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Under His Wings

Under His Wings

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Published by Kenneth Zhao
Biography by H A Baker
Biography by H A Baker

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Published by: Kenneth Zhao on Sep 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Under His Wings
(Autobiography)ByH. A. BakerMissionary to Tibet, China, and Formosa Author of 
 Plains of Glory and Gloom,Visions Beyond the Veil  Heaven and the Angels,The Three Worlds,Through Tribulation to Glory
 And several other booksIris 2008 Edition
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Foreword to the Iris 2008 Edition
 When Rolland and Heidi Baker first went abroad as missionaries in 1980,forming what is now called Iris Ministries, they did not do so absent theguiding impulse of a long vocational ancestry. To be understood rightly that descent must be traced down lines both spiritual and natural, but of all its recent progenitors, perhaps the single most influential on eithercount was H
Armstrong Baker. He was Rolland Baker’sgrandfather, and my great-grandfather. His were the core mission practices — expressions of his highest values for all ministry — whichhave influenced those of my parents to a greater extent than have anyother examples in living memory.
Rolland Baker, my father, grew up in the Far East, as had all theBakers from H
onwards. Newly wed, he would return there withmy mother soon after they had completed college in America. It was theirfirst mission field. They began in Indonesia, home of my own earliestmemories, and soon came to Hong Kong, where for four years theylabored among widows, gangs, and the homeless in some of earth’s mostcrowded slums. In their constant devotion to the poorest and most“problematic” individuals, as well as in their willingly subservient adoptionof a dizzying myriad of cultural novelties for the gospel’s sake, they closelymirrored much of H
d Baker’s work — consciously to some degree,but even more so as a natural and effortless result of a shared vision of Christ’s special love for the downcast. When my parents came to Africasome fifteen years later, they were borne there not by whim, but by a very particular momentum which has now crested with a remarkable revival inMozambique and many nations beyond. This has proven a divine work that unquestionably reverberates in the same spiritual notes as one whichGod ignited the better part of a century ago, in one of the most remote and then-wild regions of China. In that movement, H
d Armstrong Baker was used as a primary catalyst, serving for many years as a nearly lonespiritual custodian to numerous tribespeople in the far southwest
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mountains of Yunnan province. I believe that God has seen fit to preserve the inheritance of his calling and lifelong service, among many other ways,by its distinct bestowal upon his grandchildren.
older movement in China can be traced further back, of course, to Azusa Street and from thence back through all the centuries filled withsaints. Yet with H
d Baker, if nothing else, the course of our ownfamily surely takes a radical turn for the most pioneering forms of ministry(as our friend Dr. Chevreau once pointed out, my parents have usually notso much resembled “settlers” as they have “commandoes.”) Beyond this,however, I believe that through the work of H
’s lifetime somethingnew and distinctive can be seen to emerge, which before was not but today remains — in Iris as well as in many other ministries worldwide. Of  what this distinctiveness consists is best grasped, like so many of God’smost profound blessings, through its
— and there are few resources today that can stand alongside this one for telling it. This is H
dBaker’s autobiography.Notably, one of those few other resources is H
's most wellknown book,
Visions Beyond the Veil 
. That work details the extraordinaryblessings and extensive visions of the supernatural world given to a smallgroup of orphaned children at the Adullam orphanage, whom he and his wife had taken in from the brutal streets of a small mining town by thename of Kotchiu. For those who have read
Visions Beyond the Veil 
, thisautobiography will locate the events recounted there, among a great manyothers that he considered to be of equally surpassing wonder. (Indeed, what multitude of signs and miracles he witnessed in his earthly life we arenow unlikely to discover, this side of heaven, but these further accountsought to serve as a fine supplement for the hungry.)In light of the events of 
Visions Beyond the Veil 
, it is just oneconspicuous example of the continuity between the blessings H
drecounted and those we have seen in Mozambique today that a majority of  the most powerful supernatural experiences among us have occurred with
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