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Thinking Cap EIGHT-1

Thinking Cap EIGHT-1

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Published by stephenstgermain

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Published by: stephenstgermain on Sep 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love seems to be a reoccurring themein your lyrics, although you’ve ap- proached it from different perspectives.In the song Love, you discuss your interpretation of a universal need for love and even suggestions on how
to find it. The song also mentions
how you’ve been “waiting solong for her to come” andthe pain that this searchcan bring. Later, on Windsof Promise, you seem tohave found the love youwere searching for, but question whether this love isbeing reciprocated. What changes, if any, occurred inyour life between the writ-ing of these two songs?
The absolute high andlow points of my life canbe atributed to the feeling of love and it’s something that willalways either improve, affect or intrigue me. I was lucky to have ex-perienced love once for a period of sixyears and I incorporated it to Remission’s songs since it was always on my mind. Duringthose six years, I had a total of 3 break ups and as a resultcame a series of teachings, observations and revelationsabout myself, my former partner and love itself. When the
 song Love was first written (as it appears on the demo), the
words went “waited so long for her to come, time appearedeternal...” and several phrases were changed from past to pres-
ent tense (as they appear on the Accept LP) because of a longbreak-up (our second). I was now back to waiting for that special
 someone to arrive. Several months went by and that same year theex and I began dating again. She reignited the spark in me and helped
me through a difficult time which I will dive into later. A major complica
-tion I was facing in this reencounter was giving myself to her 100% and not feeling the same in return. Her inability
of saying she could ever love and trust me like before made me sad and angry at myself. Angry because I was
the one guilty of that. We were going through a rough time before the break up and on a trip I made to Mexico I
 same feelings it’s just some of them choose to neglect and not explore them. Thecore feeling of the subjects in question I believe is emptiness and on many ocas
- sions they try to sell an image carefully constructed to attract the other person,
driven by alcohol which for many is a confidence builder. People should present
themselves honestly and in conditions with nothing to hide so the other person“takes it or leaves it” depending on how they connect and feel about it.
“Repression, aggression, a burden of shame/ This country is stained with blood
and a thousand lost names.” Explain what the song Burden of Shame is describingand how this event has impacted your life as a Chilean?
Patriotism sickens me, especially coming from a nation that has gone through
 recent genocide. I’m referring to the period of dictatorship between the years1973 and 1988 where thousands of innocent men, women and children were mur-
dered by the military forces for simply having different ideologies (communismand socialism primarily). People taking pride in being part of a country stained
with these crimes and the discriminatory effect that can be witnessed todaythrough classism is a shame. Our largest soccer stadium was used as a prison
and the streets we walk by every day have history behind them, like a battlefield.
Unfortunately some people don’t wish to remember that period, but we must. Wemust remember the atrocities because in the present, politicians that supportedthe military occupation are in power and they don’t deserve any respect or sup-port. Nothing really changes for the minorities and so many people are blind to
the fact the right wingers destroyed democracy and just look out for themselves
and their elite.
What message do you hope listeners will take away from listening to Remission?
Questioning, taking risks, the path to self discovery, humility and passion.

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