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Converted Kashmir

Converted Kashmir

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Published by: api-3719166 on Oct 14, 2008
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CONVERTED KASHMIR: Memorial of Mistakes
by Narender Sehgal
Chapter 1Religious Conversion and Touchstone of Nationalism
One stream of feeling permeates our national consciousness from the Himalayas toKanyakumari. Conversion or different form of worship does not obstruct our national feeling. Muslims or Christians are not outsiders. All of them are an integral part of our society. They were converted because of various reasons. As countless rivers become onewhen they reach the ocean, so different sects become one when they merge in the ocean of nationality. It is essential for a religion to consider itself part and parcel of that land. Difference in religion does not change culture but various sects have their share in thedevelopment of national culture. It is ridiculous to talk of separate culture and historybecause of difference in forms of worship.- Mahadevi Verma
in today's Afghanistan, Turkey, Baluchistan, the Frontier Province, West Panjab,Bengal and in the whole of South Asia were Vedic Hindus only 1500 years ago. Kashmir wastotally a Hindu area 700 years ago. These very people later became Muslims, Christians. So longthey remained Hindus they were nationalists. The sound of peace and tranquillity echoed fromtemples and Maths. Despite having different faiths they remained together and helpful to oneanother. Their roots were in the Indian culture. Under the centralised rule of the Indian kingspeople in all these states lived a happy life. Politically, geographically, socially and culturally theregion remained united in the shape of India.
Advent of Islam
But the tables were turned with the advent of Islam. It marked an end of unity, humanity, cultureand nationalism. Freedom of worship, religious unity, local deiities and religious rites andcapacity to think were all sacrificed on the altar of Islamic brotherhood. Forcible religiousconversion, that too under the threat of the sword, rocked the nation. Refusal to accept Islam
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CONVERTED KASHMIR: Memorial of Mistakes
resulted in the massacre of people, destruction of temples and shrines, in burning of libraries,rape of women and sale of enslaved men belonging to the conquered society, in looting of property of non-Muslims and in encasing children in walls. These were done in the name of Islam to "please" God.
Wherever Islam spread in the world these acts of destruction took place. After all what is there inIslam ?
Islam Divides the World
Islamic social science divides the world in two parts.
Darul Harb:
The nation of infidals (kafirs), area of war, is that place where people have notyet accepted Islam.
Darul Islam:
Meaning that nation where people have adopted Islam. To convert the entireworld into Darul Islam (area of peace) is the declared aim of Islam. Instructions have been issuedfor carrying out relentless struggle for achieving the establishment of the Islamic rule wherever ithas not been set up yet. It means that Muslims living in non-Muslim countries will not settle inpeace by cooperating with the local basic society, its culture and traditions. They will remainactive in their search for establishing Darul Islam. The basic tenets of Islam do not accept anyother religion. Therefore, it is considered religious to annex non-Muslim countries and then jointhem in the "Milat" (Muslim world).
Islam, either Death or Tax
Islam has created yet another religious division in the world - faithful (those who have faith in theBook) and faithless (those who have no faith in the Book). Christians and the Jews have beenplaced in the first group. Those who belonged to this group were given the right to live afterpaying the tax. But those who belonged to the other group (faithless) were given only two options- adoption of Islam or death.
It was necessary for non-Muslims in Egypt to wear a glass insignia round their neck after payingthe tax so that it could be known that they had not accepted Islam yet. For the first time in IndiaFeroz Shah Tuglak imposed tax on Brahmins. Thus there were two laws in the same country andat the same time, Islamic and non-Islamic. An example of this ignoble and shameless affair waswitnessed during the time of Sikander, an iconoclast, when he prohibited Hindus to ride horses,wear clothes and possess arms like the Muslims.
Jehad (Religious War)
The concept of Jehad (armed struggle) is an essential part of Islam. Encouragement for struggle
file:///D|/Documents%20and%20Settings/krishna/Desktop/kp/converted%20kashmir/Chapter1a.htm (2 of 10)12/12/2006 11:26:47 AM
CONVERTED KASHMIR: Memorial of Mistakes
and fight against nonMuslims for the protection of Islam remain its aim. And the slogan like"Islam is in danger, be ready for Jehad" reverberate whenever Muslims face any political, socialor geographical problem in any corner of the world. Recently Saddam Hussain of Iraq raised theslogan of Jehad against the United States in the Gulf war when he knew it well that four Muslimcountries were in the battlefield against him (Saddam).
If Darul Islam (area of peace) and Jehad (call for sacrifice) are limited to the area of purereligious affairs, they can prove beneficial for humanity. But these expressions lose their sanctitywhen they are used as political weapons. Side by side the concept of Darul Harb (area of struggle) gives birth to religious fanaticism and destroys the sanctity of "Darul Islam" and Jehad.
A former President of India, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, also a renowned philosopher, had carried outa detailed study of Islam. In his book "Ancient Religion and Western Thought" he has given brief but comprehensive definition of Islam. According to him Hindu religion is a uniting force whichtook centuries to understand and realise it. The religion of Islam is only a product of brain whichhas been expressed in one sentence - "God is one and Mohammad is His prophet." ProphetMohammad claims that the chain from Adam to Noah to Moses and to Jesus is its last ring. Theideology of Prophet Mohammad is simple. It supports brotherhood and expresses hatred for idolworship. In the implementation of its principles Islam has left only two options either adopt Islamor accept surrender before Islam. Before his death Prophet Mohammad had become master of Arab and had started invading his neighbour.
Dr. Radhakrishnan has said that history is a witness to the fact that Prohphet Mohammad'sfollowers followed their Prophet's footsteps and continued the trend of invasions. In the Middleperiod these invasions had three segments - 1. Caliphs, 2. Islamic Chieftain, 3. Mulla. With theblessings of Mullas the Muslim Army would first occupy any area and later under the shadow of their swords Mullas and Molvis would teach "Kalima" to the residents of those areas. This trendcontinued till there was peoples' awakening against such religious wars and Jehads. But by thetime this materialised the work of conversion had dyed in Islamic green western and central Asia,north and central Africa and south-east region of Europe. And Islam established its foothold insome areas from India to Indonesia, from Philippines to China. For a long period MuslimChieftains and Mulla, Molvis played a lead role in completing the process. After conquering anyarea the chieftain would present the residents of that area before a Mulla for effecting theirreligious conversion. Following their baptism to Islam the Mulla would make them obedientpeople of the Chieftain and the Chieftain would try to install local sardars. By and large this storyhas been repeated till date in many influential countries.
Sacred feeling of brotherhood and extreme fanaticism
There should be no objection in accepting that as per the God's plan, messengers of God,prophets and Lords are born, from time to time, for the betterment of the world. Those who haveno faith in the power of God could interpret the same in a different way; some influential leader
file:///D|/Documents%20and%20Settings/krishna/Desktop/kp/converted%20kashmir/Chapter1a.htm (3 of 10)12/12/2006 11:26:47 AM

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