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Published by: api-3718743 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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tales of the afternow - episode ii: little rocks
i don't know if anyone can hear this
i don't know if anyone cares.
this is independent librarian dynamic sean kennedy the 6th.
this is a broadcast so that you and yesterday can stop tomorrow from happening.
this is a broadcast so that the beginning can change the end.
this is episode number 732.653.663.398.36.2
broadcasting from sometime after now.

i can't give you an exact time of this broadcast because, well time has been copy

lots of arguments about what year it is and
so at the risk of giving out false data i'll give no data instead and just let you

know what i know to be fact.
if you are listening to this you could lose your listener's license.
if you are afraid of being persecuted for what you think you should turn that off

but if you want to stick around and listen to what i gotta say
well light your candles and may server protect us all.

i told you my name was independent librarian dynamic sean kennedy the 6th
that's quite the name isn't it.

people used to just say their names
like just what their parents would give them.

there was no job description or anything like that.
see now inside the archs when you introduce yourself to people
your name has it all, that's, that's who you are, is your name, right?
you, you are your job.

it's just it was a matter of time before it got to where its at today
being independent is a huge slag. it means you're not employed, or you work for

yourself so, when you introduce yourself you say what company you work with first.
in this case its, i'm an independent.

followed by my job which is a librarian which i say rather tongue in cheek since
all librarians are illegal, and books are banned, and well, any kind of sharing is

the dynamic
well its hard to explain

everything has been given internet protocol.
addresses here, its a
information transfer is all done wirelessly.
so broadcasts, so when you're
part of a, part of a company they, they give you an ip range.

in your company depending on your ip range tells you, your seniority
so i sign i'm independent librarian dynamic, that means that i'll take any ip
that's given to me.
rogue ip at your service.

sean kennedy the 6th.
i guess that's a little misleading.

i don't actually remember how old i am.
see, i'm not
like i'm not the son of sean kennedy the 5th that's, well in, kinda

philosophically sense i probably am but
life extension came into play
and ah, once life extension started to happen
genetic modification, dna modification
it was hard to tell people how old you are.


you'd walk up to this 26 year old woman and she'd tell you that she was a hundred
and four and it didn't work

so to show
oh i don't know probably more for
probably more just for the thrill of it we started putting how much life extension

in our names. so
i have had six different types of life extension done

so that'd make me sean kennedy the 6th
that could be anything from cloning modification, genetic alteration, to dna

reprocessing, genetic manipulation
all that falls into, into life extension.

i wonder if doctors visits can be considered life extension
mostly that kinda thing is done for the rich and only by the rich today
unless you can go to one of the more, one of the more advanced cities where the

have got the black ops to do it.

i mean the
the gen joking i had done was pretty extreme stuff.
i was very lucky i only got minor brain damage out of the deal.

i have problems remembering things.
not day-to-day things
but, whole sections of my life are gone.

kinda brings up the question of memory.
you know, sometimes when i am walking or i'm traveling somewhere i'll, i'll

realize i'm at my destination and i don't remember walking there
i don't know if there is something i could compare that to but
you just, you just did the same thing every day and one day you don't remember

you know, you're just all of a sudden at the end of it

since i have lived, well, well over a hundred years for sure i
life kinda gets the same way, i just don't remember a few years

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