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Published by kinoglaz

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Published by: kinoglaz on Sep 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wednesday, September 28
“Simply Music”
Song analyses, Matt and Dan. Remember to upload
notes to blog. Use “song analysis” and “diy” labels.
Spend a few minutes reflecting on the last phrase of 
Darryl Jennifer’s reflection. What are some possible
meanings, contradictions, affirmations, or otherinterpretations of this phrase. Chat with yourneighbors and jot down your ideas on the blog. Thisis an informal writing for today, but remember that we use the blog to build our knowledge base for thecourse.
Label “diy”.
Formal writing for today:
I am presuming that youhave already begun writing your first paper. Now,write down your ideas for what the grading criteria for the paper should be. Unlike other courses
 perhaps a math course
I am not interested incrafting a numerical rubric by which you just check off criteria. That approach is useful, but not for our  purposes. I want to capture some ways that we canassess the creative thinking that you haveincorporated into this assignment.
Some things tothink about:
 An answer that claims something to the
effect that “punk is about doing whatever you want,
 fighting against the mainstream, sticking it to the
man, etc., would be a “C” response. That is, essentially,
accepted wisdom passed down in the cultural milieu.
Challenge that. Based on the work that we’ve done in
this course, what is your more nuanced take on punk? What might it include? Exclude? 
Further thoughts:
 About the notion that punk “allows” for people to do
whatever they want. If someone wanted to play 5-
minute guitar solos, would that be “allowed” by a
 punk community? What if they played them on aukulele? Or on a $5000 Les Paul? What if they gave a

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