A Theory of JusticeReview Questions:
1.Carefully explain Rawl’s conception of the original position.According to Rawls, original position of equality corresponds to thestate of nature in the traditional theory of the social contract. Thisoriginal position is not, of course, thought of an actual historical stateof affairs, much less as a primitive condition of culture. It is understoodas a purely hypothetical situation characterized so as to lead to acertain conception of justice.
State and explain Rawl’s first principle of justice The first principle of justice states that “Each person is to have anequal right to the most extensive basic liberty compatible with asimilar liberty of others.” It means that everyone is free to do whateverthey want as long as nobody will get harm.3.State and explain the second principle. Which principle has prioritysuch that it cannot be sacrificed? The second principle states that social and economic inequalities are tobe arranged so that they are both reasonably accepted to beeveryone’s advantage and attached to position and offices open to all.It applies to the distribution of income and wealth and to the design of organizations that make use differences in authority and responsibilityor chains of command.
Discussion Questions:
On the first principle, each person has an equal right to the mostextensive basic liberty as long as this does not interfere with a similarliberty for others. What does this allow people to do? Does it mean, forexample, the people have the right to engage in homosexual activitiesas long as they don’t interfere with others? Can people produce and

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