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Nursing Practice II

Nursing Practice II



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Published by: api-3718174 on Oct 14, 2008
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NLE Pre-board December 2007
Practice 2

Situation 1 - Nurse Minette is an independent
Nurse Practitioner following-up referred clients in
their respective homes. Here she handles a

focusing on HOME CARE.

1. Nurse Minette needs to schedule a first
home visit to OB client Leah. When is a first
home-care visit typically made?

a. Within 4 days after discharge
b. Within 24 hours after discharge
c. Within 1 hour after discharge
d. Within 1 week of discharge

2. Leah is developing constipation from
being on bed rest. What measures would you
suggest she take to help prevent this?

a. Eat more frequent small meals instead of
three large one daily
b. Walk for at least half an hour daily to stimulate
c. Drink more milk, increased calcium intake
prevents constipation
d. Drink eight full glasses of fluid such as water

3. If you were Minette, which of the following actions, would alert you that a new mother is entering a postpartial at taking-hold phase?

a. She urges the baby to stay awake so that she
can breast-feed him in her
b. She tells you she was in a lot of pain all
during labor
c. She says that she has not selected a name fir
the baby as yet
d. She sleeps as if exhausted from the effort of

4. At 6-week postpartum visit what should
this postpartial mother's fundic height be?

a. Inverted and palpable at the cervix
b. Six fingerbreadths below the umbilicus
c. No longer palpable on her abdomen
d. One centimeter above the symphysis pubis

5. This postpartal mother wants to loose the
weight she gained in pregnancy, so she is
reluctant to increase her calorin intake for
breast-feeding. By how much should a
lactating mother increase her caloric intake
during the first 6 months after birth?

a. 350 kcal/day
b. 5CO kcal/day
c. 200 kcal/day
d. 1,000 kcal/day

Situation 2 - As the CPES is applicable for all
professional nurse, the professional growth and
development of Nurses with specialties shall be
addressed by a Specialty Certification Council.
The following questions apply to these special
groups of nurses.

6. Which of the following serves as the legal
basis and statute authority for the Board of
nursing to promulgate measures to effect the
creation of a Specialty Certification Council
and promulgate professional development
programs for this group of nurse-

a. R.A. 7610
b. R.A. 223
c. R.A. 9173
d. R.A. 7164

7. By force of law, therefore, the PRC-Board
of Nursing released Resolution No. 14 Series
of the entitled: "Adoption of a Nursing
Specialty Certification Program and Creation
of Nursing Specialty Certification Council."
This rule-making power is called:

a. Quasi-Judicial Power
b. Regulatory Power
c. Quasi/Legislative Power
d. Executive/Promulgation Power

8. Under the PRC-Board of Nursing
Resolution promulgating the adoption of a
Nursing Specialty-Certification Program and
Council, which two (2) of the following
serves as the strongest for its enforcement?

(a) Advances made in science aid technology
have provided the climate for specialization in
almost all aspects of human endeavor and
(b) As necessary consequence, there has
emerged a new concept known as globalization
which seeks to remove barriers in trade,
.industry and services imposed by the national

laws of countries all over the world; and
(c) Awareness of this development should impel
the nursing sector to prepare our people in the
services sector to meet .the above challenges;
(d) Current trends of specialization in nursing
practice recognized by; the International Council
of Nurses (ICN) of which the Philippines is a
member for the benefit of the Filipino in terms of
deepening and refining nursing practice and
enhancing the quality of nursing care.

a. b & c are strong justification b. a & b are strong justification c. a & c are strong justification d. a & d are strong justification

9. Which of the following is NOT a correct
statement as regards Specialty Certification?

a. The Board of Nursing intended to create the
Nursing Specialty Certification Program as a
means of perpetuating the creation of an elite
force of Filipino Nurse Professionals
b. The Board of Nursing shall oversee the
administration of the NSCP through the various
Nursing Specialty Boards which will eventually,
be created
c. The Board of Nursing at the time exercised
their powers under R.A. 7164 in order to adopt
the creation of the Nursing Specialty
Certification /council and Program
d. The Board of Nursing consulted nursing
leaders of national nursing associations and
other concerned nursing groups which later
decided to ask a special group of nurses of .the
program for nursing specialty certification

10. The NSCC was created for the purpose of
implementing the Nursing Specialty policy
under the direct supervision and
stewardship of the Board of Nursing. Who
shall comprise the NSCC?

a. A Chairperson who is the current President of
the APO a member from .the Academe, and the
last member coming from the Regulatory Board
b. The Chairperson and members of the
Regulatory Board ipso facto acts as the CPE
c. A Chairperson, chosen from among the
Regulatory Board Members, a Vice Chairperson
appointed by the BON at-large; two other
members also chosen at-large; and one
representing the consumer group
d. A Chairperson who is the President of the

Association from the Academe; a member from
the Regulatory Board, and the last member
coming from the APO

Situation 3 - Nurse Anna is a new BSEN
graduate and has just passed her Licensure
Examination for Nurses in the Philippines. She
has likewise been hired as a new Community
Health Nurse in one of the Rural Health Units in
their City, which of the following conditions may
be acceptable TRUTHS applied to Community
Health Nursing Practice.

11. Which of the following is the primary
focus of community health nursing practice?

a. Cure of illnesses
b. Prevention of illness
c. Rehabilitation back to health
d. Promotion of health

12. In community health nursing, which of
the following is our unit of service as

a. The Community
b. The Extended Members of every family
c. The individual members of the Barangay
d. The Family

13. A very important part of the Community
Health Nursing Assessment Process

a. the application of professional judgment in
estimating importance of facts to family and
b. evaluation structures arid qualifications of
health center team
c. coordination with other sectors in relation to
health concerns
d. carrying out nursing procedures as per plan of

14. In community health nursing it is
important to take into account the family
health with an equally important need to
perform ocular inspection of the areas
activities which are powerful elements of:

a. evaluation
b. assessment
c. implementation
d. planning

15. The initial step in the PLANNING process
in order to engage in any nursing project or
parties at the community level involves:

a. goal-setting
b. monitoring
c. evaluation of data
d. provision of data

Situation 4 - Please continue responding as a
professional nurse in these other health
situations through the following questions.

16. Transmission of HIV from an infected
individual to another person occurs:

a. Most frequency in nurses with needlesticks
b. Only if there is a large viral load in the blood
c. Most commonly as a result of sexual contact
d. In all infants born to women with HIV infection

17. The medical record of a client reveals a
condition in which the fetus cannot pass
through the maternal pelvis. The nurse
interprets this as:

a. Contracted pelvis
b. Maternal disproportion
c. Cervical insufficiency
d. Fetopelvic disproportion

18. The nurse would anticipate a cesarean
birth for a client who has which infection
present at the onset of labor?

a. Herpes simplex virus
b. Human papilloma virus
c. Hepatitis
d. Toxoplasmosia

19. After a vaginal examination, the nurse\u00bbe
determines that the client's fetus is in an
occiput posterior position. The nurse would
anticipate that the client will have:

a. A precipitous birth

b. Intense back pain
c. Frequent leg cramps
d. Nausea and vomiting

20. The rationales for using a prostaglandin gel for a client prior to the induction of labor is to:

a. Soften and efface the cervix
b. Numb cervical' pain receptors
c. Prevent cervical lacerations

d. Stimulate uterine contractions

Situation 5 - Nurse Lorena is a Family Planning
and Infertility Nurse Specialist and currently
INFERTILE COUPLES. The following conditions
pertain to meeting the nursing of this particular
population group.

21. Dina, 17 years old, asks you how a tubal
ligation prevents pregnancy. Which would be
the best answer?

a. Prostaglandins released from the cut fallopian
tubes can kill sperm
b. Sperm cannot enter the uterus, because the
cervical entrance is blocked
c. Sperm can no longer reach the ova, because
the fallopian tubes are blocked
d. The ovary no longer releases ova, as there is
no where for them to go

22. The Dators are a couple undergoing
testing for infertility. Infertility is said to exist

a. a woman has no uterus
b. a woman has no children
c. a couple has been trying to conceive for 1
d. a couple has wanted a child for 6 months

23. Another client names Lilia is diagnosed
as having endometriosis. This condition
interferes with the fertility because:

a. endometrial implants can block the fallopian
b. the uterine cervix becomes inflamed and
c. ovaries stop producing adequate estrogen
d. pressure on the pituitary leads to decreased
FSH levels

24. Lilia is scheduled to have a
hysterosalpingogram. Which of the
following, instructions would you give her
regarding this procedure?

a. She will not be able to conceive for 3 months
after the procedure
b. The sonogram of the uterus will reveal any
tumors present
c. Many women experience mild bleeding as an
after effect
d. She may feel some cramping when the dye is

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