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How to Channel

How to Channel

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Published by khiepoet

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Published by: khiepoet on Sep 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Channel
Here is a simple technique you can use to channel yourHigher Self, or Spirit
Many people are searching at this time, for what they call the truth. They are seekingguidance in this arena from "higher" beings on other dimensions. Well, surprise, you areone of these beings. Everyone has a Higher Self, that exists simultaneously on thisdimension, as well as all others. The possibilities for life are limitless, and the great Spiritthat you are wants to experience all the possibilities. You always have contact with yourHigher Self, but it comes through more clearly when you focus your intent upon bringingSpirit into your life.So the phenomenon of channeling is really a simple concept: it is bringing in Spirit (notnecessarily your own) and letting it communicate either to you or through you. Since yourHigher Self is not limited by time or space, you can access the whole of your entire being,that is, your past, present, and future selves, as well as all aspects of it. Your Spirit is reallygreater and much more vast than you can imagine, because you are here on the physicalplane, learning all about limitation, and don't have the "bird's eye view" that yourmultidimensional Self does.Here is a simple technique you can use to channel your Higher Self, or Spirit. It is a veryflexible method and you can always modify any of it to suit your own needs. Really anyonecan do this. Go somewhere that is quiet where you won't be disturbed, and where you cansit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor or ground, and your eyes closed. It may behelpful to keep a pen and paper handy to write your experiences as they go along. If youlike, you can have a helper with you who can guide you through the initial meditation andask questions of your Higher Self, and write your answers for you.
 Take three deep breaths, letting yourself relax. Imagine your consciousness drifting downinto the Earth, as you keep breathing slowly and deeply, and then your consciousnesscomes to rest somewhere inside the Earth, where you find a place with a certain mineral init that you feel attracted to. See this mineral start to glow, becoming brighter with coloredlight, whatever color you like. Now see the light become a beam, and it is moving up now,all the way up until it enters the bottom of your right foot. Then become aware of your rightfoot, how it feels, and see the light begin to move up your right leg, and become aware of your right leg. Then, see the light continue to go up your right side, as you become awareof that area, then it enters your right hand, and continues up your right arm to theshoulder. Become fully aware of your whole right side, and see the light illuminating thewhole right side of your body. Now move the light cord over to your left shoulder, andbecome aware of that area. Now the light begins moving down your left arm, hand, fingers,and you feel it moving down your left side, as you focus your awareness to your left side.Then the light cord moves down your left leg, into your left foot. Become fully aware of allsensations in the whole left side of your body. The light finally continues back down into the
Earth, where it connects back to its source, completing the circuit. The light is continually inmotion, moving up form the Earth up your right side as you breathe in, and circulating backdown your left side and back to its source as you breathe out. Feel this energy revitalizingyou as you breathe and relax.
 Now see a third energy cord come up out of the Earth, perhaps of another color, and itenters your body at the base of your spine, the first chakra. See that chakra as a wheel of light, which fills up with this new energy and begins to glow brightly, and starts to spin. Asit does this, any negative energies, fears, or blockages begin to clear out, and you see itspinning in perfect alignment with the your spine as an axle. See the top of the first chakraopen up, and see the energy beam move up into the second chakra. Continue moving thebeam up into each successive chakra, seeing each one clear out and start to spin, all theway up to the seventh chakra at the crown of your head. Then see the energy beam shootup out of the top of your head, showering your whole body with light, which surrounds andprotects you from any unwanted energies.
Enter your Sanctuary:
 See your consciousness rise up along with the beam out through your crown chakra, andfind a place for your consciousness to come to rest, anyplace that you like. First you see adoorway, and only you have the key to enter this place, your Sanctuary. Your sanctuary willonly have the things in it that you allow. It can be in nature, a special room, another world,wherever you feel comfortable and safe. Now look around you. Off to the left, there is afountain with a pool of crystal clear water. You go over to the fountain and peer into thepool. At first your reflection in the surface of the water is clear, but then you see the waterbegin to get wavy and from the center of the pool you see a magnificent being rise up out of the water, glowing in white light. It's your Higher Self, greeting you with unconditional loveand acceptance. You greet your Higher Self, and together you go to another part of yourSanctuary, where there is a place for you to put your mind into a soundproof container,where it will stay for the duration of the experience. Notice how you feel about your mind.Know that you are safe and protected, and with you mind put away, you will be able tomore fully experience your Higher Self without any judgment. Feel yourself merge into yourHigher Self. The energy there is wonderful.
Return to your body with your Higher Self:
You and your Higher Self now leave your Sanctuary and find the bright beam of light thatbrought you here, and follow the beam back to your physical plane body, where you enterwith your Higher Self through the crown chakra. Take a few deep breaths. Notice how youfeel. When you feel ready, open your eyes. If you have a helper with you, now is the time tobegin asking the questions you prepared for your Higher Self. If you have just written thequestions down and have no one to help you, ask yourself the questions and just letyourself receive whatever thoughts, feelings, images, or other sensations come to you.Write down whatever it is that you get. Do not try to analyze now, there will be time forthat later. Just let yourself flow with the experience. After each answer (whatever form thatcomes to you in) feels complete, go on to the next question. Here are a few examplequestions that may be helpful for your first time:

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