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Equivalentes SMD X Convencional

Equivalentes SMD X Convencional

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Published by dani37aig
Equivalencias de componentes SMD con convencionales
Equivalencias de componentes SMD con convencionales

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Published by: dani37aig on Sep 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Equivalente Convencional
12SC3587NecCXnpn RF fT10GHz1BA277PhiISOD523VHF Tuner band switch diode1 (red)BB669SieISOD32356-2.7 pF varicap10LMotXSOT143npn Rf 8GHz MRF94110A2APhiASOT346dual ca 10V 0.3W zener10VPZM10NBPhiCSOT34610V 0.3W zener10YC10PhiOSOT8910V 1W zenerp100PhiFSOT23n-ch jfet J11011LMotXSOT143npn RF 8GHz MRF95111DW1MotDPSOT363npn/pnp dtr 10k+10k11EUPhiNSOT416pnp dtrp11TTPhiNSOT23pnp dtrp111PhiFSOT23n-ch jfet J111t11TTPhiNSOT23pnp dtr11A2APhiASOT346dual ca 11V 0.3W zener11A01ANatCSOT23Si diode 200V 100mA11VPZM11NBPhiCSOT34611V 0.3W zener11YC11PhiOSOT8911V 1W zener12DW1MotDPSOT363npn/pnp dtr 22k+22k12UARhoNSC70pnp dtr 2k2+2k2 50V 100ma12KARhoNSC59pnp dtr 2k2+2k2 res 50V 100ma12GDZ2.2BVisISOD323zener 200mW 2.2Vp12TTPhiNSOT23npn dtrp122PhiFSOT23n-ch jfet J112t12TTPhiNSOT23npn dtr12A02ANatKSOT23Si diode 200V 100mA12A2APhiASOT346dual ca 12V 0.3W zener12EZC2812EZetDSOT23dual series RF schottky15V 20mA12VPZM12NBPhiCSOT34612V 0.3W zener12YC12PhiOSOT8912V 1W zener13UARhoNSC70pnp dtr 4k7+4k7 50V 100ma13KARhoNSC59pnp dtr 4k7+4k7 50V 100ma13CARhoNSOT23pnp dtr 4k7+4k7 50V 100ma13tNPhiNSOT363BC546B13sBAS125SieCSOT23Schottky sw 24V 100mA13sBAS125WSieCSOT323Schottky sw 24V 100mA133AM/ACSOT23Schottky RF 20V 100mA13DW1MotDPSOT363npn/pnp dtr 47k+47kp133PhiFSOT23n-ch jfet J113
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13A03ANatDSOT23dual Si diode 200V 100mA13A2APhiASOT346dual ca 13V 0.3W zener13EZC2813EZetASOT23dual ca RF schottky15V 20mA13VPZM13NBPhiCSOT34613V 0.3W zener13YC13PhiOSOT8913V 1W zener14s04SieDSOT23Dual series Schottky 25V 100mA14s04WSieDSOT323Dual series Schottky 25V 100mA14099RSieDQQuad Schottky crossover ring14UARohNSC70pnp dtr 10k + 10k14KARohNSC59pnp dtr 10k + 10k14DW1MotDPSOT363npn/pnp dtr 10k R114CARohNSOT23pnp dtr 10k + 10k14A04ANatBdual cc Si diode 200V 100mA15s05SieBSOT23dual cc Schottky 25V 100mA15s05WSieBSOT323dual cc Schottky 25V 100mA15UARohNSC70pnp dtr 30V 50mA 22k+22k15KARohNSC59pnp dtr 30V 50mA 22k+22k15CARohNSOT23pnp dtr 30V 50mA 22k+22k15DW1MotDPSOT363npn/pnp dtr 10k R1150MotN2N396015A05ANatAdual ca Si diode 200V 100mA15A2APhiASOT346dual ca 15V 0.3W zener15VPZM15NBPhiCSOT34615V 0.3W zener15YC15PhiOSOT8915V 1W zenerp16ETPhiNSOT23npn dtrt16EUPhiNSOT323npn dtr16s06SieASOT23dual ca Schottky 25V 100mA16s06WSieASOT323dual ca Schottky 25V 100mA16DW1MotDPSOT363npn/pnp dtr 4k7 R116UARohNSC70pnp dtr 30V 50mA 47k+47k16KARohNSC59pnp dtr 30V 50mA 47k+47k16VPZM16NBPhiCSOT34616V 0.3W zener16YC16PhiOSOT8916V 1W zener17s07SieSSOT143dual Schottky 25V 100mA17s07WSieSSOT343dual Schottky 25V 100mAp17ETPhiNSOT23npn dtrt17EUPhiNSOT323npn dtr18BFP181TTfkXnpn Rf fT 7.8GHz 10V 20mA18ZKPhiNSOT346npn dtr 4k7+47kp18ZTPhiNSOT23npn dtr 4k7+47kt18ZTPhiNSOT23npn dtr 4k7+47k18E5BVisCSOT23zener 300mW 3.0V
18F0BVisCSOT23zener 300mW 43V18VPZM18NBPhiCSOT34618V 0.3W zener18YC18PhiOSOT8918V 1W zener19ZKPhiNSOT346pnp dtr 4k7+47k19UARhoNSC70pnp dtr 100k+100k 50V 100ma19KARhoNSC59pnp dtr 100k+100k 50V 100map19ZTPhiNSOT23pnp dtr 4k7+47kt19ZTPhiNSOT23pnp dtr 4k7+47k10000SilJSOT23PAD-100 100pA leakage diode1011PhiCSOT34610V 0.3W zener1022PhiCSOT34610V 0.3W zener1033PhiCSOT34610V 0.3W zener1111PhiCSOT34611V 0.3W zener111UARohNSC70pnp dtr 1k+10k 50V 100mA1122PhiCSOT34611V 0.3W zener1133PhiCSOT34611V 0.3W zener113UARohNSC70pnp dtr 4k7+47k 50V 100mA1211PhiCSOT34612V 0.3W zener121UARohNSC70npn dtr 1k+10k 50V 100mA1222PhiCSOT34612V 0.3W zener1233PhiCSOT34612V 0.3W zener123UARohNSC70npn dtr 4k7+47k 50V 100mA1311PhiCSOT34613V 0.3W zener1322PhiCSOT34613V 0.3W zener132UARohNSC70pnp dtr 2k2+47k 50V 100mA1333PhiCSOT34613V 0.3W zener142UARohNSC70npn dtr 2k2+47k 50V 100mA1511PhiCSOT34615V 0.3W zener1522PhiCSOT34615V 0.3W zener1533PhiCSOT34615V 0.3W zener156UARohNSC70pnp dtr 47k+10k 50V 100mA1611PhiCSOT34616V 0.3W zener1622PhiCSOT34616V 0.3W zener1633PhiCSOT34616V 0.3W zener166UARohNSC70npn dtr 47k+10k 50V 100mA1799ZetN2N51791811PhiCSOT34618V 0.3W zener1822PhiCSOT34618V 0.3W zener1833PhiCSOT34618V 0.3W zener1ABC846APhiNSOT23BC546A1ABC846ATPhiNSOT416BC546A1ApBC846APhiNSOT23BC546A

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