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SErvice Exercise

SErvice Exercise

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Published by api-3719687

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Published by: api-3719687 on Oct 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You must have visited a service organization and have closely observed the service delivery in the recent past. Possibilities include a visit to a dentist or lawyer, a hospital stay, getting a car repaired, a journey by air, eating a restaurant meal, renting a car, getting a haircut, visiting a fitness center or health club, attending a theatre performance, or going skiing.

You may also have taken note of various things that happened during your visit and you can sure remember the process almost accurately. Today you are required to recreate your visit in the form of a flow chart of the service you have availed.

The first step of the flowchart should be your initial contact with the service provider. You should then outline each interaction with the service provider and conclude with the final step of your service experience.

Later in the discussion during the session you would be required to comment on your impressions at each step and evaluate it in terms of the impression it made on you (positive, negative, or neutral).

One illustration is outlined for your convenience:
1.Arrive by taxi at hotel . Doorman too busy chatting with bellboy to open
door for me and other guests.
2.Entered lobby. Large and noisy, hard to find reception desk.
3.Arrive at desk . Long line of guests waiting at reception desk, only one
clerk on duty.
4.Check in . After ten minute wait, smartly dressed and friendly receptionist
checked me in very fast, asked if I wanted no smoking room (I did).
5.Took lift up to 15th floor . Got lost trying to find room -- directions for room
numbers are confusing.

6.Entered room . Found bathroom light burned out.
7.Called housekeeping .
8.Engineer arrived 3 minutes later . Wearing dirty coveralls. Replaced bulb

in 30 seconds.
(\u2026and so on, until departure).

Guidelines for discussion:
1. Discuss the reasons underlying your impressions of each step.
2. How did the business achieve good impressions?
3. What shortcomings led to poor impressions?

4. To what extent do you think good (or poor) backstage support affected the
front-stage results that you observed?

After completing the exercise, discuss ways how your customer\u2019s (present organization\u2019s customer) experience can be flowcharted the same way? And then seek answers to the same questions?

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