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Wikileaks 365 mary eng sweden research summary

Wikileaks 365 mary eng sweden research summary

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Sep 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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mary rose lenore eng timelinere: researchsweden v. assange 8 december fly from USA to stockholm for the Stockholm show of Swedish rock band Dungen17 december 2010 in Lulea Gustav Ejstes tells me he has just seen the wikileaks release:Collateral Murder leave north sweden 18 December, flight is delayed4 days at Arlanda, reading cablegatelaptop 1 is mysteriously damaged in airport delay, SAS will not compensate, it has been kickedor struck knocking out 20 % pixels on screen23 december 2010Arrive in London, Visit FSI, Write Mark Stephens with Volunteer of Supporthe writes back in thanksread Berkman center paper on DDOS2 january 2011 return to stockholm15 January Global Day of Action for Wikileaks make sign and Videos with Frida Lindstromfilm aggressive journalist who is extremely prejudiced for Assange’s guilt wikileaks supporters meet for hoursthese people give me shelter we can speak about racism, pirate party politics, patent law, business structuring in swedentunisia demonstrationegypt demonstration outside Kulturhuset simulataneous Wikileaks Supporters 16 January 2011 write wlcentral with swedish correspondent notice18 january befriend an economist and journalist with whom i share my research20 january 2011Ror Inte Min Lacka bambuser and youtubes with Rasmus Fleischer and Frida LindstromKulturhuset libraryrasmus is excited i am usingbambuser.comhe knows me from frequent comments oncopyriot.seand my work for piratepartycali supportingTPB during the pirate bay trial February 2011read legal skeleton provided by FSIfollow february hearing via twitter read judgementdiscover the Hunton and Williams Department of Justice memorandum regarding surveille of wikileaks via bericho and palantir the pirate bay cablethe lessig cable write Gudrun Shyman for an interview on Feminismget apointment with feminist iniative spokesperson i meet a theology student in Gamla Stan who explains that some people resented Anna Lindhand blamed her for the hand-over of Sweden to the american CIA and that is why she was killedi blog about this, he asks me to anonymize his name
 read of Arron Barr security failPJ Crowley resigns call Bjorn Hurtig’s office to assist, speak to assistant and send email write and visit Prime PR the PR firm implicated in Primegate december 2010 scandal regardingSocial Democrat bribes. read anna ardin’s twitter stream regarding Prime PR call anna ardin, she hangs up on mecall irmeli krams, no dataFacebook Conflict of Interest demonstrated in the Media re: Claes Borgstrom send Finers Stephens Innocent comparative rape law failures in the NORDIC COUNTRIES byAmnesty International.document exposes the human rights scandal which debuted 2009 spring regarding Sweden’simpossibility of conviction 3 March 2011 call Kevin Zeese with Affirmation of Support and info about Swedish Researchmarch 2011 write yoachim benkler about his Harvard Wikileaks Paper 7 march 2011 meet with Brita Sundberg-Weitmanshe explains that Anna Lindh was blamed for the deportations that Thomas Bodstrom wasaccused of . . .i ask if Thomas Bodstrom had Anna Lindh killed.Brita tells me of Jennifer Robinson’s letter to the MP’s of Australia regarding the EuropeanArrest Warrant System.i read it aloud ontobambuser.comfrom the nordiska museet on djurgarden islandreadthe tokyo cable after Fukushima visit Riksdag observe Gender Equity in parliamentread sweden blogs from the Riksdag Law Libraryread about wallenberg refugee settlement profiteering march 2011speak at Iraq demonstrationbegin “wikileaksaudiovisual” channel onbambuser.comto record wikileaks cables at the graveof Olaf Palme interview with Feminist Initiativattend a Feminist rally in Stockholm, make video footage for youtubeLibya demonstrations outside Kulturhuset 18 March become aware of Barrett Brown operation Metal Gear 14 March Make contact with DaddysSverige.se, speak for many hours.he sets me up with a pseudonomized FLASHBACK.se advocate for assange.
we meet at ostermalm SCANDIC hotel lobby. we speak two hours. locate the exact place of death in the department store where Anna Lindh was murdered 2,3 April write “wikileaks evidentiary hearing” for braingarbage upon rereading the Januaryannouncements for Operation Want re: Eric Holder and the NASDAQ OMX gifts to FAM andInvestor AB 4 April 2011 visit Investor AB (Saab, Ericsson, SAS, AstraZeneca, NASDAQ OMX) this eveningi discover that my visit has coincided with SEC filing in NYC of Operation Want as published onOpensalonwrite investor ABconceive of the human rights art project behests for human rights lawyers and to fundraise for HR campaigns, with the basis of the Ransom Eng art collection 5 April visit Investor AB6 April 2011 type Kevin Zeese’s interview rough transcript from Truth Out radio7 April 2011 visit FAM and Investor AB speak to CEO Lars Wedenborn about Wikileaks and myletter to himoffer the wallenberg weapons family human rights art to commend them for their future supportof human rights and wikileaks7 April 2011 call Kevin Zeese , explain the extremely controlled media climate7 April 2011 meet with Brita Sundberg-Weitman7 April 2011 record via bambuser SVT Claes Borgstrom Rape Prejudicial Propaganda Video8 April 2011 speak with SVT reporter in SVT building about Operation Want, he is lost in thecomplexity of the matter i write others from SVD and Expressen and Dagens Nyheter make a film of the US Embassy in Stockholm meet UN’s Inga Britt-Ahlenius who gives a lecture in swedish re: Ban Ki-Mooni ask her about wikileaks she scuttles around the topici am harassed regarding anti-camera and anti-laptop policy, get some footage when my broad-shouldered photographer friend cohort arrives to legitimize me i write expressen reportersread stockholm cables wants compilationwrite johannes wahlstrom and feel mystified that he was Sweden spokesperson17 April call Eastern District Court of Virginia speak to signing attorney Peterson on the Twitter Memo released by Glenn Greenwald begin reading gitmo files 2 May 2011 call Kevin Zeese who encourages me about Law School and EnvironmentalActivism.osama death seems timed to counteract the release of the gitmo files4 may interview Ivory Coast refugees in sweden who tell me that during the Trafigura dumping,the communication lines were jammed and the press mangled to hide evidencerecorded onbambuser.commaryeng1

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