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The Power of Your Spirit Book Review

The Power of Your Spirit Book Review

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Published by R. Ann Rousseau
Read R. Ann Rousseau's Explore Beyond the Usual blog post where she reviews Hay House author Sonia Chocquette's book The Power of Your Spirit - A Guide to Joyful Living (Full Review)
Read R. Ann Rousseau's Explore Beyond the Usual blog post where she reviews Hay House author Sonia Chocquette's book The Power of Your Spirit - A Guide to Joyful Living (Full Review)

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: R. Ann Rousseau on Sep 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Explore Beyond the Usual™ 
The Power of Your Spirit– Book Review
By R. Ann Rousseau
 Losing connection to Spirit may be the biggest problem we suffer from today
.” –Sonia Choquette ThePower of Your Spirit
There’s something about a Hay House book which alwaysseems to land in your hands exactly when you need it. HayHouse sent meThe Power of Your Spirit – A Guide to Joyful Livingby Sonia Choquette to take a look at during a week when the power of my spirit was being crushed!Many things conspired last week-- all at the same time, toknock the wind…or spirit…right out of me. I was tearing myhair out setting up my first email newsletter and dealing withtech support people who didn’t know any more about thesoftware than I did. After working for 5 hours on onenewsletter, it didn’t Save—even though I pressed SAVE. I hadto start again. It got erased again. Oh My God! Be glad youwere not in the room, because I let out a scream heard roundthe…neighborhood …a few spontaneously chosen words that wouldmake your hair curl. Not very spiritual I’m afraid. Luckily, on one side of me, I haveretired neighbors who don’t hear very well. On the other side, I have the Seven DayAdventist Church. They only go to church on Saturdays and it wasn’t Saturday.On top of my newsletter woes, an organization that I’m the President of was hostingsomeone from out of town for a seminar and she was being a complete Prima Dona.The guy I’ve been in love with for seventeen years told me he was in love with another woman. Maybe I should have started with this one and worked my way down the list.Quite frankly, it’s something I would prefer to bury in the background of my life.If that wasn’t bad enough, my blog software wasn’t working. Blogger was havingtechnical difficulties but failed to inform anyone, so I spent numerous hours on HelpForums trying to fix the issue only to find out I couldn’t. Isn’t that true about everythingin life?Hmmm, let me think…did I leave anything out? Even people who write about spiritualmetaphysical topics have weeks where they go off the rails. The good news is, we knowwhen it’s time to put out an SOS to Spirit and call in the A team. Any one of Sonia’s books is great for reminding us to do that.
I carried Sonia’s book,The Power of Your Spiritwith me everywhere I went during theweek, hoping I would have time to stop and read. Every time I went to read a section, Iwas interrupted. Finally I said out loud, “I need help! Send help! LIKE NOW!”
Life’s a Beach
I decided I reeeeally needed to read Sonia’s book now more than ever, but I couldn’tcatch a moment of peace to do it. So I went to the beach. I thought,
 It’s September 
 Noone will be on the beach right now, right?
I lugged my chair and The Power of Your (MY) Spirit with me, squatted in my beach chair and dug into Sonia’s book. Within 2minutes, a group of women showed up and started chitter chattering away next to me.There was literally no one on the beach except for me and them…and now I couldn’t read because they were all catching up on gossip right next to my chair!I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I decided to move my chair a few yards downthe beach to get away from them. I wanted to read Sonia’s book and needed to find thePower of My Spirit—Fast! I know what being in a low vibration for an extended periodof time does to one’s life…and it was manifesting faster with each passing minute. Ineeded to stop the leak!I read the following passage, “Spirit can be best felt in silence. If you pay close attention,you can actually distinguish the feeling of intuition and Spirit from that of ego-basedintelligence. Spirit leaves you expanded, peaceful, surprised, and inspired; you’re leftwith an open heart and mind. Ego, on the other hand, leaves you feeling tense andcontracted; you’re left with a closed or defensive heart and mind.”I wrote in the margin
 , I’m
in my ego right now. Extremely tense
.I read on, “The more you practice sitting in silence for a few short moments, the morequickly you can intercept these often highly subtle outreaches from your Spirit.”
My Donald Shimoda Makes an Appearance
I closed my eyes to try to get silent but…I was interrupted, “Hey Robin! How are you!”It was Ace – the Fisherman.Ace is the sweetest guy you could ever meet. He’s near retirement at a paper millcompany up north where he oversees the boiler system—a job he’s had for 38 years. Ionly see him on the beach once or twice a year in August/September when he comes tofish on my beach. It’s strange, but he only seems to appear when I’m alone—alwaysunannounced. One time, he even appeared through the fog while I was walking alone onthe beach—like something out of a novel!Ace and I can talk for hours. We usually talk about wood burning stoves, his kids, grandchildren, and…fish. He shows me pictures of his big catches. There’s wisdom in simple
conversation. I think of him as my Donald Shimoda if you’ve ever read Richard Bach’sclassic book Illusion. It’s not that he imparts any higher spiritual truths to me as we walk on the beach. It’s just that his kind heart always makes me feel better than I did before Italked to him. He’s a spiritual master dressed in a plaid shirt who shows up exactly at theright time!After he left, I looked down at my book that I hadn’t gotten any farther in since I lefthome. It occurred to me in that moment, I felt exactly as Sonia described--expanded, peaceful, surprised and inspired—with an open heart and mind. I didn’t feel tense or inemotional pain anymore. I felt lighter. Since my Spirit couldn’t get through to me in theclutter of the events of my life, it got through to me by sending Ace. I asked for help andreceived it in the form I needed in that moment which put me back in the flow. Ace— what an appropriate name for someone sent to help me get out of my own way.Later that day after reading a few more chapters in the book, I learned that Angels notonly show up as fishermen, they work at email marketing companies too! I decided to tryone last time to try to get my email newsletter issues resolved. I called tech support atConstant Contact and got a wonderful man named Aquiles on the phone. He was aCracker Jack tech support person who fixed every one of my issues. It was smooth sailingfrom then on.As I worked my way through Sonia’s new book, I was back in the Spirit saddle again andthe A-Team showed up just like I had asked…ironically their names were Ace andAquiles. When Spirit answers the call, sometimes they follow instructions…exactly!
The Book! The Book!
Sonia Choquette’s book The Power of Your Spirit – A Guide to Joyful Livingis aboutfinding your spirit…your mojo…whatever you want to call it, and the value of having adaily spiritual practice to keep it flowing. Her book is structured in four stages of reconnecting:Stage One: Awakening Your SpiritStage Two: Discovering Your SpiritStage Three: Surrendering Your SpiritStage Four: Flowing with Your SpiritEach section includes an inspiring lesson from Sonia. She includes personal examples of how she and others have temporarily disconnected from Spirit and how they found their way back. There are thought provoking questions for you to ponder which will help youuncover the truth as to why contact was lost. At the end of each chapter, Sonia includessome suggested daily spiritual practices to re-establish connection with your spirit and the positive flow of energy it brings. Now…for my personal opinion…since someone asked.

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