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Fall11Syllabus1AllSections recivered

Fall11Syllabus1AllSections recivered

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Published by Dee Can

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Published by: Dee Can on Sep 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Computer Literacy Fall ’11
Name:Syllabus #1 WORD Section (circle one): 1 2 3 4 5 6Mrs. CannanYOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RECORDING ALL DUE DATES!
Page 1
(fill in date)
Class Activity Required Homework
CLASS 1Date:Class/Blackboard InformationCollect/Explain AUPNetwork/Printing Quota ExplanationTurnitin/BlackboardESSAY explanationDue Class 2:ESSAY typed and on a USB storage deviceRead Chapter #2Parent Signature (Info Sheet/Syllabus)CLASS 2Date:Collect ESSAY Homework & save to y:Hand in Parent Signatures!All students log in!Network/Printing Quota ExplanationReview Outlook/OWA (attachments) andTurnitin.comExplanation of WebQuest Take-Home TestDue Class 6 & Blog #1 Due Class 5Homework Check: ESSAY :______________Homework Check: ESSAY :______________Return Signed P&P:____________________Screen Check (Outlook/OWA):_____________Screen Check (Turnitin):__________________Due Class 3:Email Chap 2 Vocab
alignment, Clipboard,Edit, Font, Format, Insertion Point, Italic,Justified, Ribbon, Rulers, Status bar, Synonym,Thesaurus, Title bar) *RQ: 4, 5, 6, 7, 24, 36Due Class 5:Blog #1Due Class 6:WebQuest Take-Home Test!
CLASS 3Date:Chapter 2 Vocab Homework Due Class
Review MLA formatting
 CHAPTER 2:Practice: REQUEST 1 page 47
Homework Check: Ch 2 Vocab:____________Homework Check: Ch 2 Vocab:____________Screen Check (CH 2 P:Request 1 Step 7b):____Due Class 4:Exercise with Word-Processed ESSAY printedout to turn in at the beginning of class.Due Class 5:Blog #1Due Class 6:WebQuest Take-Home Test!CLASS 4Date:Exercise with Word-Processed ESSAY
Computer Knowledge Online Quiz
 part 1
page 51Practice: ORIENTATION
 parts 2-3
pg 55**Exercise 2 (Donation Thanks) page 75Exercise 10 (Proposal) page 80Homework Check:_______________________Homework Check:_______________________
Print Preview
(CH2 Pr:Orientation 1 Step 3n):_____________________________________
Print Preview
(CH2 Pr:Orientation 3 Step 7b):______________________________________Screen Check (Ex 2):_____________________Check 
Copy Pg 1(Ex 10):__________Due Class 5:Read Chapter #3Blog #1Due Class 6:WebQuest Take-Home Test!CLASS 5Date:Blog #1 Due ClassCHAPTER 3:Practice: TRAINING
 parts 1-2
 NO 3
pg 87
Practice: TRAINING
 parts 4-5
pg 96Practice: TRAINING
 part 6 
 step 4
Homework Check: Blog #1 :____________Homework Check: Blog #1 :____________Screen Check (CH 3 Pr:Training 2 Step 4):__Screen Check (CH 3 Pr:Training 5 Step 5):__
Print Preview
(CH 3 Pr:Training 6 Step5):___Due Class 6:Chap 3 Vocab* (all)* RQ: 2, 4, 5, 16, 19, 26,30, 37
submitted as a BlackboardAssignment
 WebQuest Take-Home Test!

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